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Lipsa Acharya  Dancer / Choreographer

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(Part 2) to see part one go to my previous post . Who is @dharmesh0011 for us .
He never had time, will or even money to sit in front of Social networks and edit a video to show the world that he knows more than someone else about hip hop. Point is he will never try to pull anyone down. He worked on a vadapao stall, sometimes he got only 2 roties to eat per day but he danced his heart out, he struggled for years just to dance, he danced when there was no community of dancers to support him, he danced when there was no YouTube nd there was no hip hop in India, when there were no inspirations around him in his dancing community.
Today in every street there's urban styles, there's royal family, there's house, there's lyrical, but the most important thing is missing which is respect, simplicity and the fire 🔥 to defend yor own self worth, I don't know what u all heard from your Bronx friends in New York but hip hop for me is this, hip hop for me is the fire in Dharmesh's heart , hip hop for me came from India and my roots and my streets of Dehradun, hip hop for me is not the past history of hip hop written in Google, hip hop is the feeling inside, hip hop is brotherhood, sisterhood, when we both dance we don't dance keeping some type of rules in mind we just fucking dance and we feel happy, that feeling after dancing is hip hop for me, hip hop for me is the past of me when I started my struggles, fighting the society, the people, hip hop for me was when people like Dharmesh broke the structure of the society by being a dancing legend in a country like India that is hip hop for me, hip hop came from the streets and the problems and poverty and Dharmesh is my biggest inspiration and an example to me 🙏 we love u @dharmesh0011 the whole country does ❤️my big brother

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(PART1) who is @dharmesh0011 for us -
I remember I was in class 8th or 9th I guess when I first saw him dancing on television, I saw him dancing and I enjoyed his dance so much that his energy immediately travelled through the TV to my nerves, I saw him dancing when there was not even a little sign of hip hop in India, I saw him enjoying his art when the "HIP HOP revolution" community had not even started in India, he has been dancing when great hip hop artist (Indians) of this era were not even born, he was inspiring at the time when a dancer was just thought of as a bar dancing entertainer, he has inspired me too, but the most amazing thing I'v learnt from him is that to respect all nd to be humble.
I learned from him that there r two ways to educate people:
1. To spread knowledge
2. To shit knowledge

1-In spreading knowledge u want people to know what u know. And you only spread it if that knowledge is worth giving, only if a person grows from inside after gaining it.

2-Shitting knowledge is, when u start crapping everything u know on others, pulling down someone else, just to show that u fall in the super intellectual category.
This is what I learnt from him.
He was not as privileged as I was, this artist has a story which can inspire anyone weather that person wants to be a hip hop artist or even a scientist.
His story is an art itself


He is all grown up now n ready to share his moves so please do attend this workshop...m sure u all will have fun

Because of u two i laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more

Be happy and a reason will come along ☺

Experiencing unconditional love

When dancers took advantage of the location n their photographer friend
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Please do watch the trailer of this movie...our friend @beatking_sumedh has done a fabulous job...waiting for the movie to release 😊

Sometimes u should just close ur eyes n believe in the universe..n while u wait for the universe to send across ur answers just smile n enjoy each moment...

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