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Lisa Cox  I'm a bit bionic. Author/Writer/Presenter. Sans stereotypes & committed to broadening definitions of #diversity 👍 Welcome to my imperfect world ☺💕♿ ☕

Out and about in my beautiful hometown 💜 #gratefultobealive #loveeveryday 🙂

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace. 💜
That doesn't mean you can't fall to pieces and be a complete sobbing mess initially! That's just being human 😘
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Speed mentoring! I was recently asked to mentor our next generation of media professionals and share my industry insights at a #speedmentoring event in Sydney.
We all helped the mentees navigate the media maze and I only wish I'd had something similar when I was a university graduate all those years ago.
This is me at Google HQ with Antoinette Lattouf, one of the co founders of #MediaDiversityAustralia and an Australian journalist committed to making the media more #inclusive in many ways 👍 #collaboration
Such a fabulous event in partnership with Women In Media @wim_aus - Congrats to all involved! .
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Big love and endless gratitude to all of my 'second mothers' - some as far away as the US. You've been there for me, made me laugh, wiped away tears (plus snot) and done so much more that's not in a nurses job description, when my own incredible Mum couldn't be there.
I've spent more than one Mother's Day in hospital and on this particular year it was really tough because I was in an isolation ward with minimal outside contact. The nurses kept my spirits up and kept me sane. So on Mother's Day I organised a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates for all of my seconds mother's on the ward (and the guys too!) Who were there away from their own family to look after me.
If you know a nurse or someone in healthcare, please do me a favour and tag them today for Mother's Day. Nurses are like second mother's for so many people - they are selfless, beautiful men and women and #ilovenurses 😁 I no it won't be too long until I see some of you again!
Have a wonderful day whatever you get up to! xx .
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Believing in yourself can be really hard when ‘yourself’ (your body) has failed you in so many ways and continues to fail you. But I just keep reminding myself that all of that is the tangible, physical stuff.

Although my disability changes what I look like, it doesn’t change who I am as a person. 💙
Every cell in my body died and every organ shut down several years ago but that didn’t destroy my spirit or my soul.

I don’t mean that in a woo-woo or ultra religious kinda way because if you know me, I’m not that person.
What I mean is that when all hell breaking loose around you, it can feel like it’s destroying you too – but it’s not. 💜
Sure I’ve got my fair share of visible #scars and invisible #disabilities but they haven’t changed me at my core. My #morals, #values are all unchanged no matter how much #medication I take and no matter how much my #body aches daily.
I was raised to #believe in myself and #sport only strengthened that belief. So when shit hit the fan (is that just an #Australian saying?), I still believed in myself even though I was quite literally falling apart. 💜
Never give up on yourself, never stop believing in yourself and have a bloody marvellous day! 😘
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Please don’t get complacent about your life! There’s a difference between being relaxed on the couch after work in your pyjamas and being relaxed about life. ☺
By all means #relax with #friends and stop caring about who wins the next season of #TheBachelor - Stop caring about whether or not your #skinnyjeans actually make you look #skinny – BUT just don’t stop caring about your life. Don’t lose that enthusiasm, energy and drive to get up and #giveashit about the world around you. 🌎
I’m so grateful to have been given a second and a third chance to live and nothing saddens me more than to see #perfectly #healthy people merely existing and meandering through the day without any passion for life. 😒
That doesn’t mean you have to go to university and become a rocket scientist for you to 'be something' but it does mean we all have to stop taking our precious life for granted. 💙 When I had every bit of independence taken away from me and couldn’t even blow my own nose, I swore to myself that if I ever got some of that independence back I wasn’t going to waste it. 💜
My life isn’t perfect and neither am I but I’m so grateful for the people in it – including you for reading this. Have a beautiful day 😘 xx .
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When you think of comedy, #disability probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. 😉
But seriously, some pretty #funny stuff happens in my world. Sometimes it’s not ha-ha funny, but more like eye-roll and face-palm funny. Such as the #woman who kept speaking really loudly to me because I was in a #wheelchair – I can only guess she thought I lost the ability to #walk and #hear too! 😂
I know there are plenty of things about disability that aren’t in the slightest bit #amusing but I also know my disabled friends are some of the wittiest, funniest, piss-takers around! 😁
I love this clip from #BritiansGotTalent (link in bio) and it’s such an #awesome example of how #comedy can be used really well to break down #barriers and raise #awareness about issues that aren’t usually funny per se. 😀
Thanks @mandad8 for telling me about it. Does anyone know where I can buy his shirt?!
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#comedian @bgt @mansome.yum_yum

I’ve been told that some people think it’s kinda complimentary to call me #brave for going to the #gym in my #wheelchair but the truth is I’m actually a little hurt each time it happens. Why?
Because it implies that by ‘daring’ to expose my #imperfect #body to the world and ‘daring to be seen’ in public, I should be #ashamed of my disability. But nothing could be further from the truth. ☺
Maybe I would be brave if my gym was on fire and I was rescuing people mid-workout!
You might think, “it’s just a word don’t worry,” but words #create thoughts which create #cultural attitudes. If we want to change cultural #attitudes around things like #disability, those little words do matter. 🌎
I’m mentioning this today because it’s ANZAC Day here in Australia. Today we recognise real #heroes, #fighters and brave souls who have served and are still serving our country.

Words like “brave” and others mentioned above are often misused in the media to describe disabled people doing rather insignificant tasks which is probably why the words are misused by the public too.

I’ve been discussing this with a #journalism #professor from California State University who is doing #research around these sorts of things (and more). Not that it matters but it’s worth noting that he has a disability so completely understands the the use and misuse of language and why words matter. So of course he also knows what #inspirationporn is all about.
My search for other disabled Australians with a comms industry background resulted in only a small handful of people so I started looking #overseas. If there are any others out there, please get in touch because we’re few and far between! ☺
I wrote an article about all of this (being called brave at the gym) for the @HuffPost and you’ll find the link in the bio. ♿
For anyone interested in this sort of thing (language, disability and media), I highly recommend you take a look at the most recent post from my #friend @meesa_claire – She is just across the ditch in #NewZealand so will also be paying respects this #ANZAC Day.
Lest We Forget.
#lestweforget #mediadiversity #inclusion #adinclusion #diversity#attitudechallenge 📷by @chicozphotography

If you don’t have a #disability, what you think about it or how you think about #disabled people is largely a result of your lived experience. Either the people you know or the #media you consume. I'm not just talking about #tv or #socialmedia but all forms of popular culture that shape us and dictate our #values and #opinions. 🤔
We can’t change the #people you know but we can do something about the #media you consume to ensure there is a more accurate #representation of people with disability. 👍
That means two things: 1) Including more people with disabilities in #popularculture (not just in documentaries about #hospitals). We make up 20% of the population so our screens need to reflect our streets. 2) Not misrepresenting disabled people as victims or other narrow #stereotypes - Attitude Foundation Ltd has provided a list of these examples and I’ll pop a link in my bio.
To be honest with you, I'm a little tired of repeating myself. It's time for #bigbusiness to step up. ☺
Credit to those brands like @targetaus and others who are creating change and not just talking about #adinclusion but DOING it. ❤
Ok, that's all from me. I'm flying to Sydney next week and will be geeking out on more of this stuff! Hope you all have a great weekend! 😘

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📷 by @chicozphotography

Take pride in what makes you different or unique. If we all looked the same, imagine how boring things would be!
When I was a Girl Guide I used to collect #badges. But when I spoke at a #Guides event earlier this week I told the audience about the dozens of badges that I've been collecting for years.
I’m really proud of these badges and all of them tell a story. ❤
My #surgery #scars are my permanent badges and each one is a little victory that I’ve had over illness.
I was #honoured to be the #guestspeaker and officially (re)open the #inclusive#Aspley Guide hut along with others, including Councillor Fiona King @crfionaking
It brought back so many great memories of my years as a #girlguide
This is me trying to cut the official ribbon in a single neat snip. Instead I hacked away at it for what felt like forever! But got there in the end 😂
#somuchblue #girlguides #grandopening # wheelchairlife @girlguidesqueensland @girlguidesaustralia

Each day brings fresh coffee and fresh possibilities!
Ok so the instant coffee at my place might not be that fresh but the possibilities are 😀 Have an awesome day where ever in the world you may be xx

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“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognise how good things really are.” - Marianne Williamson 💜
Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in your own stuff and forget your privilege. Like now for example, if you're reading this on your smart phone, then you've probably paid for that at some point and you're living in a country where the government hasn't blocked your access... 🌐
Try not to let problems get overwhelming so that they feel bigger than me really are in the overall picture. 🌐
Don't get so caught up in some #firstworldproblem that you forget how incredibly fortunate you are for the little things that we take for granted - even Instagram! #itsthelittlethings
I have to remind myself of that some days. Like last week when I was losing my shit over a little email. Seriously, there are days with #chronicpain flare ups when I wish an email was my biggest problem! 🌍
We all have crappy days for different reasons but a little global #perspective has always been a way for me to get over myself (and my problems) really quickly. 🌎
I think that started when I was younger and grew up watching a lot of International news and current affairs at home. Soapies were banned in our house. 😂
We were messy, happy kids but we weren't ignorant to the fact that there was a big wide world out there and I couldn't wait to grow up and explore it. 💙
#wheelchairlife #visibilityfordisability #privilege #joy #happiness

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