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L I S A✨KA T E  Somewhere between Cape Town, Johannesburg & Zimbabwe🇿🇦🇿🇼

Happy Father’s Day! Especially to my dad, been there since day 1 to teach me about life, business, fine wine & coffee, classic cars, all the game sports & so much more!🦆🌟

‘When life gives you lemons, make kombucha’, why thank you for the tip Leafy Greens, don’t mind if I do!🍋 I have a pretty big day tomorrow & lots to come in the next few weeks so I’m focusing on being healthy & considering the quote, I’ll be having kombucha on tap! That said, I’m really thankful for the harder times, they really do make you- you!🌟🧀🌟 .
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Doing some @exclusivebooks browsing📚I love books based on raw experience & reality, but I am a sensitive soul & sometimes reality is a little heavy. For those times, I look for books which have words of comfort & encouragement, & today it was C.S.Lewis’ ‘Little Book of Wisdom’. That it is✨

I dropped my phone in the toilet a couple months ago (I know, I don't know how it happened either) & lost all my original pictures! But grainy screen shots saved the day & I can still post the memories✌🙊 This day was one of my favourites, we went to watch the sun go down & it was the perfect time to just think, listen to the ocean & look in the little rock pools for whatever's calling the ocean home. @bryn_north we need to do this more often & fine tune my rock climbing skills🙈😉.
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Throwback to waking up in a little a-frame cottage by a river in the middle of nowhere...🌱

The best boyfriend in the world💗 I love life with you! We went to see the largest dam in the Western Cape water supply system, this is what it currently looks like, pretty hectic! Saving every bit of water we can🌱

Been the best hanging out with this special one @bryn_north the past few weeks🌿 We've spent way too much money & eaten way too much food but we were in Cape Town way too little last year so it all kind of balances out😉

Happy to give 2017 the side eye & walk into 2018 with a little more sparkle in it instead, ha!🌟 Jokes aside, this was maybe the toughest year yet. But I learned that’s ok, sometimes you can’t make everything better, you just have to get through it as best you can, be kind to yourself & others & remember to find things to enjoy along the way. I reached my goals, created new ones & I’m ready for a fresh slate! Happy almost 2018!🌟🍾🌟

Bye @starbucks_sa if you’d come to Cape Town that would be good too!🙊

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