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Lisa Jones  💥Fitness Instructor 💥Figure Competitor 💥Nationally Qualified Powerlifter 56 Kg 406 wilks

Doing NYC right. #summerfamvacay

Happy birthday to the one who sets my heart on fire and melts me at the same time.

This is us. Celebrating our birthday's with a bang, we may be old but don't count us out just yet. We're both in our 40s now and I've never been more fit, happy, and comfortable with who I am. You hear the saying I love you more and more everyday all the time, I never thought that was possible until now. Happy birthday to my everything! @el_fantasma_77
Thank you @aminafordphotography for capturing these beautiful images that embody exactly who we are. You are an amazing artist!

Clean but large.
Meal 1: 2 eggs, shaved turkey, peppers with almond butter
Meal 2: red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, shredded chicken, olives
Meal 3: Salad with steak
Meal 4: steak, jasmine rice and edamame
Meal 5: Casein whey blend shake
#cleaneating #foodisfuel

The Sunday grind. Pyramid of heavy squats, 7x3 with top 2 sets being 255. Oh yeah and then there was this:
100x extensions
3x10 box squat
3x8 single leg press
#nojokelegday #fueledbysushi

Flying high on the 4th of July.

Let's talk abs for a minute. Sometimes they look great and other times it's a bloated 1 pack, this was a good day and the lighting was spot on so don't think mine always look this good. I only do traditional crunches 2x/week for less than 5 minutes at the end of my HIT class. Abs are truly a reflection of mostly a clean diet in combination with some cardio, and lifting. All lifts require you to brace your core and keep tight.
#abs #motivationmonday

Failure. In lifting is a good thing I am telling myself because that's what it's about this week. Failed at 2 deadlift max attempts and failed at high rep chest sets, I know where to red line it to next time.
#uspapower #pushthelimits

WIB deadlift gang. You in?

Some of my favorite shots from the meet by the talented @shotsbyregg!
#uspapower #uspapowerlifting

Rep max- 315x3 finally! Been trying to get 3 reps of this for a while now and always failed at the 3rd. Next time I'll work on coming to a complete stop at the bottom, I just wanted to get it. And a good soundtrack at SNR fitness 👍
#strong #PR

After a few necessary cheat meals post meet back on track for the NC State Championship meet in Aug. The determining factor of a successful meet for this one is going to be about my mindset. I'm determined to be confident in my training and if I miss a lift it won't be at a weight I know I can already do.
#goals #bettermindset

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