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Lior Sinai  Origami artist from South Africa studying in the Netherlands πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ πŸ‡³πŸ‡± All folding and photography by me; credit is given to the designers

Deer by Seth Friedman, folded by me
Square, biotope paper (perhaps a bit too thick for the antlers)
Instructions on Seth Friedman's YouTube channel
#origami #origamiart #deer #stag

This was my first time using methyl cellulose (MC) treated paper, and I can see why origami artists love it so much. I had some difficulties - I quickly discovered this was the "bleeding" kind of tissue paper and got green colourant everywhere. Some surfaces are probably stained for life πŸ˜… I also need to learn how to fold this paper properly. But this was very enjoyable to fold, and I will certainly be using more of this stuff in the future πŸ˜„

Cicada by Robert Lang, folded by me
2.5:1 rectangle, MC treated double tissue
Diagrams in The Complete Book of Origami by Robert Lang #origami #origamiart #paperfolding #cicada #mcglue

Eagle by Hoang Trung Thanh, folded by me
Square, double tissue (it's very soft paper, so I used wire to keep the shape)
Diagrams in 50 Hours of Origami +
#origami #origamiart #hobby #eagle

Alien (Xenomorph) by @kadechan_origami, folded by me
Square, biotope
Instructions on Kade Chan's YouTube channel
This is a redo of my previous post. The exposure was not quite right, and you can't see detail like the ribs in the previous set of pictures. Thank you for the support with my previous post πŸ˜‰ but I think you'll agree this set is better.

#origami #origamiart #hobby #alien #xenomorph #secondTry

Wolf by @the_origami_ocean, folded be me
Square, tissue foil from The Origami Shop
For instructions, see @the_origami_ocean's account for the YouTube channel link
#wolf #origami #origamiart

Did you know blue is the rarest colour in nature? See the YouTube video by "It's Okay To Be Smart" to learn more. So I decided to make this alien in blue instead of the original green to emphasise it's other-worldliness (and to be a bit different). Alien by @damianmalickiorigami, folded by me
Square, tissue foil
Diagram from Damian, thanks for sharing πŸ‘ #damianmalickiorigami #origami #origamiart #alien #blue

It's been almost a year since I started my masters in the Netherlands, and it's been an awesome year. I have enjoyed living in the Netherlands, but now it is time for home. I am thankful that I will be returning here in August, as I am only halfway through my programme. Although I have learnt much, I still have much more to learn and gain from this experience. But for now, I'm looking forward to home again πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ Giraffe by Gen Hagiwara, folded by me
Square, biotope
Diagrams in The Beauty of Origami by Yamaguchi Makoto #origami #origamiart #paperfolding #giraffe #SouthAfrica #studyingabroad

Horse by @htquyet, folded by me
Square, sketch paper + tissue paper
Diagrams in 50 Hours of Origami +

I would have preferred to wet fold the mane, like I did with Roman Diaz's unicorn (one of my early posts). But alas, the rest of the model required thin paper that can't handle water. Maybe one day I will return to this model with better paper that can.
#origami #origamiart #horse

Eupatorus gracilicornis (rhinoceros beetle) by Dao Chong Quyet, folded by me
Square, rice paper + tissue paper
Diagrams in 50 Hours of Origami +

This model has the same base as a simpler beetle by Jo Nakashima, with an extra strip grafted on for the colour change. (I have posted Nakashima's beetle before; it is one of my first posts.) The base is quite simple despite the complexity of a beetle, so it is not surprising that two artists would have come up with it independently. (And maybe 3? Anh Dao's recent beetle post looks very similar too ...) This was my first time using rice paper. It is great to fold, and handles the many layers of this insect easily, but it is too soft for the final shaping. Most of the white spots are tears from stressing the paper too much during shaping. I guess the solution is to use an MC based glue instead of spray glue and then wet fold during shaping, but I don't have a glass surface to apply it on :/ I would definitely like to fold this model again with better paper #origami #origamiart #paperfolding #beetle #bug #insect

Water Buffalo by Nguyen Hung Chong, folded by me
Square, biotope paper
Diagrams in Vietnam Origami Group: 50 Hours of Origami +
#origami #paperfolding #waterbuffalo #buffalo

Owl by @quietmarverick, folded by me
Square, watercolor paper
See Alexander Kurth's Instagram account ☝☝ for his story with instructions

Alduin the World Water by Satoshi Kamiya, folded by me
Square, tissue foil
Folded from CP (last picture shows the base)
#origami #paperfolding #origamiart #alduintheworldeater #skyrim #wyvern #dragon

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