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Here are some leg exercises you can try! 💪🏼 Remember to ♥️ and save for next time you’re in the gym 😃
I took myself to the gym today to try and make myself feel better after being sick last night !! It was so random, maybe I had a delayed food poisoning reaction 😅 Feeling a little better now 😊
1️⃣ single stiff leg deadlift
3 x 12
2️⃣ step ups
3 x 12
3️⃣ reverse lunge
3 x 12
So tomorrow I am going to attempt to film a clothing haul (my first ever one 😳😌!!) to show you all of my favourite outfits from @gymshark and all of my sizing 😃 In the meantime if there is anything you would like to know, please comment below 💗
OUTFIT: Vital Seamless range in colour indigo and I wear a size small.

Shouldazzzz! 💪🏼 Here are some you can have a go at ! Let’s grow those babies 🙊 does anyone prefer training them on cables ? Remember to ♥️ and save for next time you’re in the gym 😃
1️⃣ alternate DB front raise
3 x 12
2️⃣ cable face pulls
3 x 12
3️⃣ cable upright row
3 x 12
4️⃣ cable front raise
3 x 12
I hope you’ve all had a great start to the week ! 😃💪🏼
🎧 @kreptandkonan - pour me another one

ABS 🔥 before that I need to let you know to be ready for the @womensbest Black Friday sale that starts on the 19th November and is going to be the biggest sale of the year!! So make sure to put it in your diaries ! 📝 if you have any Q’s let me know below 👇🏼
WORKOUT: Complete each one as follows and with minimal rest -
Beginner - 20 seconds x 3 sets.
Intermediate - 40 seconds x 3 sets.
Advanced - 60 seconds x 3 sets.
I would complete all 3 sets of the first exercise and then move on to the next one ☺️💪🏼
Enjoy my lovelies ! 💗

It’s been a bag of laughs touring around the UK for the last 4 days (I was the tag along 😆) !! Super proud of this one @romanelanceford for inspiring so many 😌♥️
A little bit (@regangrimes @romanelanceford @jamescox1986 jamescox86 🤣) tiring with endless hours in the car, but we made it FUN (London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool & back to London)! I cannot wait to get back into my routine of training and eating though gahhhhhh 😩😃!! New week, let’s do this ! 💪🏼

Here’s a bicep variation for you to try in your next arm session! It’s a 2 in one movement, first a drag curl into a bicep curl - curl the bar up while keeping your elbows to the back and keep the bar touching your torso. Don’t forget to ♥️ and save to try next time you’re in the gym 🤯 ! Enjoy my lovelies ! 💗

Glutes! 🍑 I know some of you like to work on the cables, so here are a few you can try! 💪🏼☺️ Please fell free to add in any other exercises on top 🏋🏻‍♀️ Remember to ♥️ and save for next time you’re in the gym 😃
1️⃣ lunge into kick back
3 x 12
2️⃣ cable donkey kick
3 x 12
3️⃣ cable abductor into curtesy lunge
3 x 12
(I was supposed to post this yesterday but my video wouldn’t upload !!!) ... ALSO!! ... there is 9 DAYS to go until @gymshark biggest ever Black Friday sale, GET READY!! 😱 Tay a friend who needs to know !! 😍 There is going to be up to 70% off site wide, but only whole stocks last so you need to be quick. I will be posting more over the next week about my favourite outfits and different collections. If there is anything you wanna know, please comment below ! 👇🏼
Have a fab weekend !! 💫✨

Hotel room vibes ft @romanelanceford feet 👣

Tone and sculpt those arms! 🔥 Who wants that bicep peak?! 😉💪🏼 Remember to ♥️ and save for next time you’re in the gym 😃
1️⃣ inner biceps curl
3 x 12
2️⃣ bicep curl (heavy)
3 x 12
3️⃣ across body hammer curl
3 x 12
The first one is a killer !! 😩🔥
OUTFIT: @gymshark energy seamless range in colour steel blue 💙

Shoulders! 🔥 Who loves training them?! I know I do 😆 there is nothing better then having some gorgeous shape at the top of those arms ! 😍 The first one is 2 exercises in one ! Remember to ♥️ and save for next time you’re in the gym 😃
1️⃣ upright row into front raise
3 x 12
2️⃣ single arm Arnold press
3 x 12
3️⃣ Around the world
3 x 12
Let me know how you get on with these ones ! 🔥
🎵 @djsnake - taki taki

Back! 🔥 1 tip when doing back movements, try to focus on moving the weight by contracting the back, not by just pulling the weight from A to B with your arms. Remember to ♥️ and save for next time you’re in the gym 😃
1️⃣ cable row
3 x 12
2️⃣ single arm cable row
3 x 12
3️⃣ T bar row
3 x 12
4️⃣ DB row
3 x 12
I hope you enjoy friends !! 😊

AbssSs!!! Here are 3 of my favourite hanging ab exercises ! 💪🏼🔥 they’re challenging but so much fun to try!! 😃 Remember to ♥️ and save for next time you’re in the gym 😃
1️⃣ single hanging leg raises
3 x 10
2️⃣ Tuck and hold for 5 secs and then 5 normal reps.
3 x 6
3️⃣ hanging leg raises (if you can’t do these do knee raises)
3 x 8 - 10
Sorry in advance - no pain no gain 🤣

Wow you know when you’re looking through old pics and you compare one with a recent one ! 😱 I thought it was only right to share it with you all and to remind you that results don’t happen over night - SWIPE ▶️
As you can see I wasn’t born with these quads 😅 I’ve had to put SO MANY hours of consistent hard work in the gym, to achieve my goals. So many people think it’s more about the training, but you need to remember to eat the right (beneficial) foods in your diet and ENOUGH FOOD alongside your training otherwise it’s not going to happen! I believe you need to put 100% into both, as they’re both just as important as each other. If you’re under eating or eating the wrong things you’re not going to progress.
To give you a little info on my diet, I eat little and often throughout the day (I don’t count calories) and I eat CARBS. The foods I eat on a daily basis are: Oats with @womensbest iso whey (oatmeal), Jasmine rice (this is easier digested then normal white rice), chicken, vegetables, steak & salmon. As long as I’m getting in the foods that benefits me then I WILL and I DO have my treats on top !! Pick n mix is my favourite 🤣 It’s SO IMPORTANT to have that balance guys, can’t stress that enough !! 🍿🍭🍪🍫 If I feel like something naughty then yep I’ll eat it!! The left pic was at the beginning of my weight lifting journey and the right was a couple of days ago. The weight difference is 8kg/19lbs 😃🙌🏼 I was 8st 3lbs (115lbs, 52kg) on the left and 9st 9lbs (135lbs, 61kg) in the right (I never weigh myself but I did for the purpose of this pic) - there is 3 years between these pics and I am 5’7 (170cm). It can be done !! Us slim girls can gain weight !! 😃💗

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