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Lisa Marie White  Lisa Marie White 25 Model/Actress/Dreamer 💁🏻‍♀️ Miss Universe Singapore 2015🇸🇬 👸🏻 Mannequin Models

The mandatory Instagram update.
Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend. ❤️❤️

The last scene my talented classmates @squelpy92 and I shot at @metfilmschool . I play an agent whose trying to get his gf out of the picture. 😈. 6 minute scene but it took hours to shoot. There’s so much more that goes on than what you see.
Appreciation for the art. ❤️ #showreel #acting

Back in the +65 and finally got to check out Marquee! What an addition to the Singapore scene. Game changer.
#singapore #marqueesingapore #asia

So I was away in London for 6 months because I was studying Acting for Film at @metfilmschool ! I’ve learnt so much about acting, more than I thought I ever would.
There’s a lot of hard work and effort that goes into becoming a character. So if the acting is easy then you’re not doing it right. I used to think that acting was just about memorising the lines and portraying the emotions of the character but there’s a lot more depth, layers and dimension to think about when creating a character. And it’s a lot more than looking good. In fact looking good should be the least of your concerns when you’re on camera. Something I used to be so ridiculously obsessed about that I’ve grown out of thankfully.
So here is a showreel of stuff I did while I was at Met.
#showreel #asia #actress

Back in Singapore again but left my heart behind in London.
London I’ll be back soon enough . Thank you for all the wonderful memories, thank you for being such a good place and allowing me to meet so many incredible beautiful human beings. Thank you for allowing me to grow and understand myself and the world better.
These pictures sum up my London experience with the most incredible people I’ve had the privilege to meet. ❤️ #blessed #friends #london #home

Finally got to visit Sketch’s famous Instagram worthy toilet! 😋
#sketch #london

One of our last showreel scenes at Met Film School with @the.most.epic.moo .
#actor #scene #heartbreak

Glad I was finally able to visit my dream destination, Rome. Everything about Rome is perfect. The weather, the food, the sights, the people. Definitely exceeded my expectations ☺️. And glad I got to experience it with my mum. ❤️. Hope to be back again soon!
#rome #italy #holiday #dreamdestination

Rome Day 2 highlights! ☺️ #rome #colosseum #italy

Happy Sunday. ☺️☺️

My Father is from Christchurch and was born a Catholic originally. He recently converted to Islam. He spent time in Christchurch last year and visited the Mosque where the shootings happened. Two people that he met there were victims of the shooting. If it had been a year earlier, it could have been him.
I please ask that the media stops the portrayal of Muslims in a bad light. Muslims are not terrorists. Misinformation in the Western media causes hatred and bigotry with ignorant people and that is a very dangerous thing. In Singapore our friends and family are Muslim and we love them. They are good people. And we know that because we know them. I’m not Muslim but I know that Islam is not a religion of violence. An uneducated person who is from a remote town in the US or Australia who has never had interactions with a Muslim person gets their ideas from the media and wrong portrayal of a specific group of people has consequences.
#rip to all the innocent lives that were lost.

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