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Lisa Wilson  Hamburg ⚓️ English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Australian Football 🇦🇺 ACL Recovery 💪🏽

I am SO excited about this! Know any elite sporting females looking for a new challenge? Share this opportunity with them to get a contract with @bulldogsw Australian Football Club. Would be amazing to get another European sportswoman playing at the highest level in Australia.
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And we are live!

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When you even get the Germans on your side 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇩🇪 ⚽️ #england #threelions

Not how I was expecting to spend my 27th Birthday however it’s been lovely to spend time with my parents, in (very) sunny Yorkshire ☀️ and to top it off England got the win 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 💪🏽!!! #aclrehab #lisaitsyourbirthday #yorkshire #silverlinings

For anyone who is bored enough to want to follow my ACL rehab process follow @acl_rehabbiness ... going to try and make it as funny and enlightening as possible. Not totally sold on the name so if you have a better one please shout!
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Day 2: As I live abroad; I decided to jump on a Plane and go home for a few days as I know I am in very good hands when staying with my parents (lots of food, attention and rest!!!). On getting on to the plane I had booked an aisle seat however I noticed no one was sat in the “Best” section of the plane. Politely asking the air hostesses if I could sit in the front row, they agreed! Was great to have the extra space and be able to get off the plane first. I hadn’t expected it to be as painful as it is; seems to ache a lot!!!
My leg currently can’t move in a great angle and with the brace it makes walking very slow. I’m used to being a super fast walker and I hated the feeling of being taken over by everyone; especially by an old couple 🙈however I got picked out at passport control and allowed to go in the special assistance queue.
Was nice to arrive at my parents house in the countryside; lots of fresh air and calm surroundings - with a beautiful sunset to end day 2! #aclperks #aclrehab #brace #aclrecovery

Most footy players worst fear; just found out that I’ve ruptured the ACL in my left knee. After the initial shock I’ve calmed down and already searching out the positives and getting ready to take on the challenge.
I’m super lucky to have such a fantastic community around me, thanks to everyone who has already reached out 🙏 pretty happy to be in the German Health System too 🇩🇪 ... Day 1 of Rehab; bring it on 💪🏽 #aclrehab #silverlinings #rehab

I have played Australian Football for over 4 years. Today is the first time I’ve played a game where I have had to stop because of an injury. I HATE it. Honestly hate coming off the field (the second time...) especially as it was in the first 5 mins or so. However, my club the @wimbledonhawksafl Make everything ok. What a group of girls, what a group of people, what a club. Proud to be a part of it ✌️ #wimbledonhawks #honestydrunk

Hamburg Dockers ⚓️#dockon

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Fancy trying Aussie Rules? Do you live in the North West of England? Come along and try the taster session on Saturday 23rd June with the @merseysidesaints The session is perfect for beginners of all ages, both men and women. So come along and give it a go! Following the session will be two men’s AFLCNE fixtures and an Aussie BBQ! 🇦🇺 #afl #Aussierules #aflw #footy #australia #liverpool #merseyside

Proud 💪🏽 🖤❤️💛....too hungover to make a caption... #dockon #footyfamily

What an experience in St.Petersburg 🇷🇺 Running a session at a high school in Pushkin on a basketball court and afterwards having a tour of the school and town by the students.
Running a Taster Session with a Russian translation.
Stunning Peterhof with gorgeous buildings and fountains.
Beautiful sunsets especially during a boat trip down the river and canals.
Great food great company great time.
Highly recommend a visit there ⚪️🔵🔴 #worththevisa

Loved doing something a bit different with my weekend with @ewb_uk ... what a fantastic group of people #engineeringchange

The best way to see the city...#hafengeburtstag what a weekend #heuteinhamburg ⚓️❤️

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