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I wanna be alone
Alone with you - does that makes sense?

Andy liked these photos the most for some reason so i thought I’d share them with you

I’m trying to serve some elven goddess realness

I know I shaved my head but I took these before I did and I think they’re cute so here they are! Also I’m going to upload the video of me shaving my head the sad news is I didn’t get the whole process because my sister needed to go to the restroom and then I forgot to start recording again.

I feel like a piece of art

I want my house to look like this

I don’t know about you but I feel great.
Shaved my head because I’ve been wanting to and I’m not attached to my hair so why not. My hair doesn’t define me, it doesn’t make me more or less beautiful now that my head is shaved. I am me hair or not, I’m not here to be the perfect person for anyone i am simply just Alyssa V.
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The most handsome boy

I actually used to tell everyone I wasn’t bi because I was scared people wouldn’t like me if they knew I was attracted to girls. I went so long pushing back how I felt to make other people happy because I didn’t know any people who were LGBTQ+ and I thought it was wrong. I grew up thinking girls had to like boys and that’s what I forced myself into believing. Someone had a sign today that said “shoutout to the girl who made me realize I liked girls” and i really wish I would’ve got a picture because that’s the sign I relate to the most. I worked at Taco Bell and met this girl name kris she was my dream girl super sweet and I was obsessed with her. I got her a card and flowers talked to her everyday but then she moved and it was very sad. I thank her for helping me come out of my “comfort zone” and being who I truly am.
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Happy pride month my babes! I hope all of you know that you’re safe here and if you ever need someone to talk to my DMs are open!

Sunsets in Cali


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