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Pyro and Blaze  Duo #Stoners ..Shiny Hunters..Legend Killers..Poke Lovers😝 Team Mystic❄💧😈💙

really, really, really love Silvally. It's very possibly soaring up to my favorite Pokemon of all time. I love the concept, I love the design, and I love all of the lore and stories it comes with
Kind of neat how his "evolution" is he needs that helmet to keep from hurting his trainer but raising friendship enough he doesn't need it anymore #silvally #likesforlikes #picoftheday #pokemonmoon

These “arm” Pokemon make me think that the designers were on drugs. Unfortunately, this is what we get when Binacle evolves into a Barbaracle at level 39.
#barbaracle #pokemonmoon

actually like lopunny. A lot of people judge it on its looks, but seriously - this pretty rabbit can throw a punch. All that fluff hides the tough. Lopunny does look like it is 100% female. They should make a branched off evolution for male bunearies.  I found so many dirty pictures #lopunny #pokemonmoon

Granbull is a Granny Bull, an overgrown ugly pitbull that for some (game ) reason, become a fairy lol Sorry, but this might be a little of an understatement. And sorry for calling it a bull, it would be really offensive to bulls. #granbull #pokemonmoon #lol #like4likes

How are those particles revolving around it? It's like it has Psychic powers of some sort mega stone + heavy slam makes for the strongest steel Pokemon. Steelix's rest talk curse technique will make it the strongest Pokemon in the game #steelix #pokemonmoon

Lol Ahh Vaporeon how I love you so, I luv how it is so very powerful yet beautiful and such. How it can learn surf and take me to places that have not seen before. I will always love the forever Vaporeon - #teammystic #pokemonmoon


Zygarde is beast in Alola, plus his new Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves moves hit Flying-type Pokemon! WHAT GROUND-TYPES CAN DO THAT #pokemonmoon #likesforlikes #l4l #picoftheday

It is so BEAST! It is strong, when you use moves with phys. contact on it, user takes damage! Only 2 weaknesses! I LOVE DRUDDIGON! #druddigon #pokemonmoon

Meganium Meganium.SO AWESOME! she wrecks so much of the pokes as well as being able to dish out attacks she can give status to enemies and then heal herself with photosynthesis making her last long in battles. #meganium #pokemonmoon

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