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Brian Leery  A shape without form.

2018.08.10 // Wisps // #blackandwhite

2018.08.10 // Canvas of dreams // #blackandwhite

2018.08.02 // In between Neon Pigeon and Man Man. Divergence and convergence. // #blackandwhite

2018.08.02 // The sun is still out and there are people about // #blackandwhite

2018.07.05 // The street lamps that lead to my home were not working except for this one. I guess the light shining out from this one lamp was more apparent than my usual walks home. // #blackandwhite #monochrome

2018.03.23 // The river is time, time is the river. Everything that flows eventually stops, everything that stops eventually fades. That which can be destroyed shall be created anew. // #monochrome #blackandwhite

2018.03.21 // Raw Canvas. Jane Lee. 2008. Acrylic paint, enamel, silicone, wood and aluminium. Private collection. // On display at National Gallery Singapore, City Hall Wing, Level 4, City Hall Historical Stairs // #monochrome #blackandwhite #art #sgart #Singapore #NationalGallerySingapore

2018.03.20 // I exist in a funny dream // #blackandwhite #monochrome

2018.01.31 // All the misery in the world #blackandwhite #monochrome

2018.01.09 // Detail of Cloud Canyons No. 24. David Medalla. 2015, first version in series 1963. Wood, perspex, compressors, timer, water and detergent. Collection of National Gallery Singapore #BetweenDeclarationsAndDreams #NationalGallerySingapore See it at @nationalgallerysingapore

2018.01.09 // Rules rules rules