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Muse In The Mirror  #Mindset Mentor #Inclusion Advocate #BodyPositive Writer/Presenter A bit bionic & allergic to stereotypes 🙂 Welcome to my perfectly imperfect world!

Anyone for cricket?! 😂

Since my teens, sports and activities have always been (and are still) fairly regimented with trainers and coaches etc. But all rules went right out the window over the weekend for an afternoon game of cricket in the park.

Check out my #actionshot 😄. Remember that post of mine from last week when I wrote about the importance of pointless play? This is what it can look like in my life!

Karishma and I played against her little brother (Ashwin) and Ren. .💪 #girlpower won in the end!

If the Australian women's cricket team are looking for another coach, I think Karishma would could find some spare time in her school schedule!

She had no problems telling the rest of us how to play #strongopinions #justlikeheraunty #loveher

I hope you all have/had a fantastic weekend 😘xx

#goddaughter #visibilityfordisability

"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness." Thanks for the reminder, Mr Ralph Waldo Emerson!

Don't worry, this isn't going to be one of those 💩Pollyanna posts about happiness and pixie dust 😂 If you've been following me for a while, you'll know I'm an optimistic realist!

While spreading joy is my jam, I also acknowledge that it's completely unrealistic to be 'up' all the time. Don't you get exhausted just watching people try?! 😴. Your version of a bad day will look different to mine and everyone else's. Just PLEASE don't start comparing your 'behind the scenes' to everyone's highlights reel on here! #instagramisnotreallife

I hope you are all having a fab weekend 😘xx

Today, just like every day, my heart belongs to Ren (plus my cardiologist and my heart surgeon) 😂 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! ❤. Even though today is February 14th, I won't fill an entire post about Ren. There are another 364 other perfectly lovely days in which I can do that!

Instead, I want to tell you about an organisation close to my heart - literally and figuratively.

First, let me give you some background... I'm so incredibly grateful to have members of my cardiac team on speed-dial in my phone. I'm also enormously comforted by the fact that when I've needed immediate treatment, I'm only a short drive from the nearest emergency room and cardiac specialist.

I'm so lucky to live in Australia because of the medical care I'm able to access.

BUT I'm a city-dwelling Aussie and unfortunately the same privileges are not available to many in rural and remote Australia.

They can't just pop over to the hospital for a check-up like I did recently. The routine visits are time consuming and often costly endeavours for many.

That's where 'Heart of Australia' comes in. It's a bus (but there's more than one now) that drives around remote and regional parts of Australia with all of the equipment (and professional medical staff) that are just a short drive away for me and many others.

This work is SAVING LIVES and is the brainchild of cardiologist Dr Rolf Gomes. I saw him speak at a @TEDxBrisbane event and was immediately reminded how grateful I was to have medical support so close.

Australia's a great country but having people like Rolf doing work like this, make it even better.

You can read more about their fantastic work and exciting projects on the horizon at

Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day 😘xx

Guaranteed WEIGHT LOSS TIPS! Get fast results.

If you’re still reading, I guess you want to know my exciting secret?! Honestly, the weight will just fly off you and here’s how I dropped those stubborn kilos.

I had my leg amputated.

It was incredibly effective. In just a few hours I’d shed several unsightly kilos!

But I went even further and lost a few more grams by having all of my remaining toes and a few fingertips removed 😃Wohoo!

Does this sound ludicrous? Like complete 💩? It is. I can assure you my tongue was rested firmly in my cheek as I was writing this.

Yes, it’s a load of rubbish that I would never actually encourage or expect anyone to do.

Were you a little shocked or even annoyed by my weight-loss tip?

My question is, are you as equally shocked or annoyed by stupid weight-loss claims in the media?

I see them every week when I buy my groceries and every day when I'm online.

Magazine circulation figures show that we buy into this 💩 and are more likely to purchase a magazine (or click an article) if there is a reference to weight-loss on the cover or in the headline.


With the VERY small exception of a few worthwhile suggestions, the fad diets and health tips need to be seen for what they are. Total BS and as ludicrous as my earlier suggestion to drop the kilos.

I refuse to be defined by my disabilities and I also refuse to be defined by anything to do with my physical appearance.

And so should you, regardless of whether or not you have a disability.
We're all beautiful in our own way. It's not just a privilege reserved for anyone who fits a particular stereotype.
I hope you all have a day as wonderful as you 😘xx

PS. If you'd like some fab #bodypositive inspo, check out'Megan's feed (and follow) @bodyposipanda or @bodyimaagemovement💗

Never underestimate the importance of completely pointless play!

I know I talk about bringing meaning to every moment that you can #lifeisprecious but that doesn't mean every second of every day has to be a serious philosophical musing about the meaning of life.

Making the most of your moments by just being silly and having fun is something that children do really well.

There's no stress about keeping to a schedule or keeping up with other peoples expectations.

Personally, I love my routines and work better if I have some to keep me on track #braininjury - But I also love talking about unicorns with Karishma 💗 and doing stuff that serves no real purpose other than creating happiness.

Ren and I are big kids at heart 😂 so laughing with him (often at something stupid I've done) #disabilitylife is a nice way to balance out the serious conversations with medical professionals through the week.

There are no KPI's, no spreadsheets or graphs to measure my happy when I'm with those sorts of people.

What's are your favorite ways to adorn your day with more happy without the stresses of keeping to a schedule?

Have a fantastic day whatever you get up to 😘xx

Hello world! Where are you all from?

Welcome to my beautiful city 💚 Brisbane in Australia. We're in summer right now and it's ridiculously hot most of the time #iloveaircon

For the newbies on this profile, I sometimes tell random stories on here. They serve no purpose whatsoever except to tell you a little about me and my life - because we are all more than pictures!

From time to time I'll also jump on my soapbox about advocacy issues and all the other things we need to #givemorefucks about off social media. If you've read Mark Manson'd book, you'll know what I mean 😂#thesubtleartofnotgivingafuck

Anyway, I digress... As I was saying, Brisbane, Brissy or Brisvegas was home until I moved to Melbourne and continued working in advertising agencies #copywriter

Several years after freezing my butt off in Melbs, the proverbial hit the fan with my health.

The best thing about coming off life support (after 2 months) was that I got to fly back to Brisbane in a PRIVATE JET! It was sooo glamorous.

Ok it was an emergency air ambulance #Learjet taking me from one ICU unit to another and I don't remember any of it #amnesia but hey, it's my story to tell how I want 😂#nochampagne #bummer

I'd love to know where in the world you are all from! That goes to all the lurkers on here too!

Have a beautiful day whatever part of the world you're in 😘x


Good ol' Winston Churchill had a bloody good point when he said this.

To his wise words, I'd add... Get a tribe around you so you can all tromp through hell together. I love the little tribe we've built on this page btw! #youallrock

You version of hell will be different to mine and everybody else's but with each fire I go through, surrounding myself with the right people has taken the heat off it.

Sometimes, it's going to be a big group, other times it's just one person who believes in you.

But occasionally you've just gotta get up and sort out that 💩 for yourself!

Hope you all have a beautiful day! 😘xx

Meet two awesome women from my family 💗 My mum, Judy and mother in-law, Joan.

I mentioned dealing with change in my last post but here it is from another perspective!

Unfortunately, Joan broke her wrist recently and needed the above sling. Learning to adapt to changes in ability was something we had in common for the time she could only use one arm.

I've sought advice from wise Joan before but this time the tables turned and she was messaging me for tips and tricks to get through the day with fewer digits at the ready 😂It was really quite funny - the change in roles, not Joan's injury!

We both agreed that, on a positive note, she could still do the most important thing and hold a cup of coffee!

Joan and I got talking about how remarkable the human brain is with adapting to change.

I mentioned that, at first, I found my new hands difficult to use but after time and with practice, they just began feeling 'normal' to me (even if they don't look it) 👍. Your mind is SO powerful and I don't mean that in a woo-woo way. There's heaps of evidenced-based science to back me up.

You can apply this same thinking (or same principles) to changes you want to make in your own life, without amputations or broken bones 🤣 Even though the change may feel awkward or difficult at first, with perseverance your brain adapts and it can eventually become your version of normal.

We hope you all have an amazing day 😘xx

My fortune cookie says, 'Change can hurt but it leads a path to something greater.' Let's be honest, the pain of change can really sucks (be it physical or mental). I've realised the smaller changes (which felt massive at the time) in my jobs/relationships/living etc were kinda like 'training' or 'practice' for the massive changes that came along (and still do every so often). I've learnt a lot about change over the years.

Especially unexpected changes. One day life's just going along as per normal and the next day (well I don't actually remember the next day #amnesia) but a few months later, almost everything you thought you knew was turned on its head.

Go to the 'About' page on my website if you have no idea what I'm talking about 😂. Whether that change is exciting or terrifying, everyone deals with it differently and I'm not about to suggest that my ways are any better. What matters is that it works for you.

BUT!!! If it's NOT working, never forget that YOU have the power to switch things up. Remember - NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES.


Sitting around playing the victim (if something doesn't go your way) changes nothing. That's different from grieving or clinical depression though.

Know that you're better than self-pity 💗

And sometimes I have to reminded myself that if I can't change a situation or the people in it, I can change my response (and avoid crappy catalysts). #yourlifeyourchoice

Have a great day, everyone 😘xx


Here’s a mindset hack you might want to try. When I’m feeling unmotivated about exercise, I reframe my attitude from movement being something that I just take for granted to movement being something that celebrates my ability!

I’ve lay immobile staring at numerous hospital ceilings enough times to know what an immense privilege it is to have that freedom to move independently and I don't want to take it for granted.

A few months ago after surgery, I was stuck in bed again and would have given anything to be able to CHOOSE between staying in bed or going to work out.

I'm definitely not the strongest or most coordinated person at the gym, the pool or the park but I'm honestly just so friggin' grateful to be there.

That might sound a bit much for some of you but I swear it works for me when I’m making excuses in my head (and waiting for the coffee to kick it). So next time you can’t get motivated to do something, think back to the time (if there’s one) that you would have given ANYTHING to be able to do it.

Now you can and here’s your chance! GO FOR IT!

What's your best mindset hack when motivation is running low? We'd love to know your tips and tricks in the comments 👇 x

Being in a wheelchair is often presented as the worst imaginable outcome and like a fate worse than death!

At least that’s how hospital staff spoke to me about it when they said I’d have to start using one. With their grim faces and solemn tones, you’d think we were going to a funeral.

Today when strangers pass me in my wheelchair, they stare with pity.

I don’t feel sorry for myself so I can’t understand why they would feel sorry for me.

Actually, I think (no, I’m positive) that it has a lot to do with how disability has been represented in mainstream popular culture over the years.

Slowly, things are changing but there’s still a long way to go. Sure it’s not all rainbows and everyone will have their own opinions but in my experience, using a wheelchair isn’t the end of the world.

So if you wanted to know just how bad wheelchair use really is, I’ve taken the liberty 😉 of listing some things that are FAR WORSE mobilising on wheels.

1. Deciding between white or red wine
2. Trump’s hair
3. Growing out a fringe
4. Brown shoes with a black belt #fashionfail
5. Tan lines
6. Getting hangry
7. No Wi-Fi

OMG, these things are just devastating!🤣 If you missed my sarcasm, being in a wheelchair is no big deal for me or for lots of other people who use one.

I thought it would be the worst thing EVER because I was basing most expectations on stereotypical representations of disability in mainstream popular culture.

Over the years I've met loads of people with all sorts of disabilities. They are happy, have families, have opinions about world issues (unrelated to disability) and lead fulfilled lives.

This is what about 20% of our community looks like and popular culture should reflect that.

I know my above list was a bunch of #firstworldproblems and that’s kinda my point. ‘Most’ people with disabilities don't want pity (I’m not going to speak for everyone but this is certainly true of those I know with visible/invisible disabilities). There are people in this world without food and water who wish tan lines were their biggest issue.

Well-meaning sympathies should be redirected in their direction.

I hope you all have a magnificent day 😘x

If Gandhi was on Instagram! 😂 Here's a modern edit to one of my very favorite quotes - "Be the change you want to see in the world." It's one thing to talk about what you don't like in the world but it's another thing entirely to step up and do what you can to create change.

Sure, no single person can fix the really big issues that the world faces but we can all do something small in our own way. It can be as small as what you post on here #startsmall

Are you sick of all the hate or negative blah on social on social?

Post something positive.

Are you sick of all the BS perfectionism creating unrealistic expectations for people about how they should look?
Post something that doesn't fuel that fire.

Sick of all the stereotypes about what it means to have visible and invisible disabilities?

Post something that challenges assumptions and expectations and creates better understanding.

And so forth.

Remember that all our little efforts add up an have a ripple effect to influence bigger things.

I'm not Pollyanna about this and know that changing EVERYTHING isn't going to happen overnight. But what can happen is you posting something small to reflect the change you want to see in the fed of others or in your own feed.

Hope you all have a great day changing the world in some small way today #onepostatatime 😘xx


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