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Lisa Whittle  Wild heart, tamed by God. Over the top about family. Feisty work in progress. Jesus is all I know.

Deep congratulations to those 2.2 people who actually know how to fold the fitted sheet. The rest of us are STILL STRUGGLING. *Also, general life-tip: fastest way to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing in life: become an adult. To REALLY feel inept: become a parent. I’ll never forget the first time I realized I’M THE ADULT HERE AND THERE IS NO ONE ELSE. 😳
ps: You new friends (hi!) may not know that I’m doing a parenting series all month on the 5 minute, 5 day a week podcast I host call the #5WordPrayersDaily. Up today: 5 dealbreaker questions to ask to know what battles to fight/not to fight with your kids. Hosted by yours truly: Parenting hard while praying to feel less inept + struggling to fold the fitted sheet since 1998 = 🙋🏻‍♀️. (Swipe up for quick listen in story.) (Thanks for this meme, whoever you are. 🙌🏼 Couldn’t find the original source to credit.)
Happy Friday, all! Tag a friend who needs this fitted sheet understanding or who might want to know about our parenting show/series. Community! ♥️

I’ve always been the strong person. But I don’t know that I’ve always been the free person.

What doesn’t break you sets you free...

Welcome to a small piece of my heart in this video. Some tender places I’m talking about here. ♥️ 👉🏼

Ps: Some more honest convo about ministry life going down on our free #MinistryStrong Zoom call tonight, if you still want to jump in. Details and link in my stories. Would love to (literally!) see you.

Lots of talk about becoming powerful people out in this world | a reminder that the most powerful people walking around out there are the ones who spend consistent time with Jesus, and may that be us. 🙏🏼

We told the coach we would adopt him and make him a Whittle but he politely declined. Actually completely moved on to another family to butt into their picture as soon as this one was taken with us. Rude.


Addendum: Answers to things you’re secretly wondering: 1. I own nothing else monogram in this whole world. None of us know why the boots. Leave it there, kindreds, for the good of us all. 2. We don’t know how the short parents and tall boys. Paging Jesus and my 2 tall uncles for genetic consult. xo

Alright, guys. We did the things this season and now mommas gotta go! Life is good at home, and life is good on the road: grateful for the honor of serving Jesus in both and ready to see what my week in Nashville will bring. 🙌🏼
And hey - just compelled to do some quick heart housekeeping for a minute. My best friend is a guardian ad litem/lunch lady. She is my hero for more reasons than I can say on here. We put hierarchies on jobs, especially ones in ministry. But no one is a big deal but God. The rest of us either get to be thrilled by a life of joining his work, whatever that looks like, or we live a very long life of wishing we did. I have a lot of amazing friends doing a lot of cool things across the world. I’m honestly in awe of my lunch lady best friend. But I want to be careful never to wave the palm branches for anyone but Him. 🌿♥️🙏🏼

Scenes from last night...🏈🏆
And one gift, unseen...
As I am standing on the sidelines, waiting to rush the field with all the other happy campers, my heart feels both joy and pain. It is over, I think. And how can it be? All the years, all the memories, all the things I want to grab and never allow to go away. At the perfect time, as always, the Father tends to my heart. “Micah has many more exciting things you will celebrate in his life up ahead. This season has to end so you can experience the joy of the seasons you do not yet know.” Thank you, Jesus, for knowing everything. I couldn’t exist without You.
Just thought you might need the reminder, today, too. Season enders are sad. But they have to end so you can experience the joy of the seasons you do not yet know.
Thanks for celebrating our championship win last night with me. It was as amazing as you think. 🙌🏼And thank you for always letting me share my families funny, hard and tender moments of life with you. Happy Saturday, dearest friends! ♥️

I could say a lot of things. But I know you won’t want me to, so I won’t. I’ll just say that since you were 7, it’s been the ride of my life to get to watch you excel in this sport you love so much. It’s been an even greater joy to watch you grow in character...earn the respect of your teammates, family and friends because of your humility and willingness to cheer for others even above yourself. You inspire me, son. Tonight may be the last of this life season, but it will be no different for your biggest fan in the stands. Now obey your mother and go get that state championship on my birthday. #dearmama #my18

📢Attention, attention. I have 2 amazing things to tell you about Ministry Strong.
1. Drumroll, please. Author, speaker, business coach and ministry leader @alliworthington is joining our workshop guides for our January Ministry Strong Nashville retreat, and I’M HERE FOR THIS IN EVERY WAY. Not only is she my dear friend, but we’ve done ministry together, and I trust her with the mission and heart of Ministry Strong so deeply. She started talking to me about some of the things she is going to be sharing in her sessions the other day, and I was so excited for ME because it’s things I, myself, need to hear.
2. We are hosting our first ever FREE Ministry Strong webinar next Thursday, November 15, from 8:30-9:30 ET on the 4 Dealbreaker Ministry Questions we must all ask ourselves, with honest answers from all 4 weekend workshop guides + open forum Q and A. This is open to ANYONE, not just Ministry Strong Nashville attendees, but limited spots are available, so sign up RIGHT AWAY. (Seriously, don’t wait.) It’s going to be fun, lowkey, honest, casual and hopefully really insightful and helpful to anyone in ministry of any kind. (Part time, full time, volunteer) Link to sign up is in my stories and in my profile, so head there RIGHT NOW if you want to join in. Remember: it’s totally free. 🙌🏼
*PS: At the end of the webinar I’ll be revealing some exciting news about Ministry Strong Nashville and it may or may not have to do with opening up a few more slots for a few more of you. 🙌🏼 #MinistryStrong

It’s human nature to sometimes be all over the map. It’s God’s nature to always be steady. Go with God.

Sometimes the best leaders are the steady, dependable ones you can trust to faithfully move the ball down the field. And I’m not just talking about football. (Thanks for this stunning picture of my favorite team, ft. my favorite steady leader, #18, ♥️🏈)

Almost 21 years of parenting thus far and here’s what I can tell you:
- We didn’t raise robots. I wouldn’t have admitted it earlier on, but I think it’s what I used to kind of want. This means our kids and us have had spirited political conversations. It means matching on Easter went bye-bye. It means the animal loving kid may own a rare hyena one day and may ask me to hyena-sit (#nope) and the daredevil kid may jump out of a plane for fun, DEAR LORD, NO.
- I’ve always thought parenthood was hard and can’t relate to anyone who doesn’t. God didn’t ease me into motherhood. He baptized me by fire in the form of a baby who screamed, didn’t eat, and didn’t sleep. So I never thought I had this thing in the bag and I never have, since we were up filming the screamer at 2:30am to track his sleep patterns.
- My favorite parenting time is right now. Babies were delicious. Toddlers were flat hard but said the cutest things. But NOTHING is like doing life with these 3 now. I love that they are getting smarter than me. I love that they are onto us and help keep their feisty parents in line. My kids are better humans than me and YAY WORLD for this.
- We are still just as actively parenting as we were the day our first was born, except for the actual hands on parts. BLESS YOU SOULS DOING THAT RIGHT NOW, FOR LIFE SHALL RETURN. I’m on a mission to encourage us parents of teens and young adults to not think we are through quite so prematurely. I’m grieved by the wrong mindset we have in our culture that older kids don’t need our presence as much. Phooey. They do.
There are other things, but 21 years is a long time so I can’t write it all here. So I’ve done something I hope and pray will be helpful to you current/future parents out there: I’ve dedicated this month’s worth of 5 minute #5WPD daily podcasts to the subject of parenting - one of my most requested topics to talk about. If I left anything out I DONT KNOW WHAT because I covered ALOT. At just about 5 minutes, hopefully you can squeeze it in. I link every day’s shows in my stories, and the show link is always in my profile. Ps: Do not listen if you expect to hear from a perfect mom. ♥️🙏🏼

Pictured: actually me. 😂

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