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So I've read the tale of The Brothers Lionheart for the first time ever. And I'm not saying I cried... but I didn't not cry 💧🦁 Read my review on the blog (link in bio) #løvebrødrenerejser

Bleakness and monotony is dominant. Surveillance and fear is omnipresent in Suki Kim's "Without you, there is no us". A heartbreaking tale of her time with the North Korean youth (link in bio for full review). #tfwyoufeellikeyourereadingadystopiabutyourenot...

Just read my first ever Selma Lagerlöf novel; this gorgeous little piece of semi-fairytale. I'm absolutely infatuated 💙#notevenclosetofinishedwithSelmayet!

"This will not be a funny book. I cannot tell jokes because I do not understand them." This little blue thing is such a touching read! I think it might be time to re-visit my favorite Asperger's detective, Christopher 💙 #grabbingallthingsblueoffmyshelves

Who knew cathedrals could be this exciting? I was blown away by Pillars of the Earth the musical at Østre Gasværk. I am now reading the book, then going back to see the musical again i December, and then probably also watching the mini series after that. Just - you know - to make sure I didn't miss anything. Am I completely alone in my Follett fever? #teamwilliamhamleigh💪 #justkiddingwilliammustdiebrutally

Seems that the universe thought it would be funny to hit me with a serious round of walking pneumonia. Although Denmark is actually having an epidemic right now, so it’s probably more likely I just had bad luck than the universe interfering here. Anyway, since I’m bedridden and bored out of my mind I might as well dig into the growing #tbr pile waiting in my windowsill. Plus tea and opium cough syrup #👌 #makingthebestofit #tryingnottobebitter #eventhoughmybodyishavingacoughparty

Sick and bedridden. Cure? A spoonful of alien invasion. I hope...

How perfect is the Goosebumps series for nostalgia October reading? I've always been on the lookout for great thrills, even when I was a kid. And these books were the shit back then! I especially remember being thoroughly freaked out by no. 28, "The Cuckoo Clock of Doom", and no. 16, "One Day at Horrorland" 👹 I bet you guys had favorites too? #kidshorrorftw #itsrighttherewiththemostfuckedepisodesofcouragethecowardlydog #ondoktober

There's really nothing like working in an office packed with books and having coworkers who love reading as much as yourself. Found this fancy little thing on the shelves today and flipped through it during my break. It's as if it was written just for me #🤓

Alien eating pizza, because #whynot? #iseethateveryday

I'm setting out on what looks to become quite a mystical (and epic) journey with my buddy, Roland 🔫🔫 I devoured The Gunslinger whole and am just now turning the first page of The Drawing of the Three. Any Dark Tower enthusiasts out there to send me off into this series with some words of wisdom?

Losing my Harry Potter virginity: Part 7. I remember how, when the book was released in 2007, Danish publishers had a really hard time figuring out how to translate "the deathly hallows". I don't think I understand what they are in either language. Maybe I will after finishing this seventh and last chapter of #boywholived vs. #noselessfellow 👶🏻🐍

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