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Social Media Business📿Wellness  Author of #socialprsecrets and coming soon #DigitalDetoxSecrets! ❤️ Speaker 😍 Educator #YTT200. Yoga lover taking life one pose at a time! 🌞

🎂Sweet sixteen birthday wishes to my amazing daughter Kennedy
1, Love yourself
2. Forgive others
3. Stay positive
4. Let anger pass you
5. Worry less
6. Laugh it off
7. Keep your toes in the sand
8. Find a passion
9. Be authentic
10. Today is a present
11. Tomorrow is a mystery
12. The past is history
13. Trust your selfie
14. Smile with someone that matters
15. Be thankful first
16. Live your own life
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Get grounded. ♊️ Connect to the earth and find your chakras.
Space turns into creative abundance.
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Don’t you wish #Zen came in a bottle? I’m giving away some #socialprsecrets today at #zenith2018 in my preso “Finding Zen in Social PR” 📿. #duluth #aimclear #thursdaymotivation #entrepreneur #womenintech #cmo #digitaldetoxsecrets
PS I’m actually giving these bottles of Zen away to a few lucky peeps in my audience.

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩10 reasons NOT to hire a woman-owned business
1. You think you can get a better rate
2.You think you can get a better rate - in case #1 did not sink in.
3. You think you want to be surrounded by hot women.
4. You think it's 1985 or 1995. It's 2018. Wake up.
5. You might have grown up in a different era. Grow up.
6. You think they might be a stay at home mom, home business, and just want something extra to do.
7. You're single and you think this might be a way to meet other women.
8. You heard women typically over deliver
9. You want to have a "safe zone" to hang out with women and do whatever you want to do because you’re paying them anyway and you have the right. Ya right!
10. Supporting women-owned business is good for your image.
11. You think you might be in more control.

So you want to hire hire more women?
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🐣Be real. Be yourself. Be unique. Be true. Be honest. Be humble. Be happy. Happy Easter peeps🐣#socialprsecrets #happyeaster #smmw18

Your To Do List:
Write down all the things you will no longer accept in your life, all the things you will no longer tolerate, and all the things you aspire to become.
By far, my favorite quote. Yes we can have goals. But it's our standards that help us understand what we need to do t o get there. #rePLANOLY @tonyrobbins
Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is raise your standards. What really changed my life is the change I demanded of myself. I wrote down all the things I would no longer accept in my life, all the things I would no longer tolerate, and all the things I aspired to becoming.
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Feeling the 💕🛁 from my first @baby.bathwater event! Loving the personalized #swag.#entrepreneurs #knowledgeispower