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public holiday vibes #dogfriend #chihuahua #chisofinstagram

A year ago I was messing around in the desert with the best people. Do you remember the amazing moon rise @madeleinedonalda @clel @lefa_sn @norton_tim? I still dream about it. Hoping for a reunion soon 😍 #croftsellisinnt #deserthike #womenwhohike #gooutsideandplay #discoveraustralia

There are several great books about women and anxiety coming out this year, including this unusual and riveting memoir by @_sarahwilson_. // How gorgeous is the cover?! // So fascinating to read Sarah's journey of understanding and living with her anxiety, and how she channels it into creative and professional and adventurous pursuits. (I relate, I relate, I relate!) // One for the (over)thinkers.

Whosoever is delighted in solitude, is either a wild beast or a god. - Aristotle.

Two tawny frogmouths sleeping in a tree... #serendip #birdwatching #birds #nature

Woke up early to hike to the summit of Mt Buangor. Couldn't see a goddamned thing but the dramatic mist made it totally magical. Public holidays FTW, hope yours is going ace too!

Stayed up til 2am on Saturday night reading this incredible young adult novel by Angie Thomas (and listening to the epic storm, and calming down the dog, wild life I lead and all). It's a coming of age story that deals with big issues including racism, class injustice and police brutality, told with humour and in a very distinctive and appealing style. It also has a kick arse Harry Potter gang theory in it!! However, Tupac is referred to as "old stuff" which ummm yeah did make me feel very middle aged but even that failed to dent my enthusiasm for the novel, it's just all-round bloody brilliantly conceived and written. I don't read a lot of YA but I loved this to bits, it's really something special.
Thanks to my colleague @babblingbooks for the loan!

cosy af after a major storm freak out yesterday #doglife #chihuahua #chilove #dogfriend

Flower love (anyone know what these are?) #flowers #botanicgarden #melbourne

When I first started hiking (a decade ago!) I did it without tech - no music, no phone, I didn't even take books with me on overnighters, just a journal to write in. But since then I have become kind of hooked on having something blasting in my ears as I wander - audiobooks and podcasts, mostly. Partly because I have to read and synthesise so much info for my job. But I think it's also partly out of habit: the more we become connected to the world through our devices the harder it can be to actually disconnect and engage directly with our immediate surroundings. On Saturday as I hiked through Melville Caves I listened to @headspace's walking meditation and found it more challenging than expected to just wander in silent focus. But I'm gonna keep working on it.

Please enjoy this, the world's most poorly-shot iPhone video, of that time I saw DOLPHINS IN THE WILD. Life highlight.

"All you do is look // At a page in this book // Because that's where we always will be. // No book ever ends // When it's full of your friends // The Giraffe and the Pelly and me." - Roald Dahl
#Repost @wheresthebeef_michael - thanks for capturing the brilliant pelican! ・・・

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