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Lisa jay  I’m a gamekeepers wife crafting & homemaking in beautiful rural Cumbria. Excitedly expecting twins finally thanks to IVF

I’m actually having a day off!! A whole day just relaxing and pleasing myself 😍 I’ve spent 2 days batch cooking so no ones going to starv. The house work can quite frankly knackers!! Everyones gone to work and it’s so peaceful. I’m spending the day in my pjs on the sofa catching up on lots of crafts and slowly knitting for my babas. #listeningtomybody #metime

I feel absolutely ginormous today 🐳 My back is really pulling and I’m so tired.
So feet up for an hour with my knitting then bath and bed for me I think #25weekspregnant #25+1weekbump #twinpregnancy #bumpingalongnicely

I’m actually doing some knitting for these babas ☺️ The sweetest little unisex vests for layering up this winter ❄️ The pattern is from the book #lullabyknits

24+1 weeks. It feels like such a milestone.
Today we had our growth scan and the twins are growing well. We’ve got a 1.5Ibs baby and one 1.4Ibs on board. All my appointments are booked up until there arrival and we have a plan as long as they stay being cooperative.
I’ve got to dash back out now but I’m feeling overly tired and a bit emotional today. Hoping I won’t be long so I can squeeze in a nap.... I’m sure that little brown dog will be all over that!! #24weekspregnant #24weekspregnantwithtwins

To think I once crocheted a double bed blanket it just 10 days... So far this as taken me 7 days 🙈... Now I did use to drink back then but Jeeze am I slow these days

Someone’s snuck in on my afternoon napping!! She thinks I don’t know she’s there 😂 #comfytherespaniel #justthefourofus #bbhugme #spanielsofinstagram #24weekspregnant

This weekend as been such a struggle both physically and emotionally. I should be making tea but Hubby’s sent me upstairs for a lay down instead, hoping I feel better when I get back up and I can quietly get cracking with some little baby makes 💛

22+5 weeks pregnant... I am loving this hot weather but I do feel like a fat pig on a hog roast 😂
Think I shall live in this dress for the rest of the summer, it’s so thin and light. My bump has definitely grown this week.. I am off to work but does anyone know when the earliest is you can start paid maternity? I know it’s 29 weeks for singleton pregnancies but is it any different for twin pregnancies? I work in a pub and it can be long hours on your feet & with my arthritis and the heat sometimes it’s a blooming struggle.

This handsome little chap arrived yesterday from the very talented @ada_bea_ I am so in love with him 💙 Shelly as kindly agreed to make another one for me. One day I plan to pass them on to my twins #buyhandmade #futureheirloom #adabeabears #handembroidery #cabbagesandroses #janehogben

To big now to reach my own toes without wobbling over or wanting to throw up I treated myself to my first ever pedicure today at the ripe old age of 34. Totally went in wanting a neutral colour but came out with mermaid toes 😍... My tan saltwaters are still going strong after 5 years but I think it’s time I ordered some sliders for ease... but which colour? .... #22weekspregnancyproblems #saltwatersandals #shoesofinstagram #theheatiskillingme

I’ll probably loose a few more followers for posting yet another baby pic but 🤷🏼‍♀️ here’s today’s scan piccy anyway.
All went really well and we got the last of the measurements the doctors needed. Twin A was actually punching twin B in the head 🙈 it’s clear who’s in charge all ready!! We are still team yellow and didn’t find out there sexes.
I’ve also been in rheumatology today and they said that because of my meds they don’t recommend I breast feed. Apparently my med’s come out in my urine and they’ll do the same in my milk which won’t be nice for the babies... This as been something I’ve been agonising over as they’ve told me I’ll have a flare shortly after giving birth. I’ve always believed FED is best which ever way but I still feel a bit meh about it.

Lots of reassuring kicks this morning from my little loves ... Daddy even got to feel one for the first time ... We have another scan today to finish of getting there little measurements & I’m so excited to see them... Happy Monday insta, it’s a beautiful sunny day here ☀️#22weekspregnant #twinpregnancy

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