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Brian Leery  A shape without form.



2018.10.07 // Things. // #blackandwhite

2018.09.02 // Sometimes what you see isn’t always what’s within reach. // #blackandwhite

2018.09.01 // Back in Singapore. // #blackandwhite

2018.08.23 // “The Throat of the World”. Skyrim references abound in the Faroe Islands. Today, we visited the southern islands, and our guide Tummas, brought us to a great lookout point. Fog was in play for dramatic effect. // #blackandwhite

2018.08.22 // The view outside @koks_restaurant, a refurbished farmhouse found in a valley surrounded by natural, beautiful scenery. //#blackandwhite

2018.08.22 // On the way to @koks_restaurant, our driver stopped to tell us about the couple who are pretty much caretakers of the island in the distance, whereby they maintain and restore the village there that used to be populated. In the foreground, you also see the rock cairns that have been used since the 1500s-1600s that have been used as placemarkers. // #blackandwhite

2018.08.22 // Lovely walk in Tórshavn. // #blackandwhite

2018.08.18 // Stolen moments between the passing of time. // #blackandwhite

2018.08.10 // Wisps // #blackandwhite

2018.08.10 // Canvas of dreams // #blackandwhite

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