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Lisa Wilson  Hamburg ⚓️ English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Australian Football 🇦🇺 Deutsch Lernen 🇩🇪

It’s been a pleasure showing @rexdickinson my new home. I really do love this city @hamburg_de ... I make an excellent tour guide if anyone wants to visit! #reiseführerin

Looking forward to adding @hamburgdockers women’s kit to this collection next year 🌻🤩🏉

One year ago at the 2017 Euro Cup I told people I was planning to move to Germany and I would bring a women’s team to Euro Cup 2018. Fast forward a year and I am now the proud coach of a Fantastic team of women from across Germany who came 5th out of 9 in their first ever tournament, beating long established teams.
Over 3 months ago I had to give my place up on the English team due to an injury however the massive silver lining has been that I’ve had more time to invest in to supporting the German Women’s Team and I’ve gained a hell of a lot of experience with coaching. Massive thank you to @katbemck for being the most positive coaching partner and for @naumann.florian for keeping me calm when I got a little too loud on the sideline. To all the girls on the team, you are each amazing, talented and passionate women who made more than just yourselves proud this weekend.
Bring on 2019 where we will launch the women’s league in Germany and will be back at the Euro Cup to try better our 5th place #germaneagles #aflgwomen #afleurope #eurocup2018 #girlsplayfooty

It is World Mental Health day today and I urge all of you to take a moment to think about what you are doing to look after your mental health... personally I’ve had a bit of a bumpy last few months, however I’ve tried lots of little techniques to look after my mental health and I genuinely believe I am going to come out of it stronger....Have a go at @headspace , it has really helped me!! My family have a lot of experience with Mental Health issues and I think it’s good to talk about it, like you would any other illness or disability. Very proud of my sister who has been doing lots of things with Mindfulness in her own life and at her school, and she looks to spread it even further with @sunshinefullness ☀️...
Like anyone I have my shitty days and moments however by looking after my mental health in various ways and openly talking to others I always manage to see the sunny side and I want to make sure everyone else does too.
So if you ever want to chat about anything, you know where to find me!
#worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealth #mindfulness #meditation ☀️ 🌈 ⭐️🏉👍👌😍😁👫🐶❤️

So post operation I feel a new lease of life and want to optimise it, therefore I want to set a few fitness goals by the end of the year to keep me focussed. Thoughts on the following?

2k < 7:45 (previous best 7:51)
5k < 21:30 (previous best 22:18)
3 pull ups (uhh have previously done one 🤔😆). Any suggestions for a fourth goal? Maybe something a little more knee related?
#goals #postop #kimjongisready #silverlinings

GOOD NEWS! My ACL is in tact and they just had to remove and stitch up a bit of meniscus. Will be out the hospital tomorrow and with regular physio I’ll be back on my feet and on the field in no time 😊
THANK YOU to everyone for their support and kind words in the last couple months. Couldn’t have done it with out you!
Man the pain is huge but I’ve just had a nice little red pill 👌 wooooo 🎉

What a weekend of footy in Germany! Biggest women’s game yet, ready for the inaugural aflg women’s league next year and our @hamburgdockers boys winning the flag!!! Found it really hard being on the sideline for this game but the people around me made it all ok 👌 2 sleeps until Op! #footyfamily #aflg #deutschland #aclrecovery

Hamburg Dockers Women💜⚓️ Has been quite the first season. Not over yet though 😏

Jumping on the “unverpackt” (no packaging) bandwagon. Amazing how good it made me feel to take my own jars/Tupperware to get the shopping I needed and therefore not purchasing any unnecessary plastic. Pretty cool that there’s a few places in Hamburg that offer this - yes you can’t get everything you need but they’re getting there (this place had toothpaste tablets!!!) Give it a gooooooooo #unverpackt #hamburgohneplastik #heuteinhamburg #plasticfree

*Spoiler Alert* 🚨 don’t read this if you watch Orange is the new black.

In the last episode of the most recent series, a Kickball game is arranged outside in the yard. Two separate cell blocks have both planned to attack each other with the purpose to kill and many of the girls have taken prison made weapons out with them... however once they start playing they get really in to the game and the competitiveness of it... they have so much fun they forget about the “war” they had planned and instead just enjoy the game. I love how this shows how amazing sport is... that it can bring the most unlikely of people together. Yessss i know it’s a crazy Netflix series but it had meaning 👍 Sport is such a powerful tool 💪🏽 #sportwins #orangeisthenewblack

6 weeks ago, after an accident in a footy game, I was told I had torn my ACL. I went to see two Surgeons; one told me it was fully torn and another thought only partial and so referred me to get another MRI scan. I had this second MRI scan yesterday and results have come back saying that it’s only a partial tear with some slight meniscus damage. Today I took my results to the colleague of the first doctor that had said it was full torn and I would need surgery... he said he thinks the ACL is already starting to heal itself and that because my knee is stable and I have no pain, I won’t need surgery. Over the next few weeks I will work with the physio to try and get back to normal movement and will have a check up with the doctor in 5 weeks. Just in case, next week I will see the second doctor who sent me for the second MRI and make sure the opinions line up 👍
I am so happy that I have worked really hard over the last 6 weeks, in the gym most days, eating well and not drinking. There’s been some low moments but it’s been a good experience and I know if I do injure myself again in the future then I will know what to do.
Thanks to everyone for their support over the last few weeks, it’s really helped. Trying not to get ahead of myself but I cannot wait to get back training normally and back in to the game 👌 ☀️ 🍺 🏈 😃 #rehab #silverlinings #positivity #friends #hamburg #footy

First game as coach and got the win 💪🏽 so proud of all the girls! @hamburgdockers @aflgwomen #dockon #aflwomens #aflg

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