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Lisa Jones  💥Fitness Instructor 💥Figure Competitor 💥Nationally Qualified Powerlifter International Elite Total 777

Discovered this pink Rogue bar and I think I’m in love. How did I not know this existed? 6x4 at 300lbs.

300!!!!!!!!!!! My goal was to get a 300lb squat before Christmas, guess I need a new goal now. I may have been red lighted for depth but I’m still super proud, I put in the work to get here going through the Smolov program and it worked. I have to thank my rock, my support, my spotter, my love, my everything for telling me to just put 300 on there today. I did 290 the set before and was thinking I would just do 295 and be happy with that, @el_fantasma_77 said just put it on there and do it!

When you come from work and don’t feel like changing you deadlift in jeans and a sparkly shirt. Yep I was one of those people. First day deadlifting in almost a month since Smolov took over my life.

1 more Smolov workout before a deload and max testing. Even if my 1 rep max doesn't increase that much I'm still going to count the program as a success because every single workout after the first week has been rep and set PR's. You know it's good when you walk into the gym worried with anticipation that you're not going to be able to complete the workout. Well, in my weird world I call that good.

Bench and deads have had to take a back seat for Smolov but this wasn't too bad of a bench day.
2x3 155
2x3 160
2x3 165 (fail on last rep)

Week 2 of the Smolov squat program almost done, yeah it's tough but I'm tougher. Shenanigans post 8x4 at 245.
#roadto300 #bodyart

Starting the Smolov jr 4 week squat cycle in an attempt to reach a life goal of a 300lb squat. Current max is around 285 and I always thought 300 would be impossible but it doesn't seem that far away now. These 8x5s at 225 never felt so smooth so we will see how this goes!

3x5 of these tire flips was a good way to add a little extra crisp on the already toasty legs as a finisher.

Take me back here please! Looking forward to next summer already.

Volume deads with so much weight it won't fit in the shot, 😂. 3x8 255
2x5 275
1x2 300

I went back to a conventional deadlift this meet and I think that's what I need to stick with, it feels so much more natural to me than sumo. Sumo is great for training purposes but if I'm going to max I'm sticking with what works. I should have gone for more cause this 336 moved pretty quick.

Hands down the best meet I've ever had. I finally hit an International Elite total of 777.1 lbs. and a 421 wilks. All of the competitors did an amazing job and I'll see you guys on the platform next year!
#girlswhopowerlift #stronggirlsrule

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