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lis 〰  rolling through south days, living our best life. vegan for everything. love makes my heart sing and my world go round.

flowers forever 〰

feeling very lucky even for those spikey moustache kisses 〰 you keep doing you, I'll keep doing me, we've got this bae 〰 thankful for the past present and future by your side @rexdubois

smitten with my kitten 〰

acting real casual 〰

happy earth day from the inside. and what a magical and ancient earth it is 〰

mondaze 〰

the number one reason why I won't eat or drink dairy 〰
because cows milk is breast milk made for baby cows, and if it is in my human adult belly, that means someone special (many baby special someones) ☝️are really missing out 〰
did you know that cows are pregnant for 9 months with their babes just like us? although unlike us, unlucky baby boys are fast tracked to slaughter as they can't produce milk, and baby girls are born into the same cycle of suffering as their mothers, born to lose their babies within days of birthing them, over and over again so that we can consume dairy products that we might enjoy but we really don't need 〰
with so many dairy-free milk, butter, icecream, cheese and chocolate options at our fingertips, consuming dairy and supporting this rather bizarre and cruel industry just doesn't make much sense to me any more 〰
it's easy, and it might be a change but it's possible to choose plant-based, your body will love you, you'll discover delicious food and best of all nobody will have to lose anybody ☝️ 〰

@jamesaspey @jamesaspey @jamesaspey making big waves of change with his compassionate and peaceful activism 〰 he believes that the future is vegan and now I do too 〰

long weekend plattering with bae 〰#veganplatter

date night heaven @yarri_restaurant 〰 beautiful vegan menu options for this happy gal 〰 this cavatelle was next level 〰

sunday loving @gourmet_food_merchant

wild flower dreams 〰

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