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Pluviophile - a person who loves rainy gray weather. I AM USING AN UMBRELLA IN LA!!! #FRESHAIR

This is me having fun. @thekominskymethod Launches November 16th! @netflix #thekominskymethod #annmargret #alanarkin

When @catherinezetajones films you meeting Kirk Douglas THIS IS A COOL DAY.

Live in California? Love animals? Even if you’re not vegan you can help! Free mother pigs, egg-laying hens and baby veal calves from cramped cages and require cage-free conditions. Voting #YesOn12! helps to deliver a game changing blow to factory farming!

After a sad week we had a little relief at our beloved @roseapodaca ‘s Día de los Muertos fiesta...

Morning ritual snuggle ❤️❤️❤️

We voted! Did you?

#thekominskymethod got its premiere date! Nov. 16th on @netflix with a “surprise” viewing of eps 1-3 at the @afifest sometime the week before! I’ll keep you posted with that date! LOVE Alan Arkin and Michael Douglass and so many more great actors in the show. You’ll LOVE IT (because I said so!)!

Baby hugs are good medicine.

This me getting the #bestfantasyfilm award at the fest tonight! So fun!!!!#unzipping

Though I DEEPLY appreciate @unitedforyou for offering a “strict vegan” option, I think they need to dig a wee bit deeper as to what that actually means when put into practice... #almostthere #notquitethereyet #ibelieveinyou

Leylo is a good boy.

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