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Justin  "...if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen." -Conan O'Brien God is Love ✌🏽&❤️💛💚 to the 🌎🌏🌍 Live long and prosper🖖.

So excited to be on Oahu for her first time she didn't know what to do with her hands. #idontknowwhattodowithmyhands #hilife #Canon #CanonPhotography #NoFilter

Out here being #RiverFolk, shot gunning river water, celebrating mine and @willdoesnthaveig's birthdays. 📸: @kwistolpistol #KernRiver #CampingIsInTents #BlackMagic #Listen #Canon #CanonPhotos #CanonPhotography

I'm fortunate to feel, and actually believe, that I'm truly blessed. Blessed to have the family I was born into, gain all the friends I have throughout life, and last but not least to have @kwistolpistol as a partner. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!! You all are a blessing! Thank you to my love for giving me my first DSLR 📸 and planning an awesome birthday! I'm lucky she never split on me when I act like a banana brain #🍌 and thankful I hella copped her #🚁! I also got my pun game up cuz she's the puniest person I know.😏 Here's some pics I took with my gift. #CanonPhotography #CanonEOS #CanonPhotos #MuseumOfIceCream #StarHelicopters #Kona #BullTerrier #Chamnewton #KammerflageKreations #AmbilobePantherChameleon

"Always the bridesmaids never the bride." Third straight championship game coming up just short. Our mission continues... #ThirstyThursday #TitaJuliesChamps #VBallerz #LBParksandRec #🏐

@kwistolpistol's first time holding #Chamnewton and his first time going full yellow! Both these beauties love getting their sun bathe on. #😎 #NoFilter #ChamnewtonTheChameleon #KammerflageKreations #KK_YellowbloodBaby #KK_BlackRoseBaby #ChameleonsOfInstagram #Ambilobe #AmbilobePantherChameleon

I'm so proud of this beauty!!! She knocked her goal of $2K out of the park by raising over $3200 for the third annual #StrikeOutBehçets softball tourney! She even got recognized by the #ABDA for being the top fundraiser! I see all the work she puts in and all the emotional stress she goes thru organizing it. Despite all that, she still shows how strong, brave, and selfless she is by fighting thru the stress, emotions, and fatigue and puts on an amazing event and makes sure we all enjoy ourselves. I'm really lucky to have such a beautiful, kind, caring, and strong partner to spend this life with. I can't wait to watch #WonderWoman since it's about @kwistolpistol 😏! #😘 #Behçets #BehçetsDisease

This isn't a home run, but @kwistolpistol will knock one of the park by the of this season! As far as life goes, she hits homeruns on the daily by being an amazingly strong woman, girlfriend, daughter, sister, family, friend, and human being to all of us. DONATE to show your support, appreciation, and more importantly to help her keep hitting homers by finding a cure for #Behçets! LINK IN BIO. #BehçetsDisease #Hope #ABDA #Support #PayItForwardFriday

I met @kwistolpistol when she first played on #TheOnions. It must have been her awesome skills that made me fall for her... plus I sucked and needed a personal coach. 😏 Now she's been coaching me on my hitting and I'm pretty much like Tony Gwynn!💪🏽😎 Even though I'm working on hitting homeruns in softball, I've already hit a homerun with Krystal! 😍 Her love for the game is what brought her in my life and now we get to enjoy playing together. On May 20th, Krystal is sharing something she loves with all of us and also helping a cause that is near and dear to her by hosting the 3rd Annual Strike Out Behçets Disease Softball Tournament. Krystal has been such an inspiration in her 14 year battle with Behçets and she puts on this event every year with the hope that spreading awareness and raising money for research will lead to a cure! It's $30/Person to play. Slide into my DM or holla at me if you wanna play. If you can't play or just wanna come out and hang and have a drink, you can make a donation. Link is in my Bio. #StrikeOutBehcets #ABDA #Behcets #Hope

#Chamnewton getting some of that D... Vitamin D3. 😎😂 Showing off his colors to say how much he loved his first taste of actual sun rays! #KammerflageKreations #KK_YellowBloodBaby #KK_BlackRoseBaby #EarthDay #EarthDay2017 #PantherChameleon #AmbilobePantherChameleon #Ambilobe

HEY LADY FRIENDS!!! @jendicecca was so kind to have a special sale at her LuLaRoe site for my beautiful girlfriend, @kwistolpistol. Proceeds will go to benefit the American Behcet's Disease Association to raise awareness and help find a cure. There's tons of awesome leggings, shirts, and dresses up for sale! Please check the link in my bio to participate and shop for a great cause!

Here's Krystal rocking a pair of LuLaRoe Leggings. Not only does she look amazing, she's comfy as fuhhh too!!! **24 HR SALE STARTS AT 5:30PM TODAY!**

This picture is everything. Some days are sunshine and light, others are full of clouds. Some times you have to build a bridge and get over it, sometimes you have to swim through it to get to the other side. That's life. It's NEVER black OR white, this OR that, it's a little bit of both and both is in EVERYTHING. Since I have begun this adventure with Krystal, I'm constantly reminded of this idea. When most of us complain about trivial and material things, others fight an invisible battle daily for their lives. Seeing how positive she always is and how much love she has for life, despite having #BehcetsDisease, always inspires and motivates me. #😍😍😍 #TrowbackTuesday
"Awareness is the key to a cure, use today to educate yourself and others, and to support your family and friends who may also be struggling with a rare illness." -@kwistolpistol 💙💙💙 #RareDiseaseDay #CareAboutRare

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