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Alissa  the only currency worth anything in this world is the affect your heart has on the hearts around you βœ΄βš›βœ΄

Wait...I live here?!

When nature and the city meet...😍

Crib views 🌈

Thank you for driving 1600 miles for me last weekend. I'm gonna miss you more than anything else that exists in America this year sissy. Chicago's lucky to have you this summer!

hey, I liked living across Vienna from you a little more than across the planet

TRUE LIFE : I'm Obsessed With My Little Sister

One of those times when I just have to pull my phone out and try to snap a tangible little piece of the moment to keep forever

sunset watching buddy

roomie reunion roadtrip 🌻

What an incredibly eerie feeling to see footage of bodies strewn in the exact place I once stood. A heartbreaking reminder to truly cherish each day and try to spread love in all that I do

I hope your birthday is filled with moments of laughing as hard as we did when we split that hairy rotten crepe or accidentally ordered snuff shots. I am so thankful to you for opening your home to me when I no longer had a place of my own, always knowing when I needed a hug, sharing hidden gems of Vienna, and for each minute you chose to gallivant around despite public transportation schedules or your 7 pm bedtime. Zum Geburtstag liebe Lydia! Prost πŸ’œ


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