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LISA RONDO ⋒  ☀︎Family through adoption #rondoadoption ☀︎Holistic health #hashirant ☀︎Identical triplet @hopeyoulikefreshair ☀︎Shop my jewelry line @seamaidmarket

Life is better in color 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #remiyolande #rondoshack

Yesterday our only objective was to find ❄️! And snow we found, only a little over an hour from home 🧡. I know, hard to believe 😄. I think Jax’s initiation went over nicely because he was snuggled so warm. Baby steps before we hit up insane snow at Mammoth in a couple weeks!

I get lost in those eyes 😍🥰 #jaxazizi

I remember our very first Valentines Day when we were dating. I was living in Hawaii and Chase was in Idaho (we were doing long distance). He mailed me a package of chocolates which sadly melted and were covered with ants by the time I opened them (darn Hawaii haha). In the card he said, “I more than like you!” It was shortly after that he said I love you. I still have that card and have saved every one since! Love you @chaserondo, I’m forever smitten by you! #chasepluslisa

Happy Valentines Day! Sure glad these two are mine forever 💘! Kisses and hugs for everyone 💋, xoxo!

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we had these dreamy photos taken with tiny 3 1/2 month old Rems! Anyone else find themselves wasting the day away going down memory lane?! Although it’s hard to call it a waste, I mean look at her 😍! #remiyolande

My main girl 💕. I’ve always played this, “I love you more than ____ loves ___,” game with Rem. Usually it starts with I love you more than the ocean loves the waves and so on, getting all sorts of creative. It’s so fun because now Rem can actually play it with me and comes up with her own silly phrases! Her most often used one is, “I love you more than reindeer love Rudolph.” I love watching her string together long sentences that are making more and more sense. Sometimes she surprises me with the things she can say and I just love watching her learn and grow. She always says, “I love you to the moon and back,” too which always makes me smile. Moments like these make motherhood the absolute best job in the world. There really is nothing like it. So simple and so pure. Learning from these tiny humans is truly a gift. #rondoshack #remiyolande

2.5.19 Jax turned 5 months! He rolled over for the first time a couple days ago and is constantly kicking those little legs. He loves to make loud squeals and gets super excited when Rem walks in the room. He smiles at everyone and has the cutest coo and giggle. He sleeps 8-10 hours at night and we have finally gotten into a two a day nap routine. He broke 15 lbs and is growing like a crazy man! Jax recently lost interest in Bonnie’s and self soothes by sucking on his second and third fingers, constantly throwing a 🤟🏿. He’s drooling like crazy and i can feel his teeth that are growing in. We had a rough month with two hospitalizations for RSV and his surgery. BUT, he smiled the entire way through and constantly stole nurses hearts. We sure do love our boy and his mellow personality that makes everyone smile! #jaxazizi #zisfirstyear

Walking through Balboa Rem was calling all the buildings castles and herself Princess. Such a magical time, being 2 🧡✨.

Little rug rats! Love you ❌⭕️❤️!!!

Disney with my sweethearts 💗💗💗💗. #ridinwiththerondos

I can never get enough of this cutie. He truly is just the happiest ✨😁!!! #jaxazizi

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