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Alissa  content creator I missed you last night. 💌

I have already been to dark places during the years. Dark places of my soul where I didn't care about what happened to me. And I gave up. As a lot of people do from time to time. Sometimes I ask myself how I pushed my mind out of that hopeless sucking period and the answer is simple but hard to realize. There's not a solution knocking on your door one day offering you tons of luck. Its up to oneself. Have you tried everything to make yourself feel better? Educate yourself, travel, work out, change your diet, live minimal, make a profession out of your hobby, make a profession out of your passion. Doesn't mean you have to study. Self education has always and will aways be the key to a fulfilling and successful life. I worked on myself and I still do. Everyday I try to learn something new and that's what kept me alive despite everything. .
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Night. Those nights. Those nights when the moon is shining bright and clear and it seems as he is looking at me and reveals something. Those nights I get sentimental and I get sad but also happy. I have to stop doing whatever Im doing. Those nights Im starring at the moon as it was a friend and passing it, is almost as saying goodbye to someone. Those nights I remember the humans I love, I loved, I lost, I miss.. It's when I realize Im not that far from everyone as I assume. Those nights I feel we are really close and we have always been. #earth_deluxe #discoverearth #liveauthentic #inLoveWithSwitzerland #bleachmyfilm #twgrammers #natgeo #wilderness_culture #thegloberwander #jaw_dropping_shots #exploretocreate #welivetoexplore #theworldshotz #earthfocus #diewocheaufinstagram #folkvibe #modernoutdoors #mytinyatlas

Starting to think I should trust a dog more than I trust my neighbors #dogperson #zermatt

It's weird how everything changes as we get older. Not only dreams and perspectives but also fears and trust does. As a kid I was used to live with dogs, they have been my best friends back then as I thought they're the ones who understand. When I looked into the eyes of my Husky Arik I totally felt his love for me and I showed him mine. As the years passed I was unable to have a dog anymore and I totally lost my feeling for them. I got anxious and nervous when there was one I wouldn't know. I refused to look him into the eyes in order to hide my anxiety. This might sound normal to a few of you, but not for me as a dog person. It hurts not being able to touch or look at a dog when it would give you so much. Today I had the chance getting to know a really sensitive and big hearted dog and with a little help from my friends eventually I played with her, hugged her and even got a high five 🙈❤ #dogperson #Zermatt

In exactly 21 days Im going to attend a Vipassana meditation retreat in a very remote area. Im excited to spend 10 days without any distractions as mobile phones, music, singing, talking and even reading. No sports, no eye contact, nothing. Just me and the possibility to clear things up with myself. I am a person who gets easily lost in her own mind and partly creates a world which doesn't exist. I want to train my subsconscious mind to remain balanced, even after it feels an unpleasant sensation. Once again Im pushing myself in an uncomfortable situation in order to grow with it. Has anyone of you experience in Vipassana or what do you think about it as far as you have heard now? #vipassana #varietyofplaces

6 things that helped me pass a tough time: - Being alone: No TV. No Wifi. No Friends. No Talking. Just thinking. Focusing on my thoughts. (& sometimes reading a book) It all for about three months. - Moving away from everythin familiar which made it possible to be alone. - Starting to work out and when I had no energy left I kept going and cried about everything what was stressing me lately.
- Writing everything down I worried about. Reading it after a few weeks showed me how far my process was.
- Living in the mountains and travelling.
- Focusing on my skills instead of the things Im not capable of. - #zermatt #switzerland #varietyofplaces

Family is a decision by heart. If you're ignored misunderstood and not well appreciated why shouldn't you have a choice?! There's no person who has the right to deny your happiness. Develop, explore and be true to yourself. I have met so many people until now and most persons I call family aren't related by blood. #imissyouall #zermatt #switzerland #varietyofplaces #ithinkofyoueveryday

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