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Lisa Cox  I'm a bit bionic 🙂 Author/Writer/Presenter 🇦🇺 Broadening definitions of #diversity 👍 Welcome to my imperfect world 💕 E:

Smile! It's a helium flamingo 😍 #flamingotime

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Our screens should mirror our streets! In other words, the broad diversity of people on our streets should be reflected in the diversity of people on our screens.

This week I was at a @screen_qld event speaking about inclusion, diversity and creating visibility for disability. Change starts with industry professionals like these taking action!

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Social observation: Disability shouldn't be "a big deal" but I definitely notice a change in how the different generations interact with me and my visible/invisible disabilities (obvious exceptions of course).
"I spent years working in advertising agencies making national and international brands visible (and have had similar projects more recently). Over the years I've witnessed highly skilled professionals come together and develop branding framework, marketing strategy and creative execution to create visibility for all sorts of products and services. Seriously, there’s absolutely no reason we can’t do the same for something far more important like disability."

The above is from a piece I wrote (link in bio) about making disability visible.
It all started when I was listening to a podcast last week by Australian journalist @miafreedman - In it she was discussing something that made headlines over here in Oz (I briefly explain it in the article). The two issues (being disabled and being gay) are not related but what Mia says about visibility is applicable to both.
In short, visibility creates greater awareness and understanding.
Visibility changes attitudes which stops stereotypes.

As I explain in the article, TRUTHFUL visual representations are particularly important for impressionable young minds because inclusive children become inclusive adults.
Being visible isn't always easy because sometimes I just want to be invisible under a blanket on the couch but on the other hand I know how important visual representation is! #catch22

Have an awesome day whatever you are doing and if you can, please just show up and help create #visibilityfordisability

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In Sydney with my little brother. Although because he's so tall he never feels like my little brother and towers over me ♿ 😂

He's been all over the world but still hadn't been to Sydney! 🇦🇺 #wheelchairlife #accessibletravel #australia #sydneyharbourbridge #sydneyharbour

Sitting in front of a computer makes me crave the outdoors so this weekend we went to the beach (there are a few fairly close to home so we go when we can). I love not having to think about sunburn, jellyfish, wedgies or sand everywhere! 😂

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It's great to see more and more conversations opening up about about media diversity and the importance of inclusion and accurate representation.
Not just for disability but also for other marginalised groups as well - because #representationmatters

I've been to several events in the last year or so and 2 in the past week. But they aren't just happening quietly in a dodgy basement with a few attendees. Sydney's VIVID festival was open to an international audience and the panel presentation that I attended this week about 'Diversity In Practice' was fabulous.
I loved the collaborative energy in the room. We all had a similar goal (diversity) even though our exact reasons may have been different (eg. cultural diversity or disability etc). Most importantly, we will always work stronger together and we (as groups and individuals) have much to learn from each other.

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Meet some of my family! #motherinlaw #fatherinlaw#coffeetime

It definitely doesn't feel like winter today @joanbhashkar 😂 What an incredible day!

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Be the reason someone smiles today!

This absolutely ridiculous looking little fellow (a dog wearing blue sunglasses) always makes me smile so I thought I'd put him up here and maybe make a few of you smile too.
He was given to me by my husband (but we weren’t married then) to cheer me up when I had to stay in rehab for about a month longer after open heart surgery.
It was supposed to make me laugh – and it did. The problem was you REALLY shouldn’t be laughing after your sternum has been cracked open! #ouch #pain #funnynotfunny

We laugh about it now thoug 😂

Have a beautiful day! xx

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Seek the sunshine!!! You guys know I’m an optimistic realist and there’s plenty of stuff that goes on in my life that doesn’t make it to Instagram. Not because I’m ashamed by it but because you can’t photograph things like epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and all the rest.
My point is, we’ve all got stuff going on behind the scenes, whether or not it’s an invisible disability or a rubbish day for another reason. But I've always known that it's up to me to seek out the sunshine and find colour in the grey - Rather than to wait around for someone else to do it for me.
My friend @amazingameliahill posted something yesterday about wanting to make a difference in the world so much that it kept her up at night. I could totally relate! It’s not just the insomnia which keeps me up 😂

If there’s one person I know who seeks the sunshine, it’s Amelia. She's thousands of kilometres away but I'm grateful to social media for keeping her musings in my day! I’ll let you stalk her and read her the story though - she's pretty awesome.
Keep seeking the sunshine (looking for the positives first) and have a beautiful day 😘 xx

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Children are so beautifully free from judgement as they create!
When my little niece painted this for me on my birthday last month, I very much doubt she was worrying about whether or not it was ‘perfect’ and I don’t think she would have been stressing about what all the other two year-olds thought of her creation. She just did what she loved and was proud of herself for it.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all did that and stopped wasting so much time caring about what everyone else thought of our painting (or whatever it may be).
I've always looked to people like @elizabeth_gilbert_writer for her creative insights when it comes to my writing. But now I’m adding little Miss E to that list with her infectious giggle and carefree #creative spirit!

#wheelchairlife #writersofinstagram

☝️AUDIO: Learning to accept what I couldn't change about my body was one of the many things I spoke to @corinnedobbas about on her #HeartSpace radio #podcast in the US.
It was kinda like a casual chat with a girlfriend (we we're both on Skype with coffee) and I guess I sort of forgot that it was being recorded for a little bit *beep* 🙄 So apologies for the swearing if you have kids around (link to th full interview is in my bio). We even talked about dating with a disability. Eeek! The guys who think they can 'fix' you or 'save' you are the worst! #datingdisasters 😂
Enjoy hey listen if you have a moment and have a beautiful weekend xx

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