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LISA RONDO ⋒  ☀︎Family through adoption #rondoadoption ☀︎Holistic health #hashirant ☀︎Identical triplet @hopeyoulikefreshair ☀︎Shop my jewelry line @seamaidmarket

There are no words 🤩🧡!

I’m the luckiest ⋒♡!!!

My beautiful beach babies 🌴🌴! #remiyolande #jaxazizi

Yesterday the ☀️ came out, it finally felt warm, the 🦋s were migrating, and the pool was calling. What a perfect day for Jax’s first dip 💦!!!

My kind of happy 🧡🌿!!!

Remi rippin’ just like her daddy! She has the best coach ☺️ 🛹💨!!! #sk8ergirl

poppy super B L 🧡 🧡 M bliss thanks to all the rain!!!

3.5.19: Bubba is 6 months old, I can still hardly believe it! He’s still a milk only baby and can finally hold his own bottle (but we will be starting solids now that he’s 6 months). He loves to play with his toy gym and can sit nicely in his bumbo. He smiles at his sissy like no one else and loves to sit in baby wraps facing out. He’s super alert and likes to watch what’s going on wherever we are at. We constantly get stopped by strangers adoring those big brown eyes and happy smile. I can’t blame em, his joy is contagious! 💛 #zisfirstyear #jaxazizi

Happy International Women’s Day! Glad I came into this world in the power of 3 💥💥💥! Between all of us I think we could make a creative-dog loving-baby making-mountain climbing-mother hen-outdoor loving-healthy living-multi tasking-always traveling-god loving-snack eating-life doing-style dressing-home decorating-food cooking-boss living-business running-friend sharing-people loving-happy seeking-family oriented-SUPERHUMAN. I guess that’s women for ya 😘, amongst other things (because we all know our brains go a million miles a minute.) #girlpower @hopeyoulikefreshair

Oh, sweet baby. Never grow up 💛! #jaxazizi

Half the fun of road trips for me is stopping to see all the random things along the way. I’ve always loved this lemon house and knew I had to stop to show my lemon lovin’ girlie!

Life with him is magic 🌈✨!!!

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