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Lisa Cox  I'm a bit bionic 🙂 #findyourfearless Author/Writer/Presenter Welcome to my imperfect world 💕 Creating #visibilityfordisability with #mediadiversity

“Instagram’s full of ‘perfect’ people. I don’t fit the stereotype which is partly why I post, so people see diversity. I’m creating #visibilityfordisability 👍

About 20% of people have a disability but our representation in all media does not reflect that.

Having spent years working in corporate advertising agencies around Australia, I realised the power of visual messaging. I’m fusing my professional/personal backgrounds to create change. I love using social media to tell my followers about bigger issues and use it as a vehicle for social change (rather than just a heap of airbrushed, sponsored selfies).”
So that (above) was part of my interview. OMG YAY! I'm so thrilled to be announced as an influencer to keep an eye on. Although, to be honest the word 'influencer' is kinda strange to me but I was deemed to be one of the people "making a difference using their online influence". I grew up without social media so the idea of documenting my life online seemed foreign AF but putting yourself out there and being visible when you don't fit the perfect-insta-mould is both challenging and fun. I think I've set up permanent residency outside my comfort zone! 😂

Meet some other Aussies on the list: Dorothy Polka @polkadotbride | Marylin Schirmer @mazschirmer | Kristy Forbes @intunepathways | Charlotte White @foodfitnessfashion_fff | See link in bio for more. .
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Some of the best days of your life haven’t happened yet! That’s such an exciting prospect when I think about it #reframethefuture

Sure, it won’t all be smooth sailing and there's so much in life outside of my control. But there's still so many little things that I CAN do (other than drink coffee with bedhair) 😂 #makeyourmark #leaveyourlegacy

I like to think about all the possibilities on days when the bad stuff feels like it's going to last foreeeever. It never does!

As I post this, @michaelbuble lyrics keep coming into my head...'the best is yet to come'. And that's pretty damn awesome to think about!

Have a beautiful week ahead 😘 .
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I’m squinting because of the sparkle radiating from Mia-Sequins-Freedman! #thattop

So what’s the plural/collective term for a largish group of women (and a few men) laughing and nodding furiously in unison at the perfect imperfections of real life? I don’t know the answer but that’s what we were at the Mamamia Outloud event!

Thanks for a great show, Mia, Holly and Jessie. Not forgetting a fleeting appearance from Rachael Corbett.

See you all next time! 😘xx

Are you breaking the business mould? Or is it time for your work life to get a little injection of motivation and inspiration? If you love a freebie and want to join me and hundreds of amazing women at the Business Chicks ‘9 To Thrive 2018’ event in Brisbane then this is for you!
TO ENTER: Simply tag your business bestie (or someone who might be keen) and share in the comments how you/they are break the mould or stereotype at work. We'll choose 3 #gamechangers

Event date: 19-20 October.

I bought my ticket a little while ago but the fantastic @BusinessChicks team have given me 3 DOUBLE PASSES to give to my community.

There’s an incredibly diverse line-up of speakers, including: @drlibby @emmylou_loves @emmaisaacs @ellliecoleswim @_sarahwilson_ @em_carey and Amna Karra-Hassan (plus so many more). Business Chicks asked that I share a little about my own business travels and I guess I really haven’t followed the typical path.

I'm used to turning up to crowded events andbeing the only professional in the room with an obvious physical disability. Some of you will know what that feels like! Mingling inconspicuously in a wheelchair is tricky sometimes 😂😂😂 But it wasn't always like that. My working life started out ‘normally’ enough. I got my university degrees and started my copywriting career in advertising agencies. I loved the national and international client base so life was pretty damn good.

And then sh*t hit the fan and I spent over a year in hospital (the first time). It’s a long story after that and many of you know bits and pieces but I was so lost because all the ‘tools of my trade’ as a writer (eyesight, fingers and brain function) were permanently damaged or destroyed by what happened.

I had to learn to write and speak again so the obvious thing to do was to go back to work in advertising agencies, write 2 books and become a public speaker, of course #sarcasm 🤣

There’s so much more to that story but I’ve condense it for Instagram.

I can't wait for the event and hope to see some of you there!☕
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Never forget how far you've come! 👍

Every time I get frustrated that things aren't going as well as I'd hoped (or moving as fast as I would like), I have to remind myself how far I've come.

I dreamed about independence for so long and it was at least a year or so before I could coordinate my new hands and tie my own hair back into a ponytail. My sister used to put it all up for me until we decided it would be easier to just chop it really short #fussfree

So much has changed since then (not just my hair) and life has definitely moved forward. But I still get those niggling and frustrating feelings about emails, deadlines, meetings running overtime and other first world problems.

Then I have to stop and remind myself just how far I've come and how bloody hard I worked to get here.

Always appreciate the little wins on your way to the bigger ones!

Hope you have a beautiful day 😘xx
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#visibilityfordisability with @screen_qld and @mrsmithphotography at the @designerQ.official runway show over the weekend.

Last year I was part of the #media crew with @bec_mcmillianxo - interviewing amazing designers like @nikiteljega (who also showcased a beautiful collection for 2018). I really loved the focus on #sustainablefashion this year as well 🌎

Thanks @blowinnbrisbane for doing something with my gym hair too 😂

It wasn't all glamorous red carpet shenanigans on the weekend. I was back in jeans and sneakers taking a drive to rural Queensland the next day 😎

Hope you have a great week 😘x
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I can't possibly pass up the opportunity for a quick pic with this massive, beautiful, blue butterfly!

At the museum for a little looksie 😀

Hope you have a fabulous day!!!!
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I just can't imagine a world without Mr Wonderful. 😍 Today is my 5-year wedding anniversary with Ren 💕 I love this incredible man to the moon and back!

There's not a day that goes by when he's not making me laugh or smile about something - Even on the challenging days where I just end up laughing at myself.

I've wheeled over his toes so many time but I'm usually the only one laughing then 😂😂😂 Ren's the very best partner in crime and I couldn't imagine doing life with anyone else 💙

Photographer: @lukegoingweddings

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That excited feeling when you're discharged from hospital early! Surgery went well (on the weekend just gone) so I'm celebrating with coffee!
I don't know how I stayed sane that time I was in for over a year. And I didn't even have a smartphone to keep in touch with so many of you.

I'm loving this cup too (my #keepcup is at home). The design is so cheery which is kinda how I'm feeling but I'd say that has something to do with all the painkillers they have me on 😂

Enormous thanks to the amazing nursing staff and surgical team for everything you do - for me and every other patient who comes into your care.

Thanks also for those of you who sent me kind messages when I was admitted the other week.

Have a beautiful day wherever in the world you are 😘xx
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Yay! Despite a little delay, I finally made it across the ditch to New Zealand. It's freezing cold but I'm so excited to be here 😀

Having surgery when I get back to Australia but until then I'm making the most of my time here and staying warm with coffee.

I travelled a lot before my wheelchair and was worried that I wouldn't be able to go anywhere on wheels.

But that hasn't been the case! There are a few places which might not be a good idea but we've been here a few times because the access is fantastic.

I have amnesia from my stroke and can't really remember all my time in Paris and London. Only be bad bits.

I want to get back there and make new, happy memories. Any suggestions for accessible places around the world are greatly appreciated!

Big thanks to Elysse @flightcentreau Toombul and Daniel @king_queen^hotel for all of your help with the last minute changes.

#wheelchairlife #accessibletravel #wheelchairtravel #amputeelife #lobe life

#perspective 🙃 Life won’t always go as planned and I realise some of you know a lot about that!

Sometimes it’s really big stuff and other times they're pretty small things that are more of a frustrating inconvenience.

I wanted to post about my trip to New Zealand today but things didn’t go as planned so I’ll share this #travelfail instead!

Just before we flew out (6 hours to be precise), I ended up in emergency at the hospital.

Everything’s ok and the surgery isn’t huge but it did mean we missed our flight and I had to stay in hospital.

I was a bit sad about having to be there instead of in an aeroplane but as I tried to fall asleep, I knew that if a missed flight, an uncomfortable bed and some minor surgery were all I had to worry about that night, I pretty damn lucky.

Things have definitely improved from when I was in the largest intensive care unit in the southern hemisphere and my family was told, “Lisa is by far the sickest person here." My silver lining to all of this (apart from getting another very fashionable hospital ID band #sarcasm) is that the hospital café has my favourite coffee! #itsthelittlethings

Sometimes the little problems feel like big problems but nothing snaps me out of a bad mood (over little things) faster than a bit of perspective. As I mentioned to my surgeon, there were other patients who would quite happily swap my #firstworldproblems for their health concerns.

Hopefully we’ll still get across the ditch to #NewZealand and I can get stuck into the coffee over there! 😀

Where are they now? Over the years I’ve spoken with tens of thousands of young(ish) people in my presentations about media literacy, diversity, self-esteem, mindset and more.

We were all on Facebook but so much of that was before Instagram and I often wonder what happened to the (mainly) girls and young women I spoke with.
Had life gone as they wanted it to? I hoped so.

Had they grown into open-minded adults who fostered a diverse and inclusive community? I hoped so.
Had they learned to appreciate their body for all of the amazing things it can do and not just what it looks like in a bikini? I hoped so.

Had I shown them that the human mind is more powerful than it's given credit for if they just persevere and don’t be afraid of failure from time to time? I hoped so.

And were they living a life that they absolutely adored? I hoped so.

I’ve collected lovely emails from them over the years. Sometimes they’d thank me for presenting and talk about how it had made them think differently about things. I’d love to know where they are now and hope that they’re still thinking that way!

Here’s hoping they've all become strong, fierce, courageous women who aren’t afraid to be more than a stereotype!

Here's hoping they all love life 🙂

#bodyimage #school #kids #confidence #ihaveembraced #embracekids

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