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Kevin Richardson LionWhisperer  Creating awareness via pictures and posts to the dwindling lion population. Get the revised edition of my book at

#spottedhyena ritual greeting. The subordinate lifts his leg and exposes his penis to the dominant. The dominant is making that lowing cow like sound and sniffing the genitalia. Etiquette and respect is really important in this complex social animal. The subordinate is in a precarious position and is not fully relaxed but is showing it's being submissive. #ultimatetrust #wellhung #hyenasofinstagram #hyenasarethegreatest #misunderstood

Normally we present #FanArtFriday posts that have been sent in to us. However this week, we have chased down one of our favourite artists who really has a thing for lions…like us! (There is a lion hidden in every piece!) Meet Nick Simon, a Southern California artist also known as CANTSTOPGOODBOY. His mother, who was a professional art restorer, introduced Nick to the world of art at an early age. However in high school, a short-sighted art teacher discouraged CANTSTOPGOODBOY resulting in a four-year break. With no formal training, he rediscovered his love for art during his freshman year of college where he became inspired both by the prominence of street art and by an art professor who quickly recognized his abilities. It only took one semester for CANTSTOPGOODBOY to realize that creating art, and not academics, was his true passion. And it’s not just his passion! Collaborations with companies such as Sony, Warner Bros., Serj Tankian, Atlantic Records, Coachella Music Festival, Absolut Vodka, Converse, TOMS Shoes, Sol Republic, the Audience, eOne Entertainment and American Idol to name a few, show that you clearly CANTSTOPGOODBOY!

This particular piece is done in acrylic and diamond dust. If you like really bad puns and great art, you can see more of CSGB’s work on facebook and instagram at @CANTSTOPGOODBOY or on his website
Thanks Nick, for letting us share your incredible work with some real lion lovers!

If you’d like to see your work featured on our pages, just send it in a private message to our facebook page.

Such focus, so beautiful. #gabby

#Repost @painteddogconservationinc with @repostapp
Don't forget our International ONLINE AUCTION IS LIVE NOW with only 11 days left! This beautiful, one off creation by @theplatterproject in South Africa can be yours by visiting the auction page below-and bidding has already commenced! Platter is 40cm in circumference and is an original, one off work of art. By bidding on this item you are directly supporting the work of our Anti-poaching teams on the frontline. Please share link far and wide

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Happy Birthday George and Yame!! 3 years old today! How time flies! Remember their arrival as if it was yesterday! #spanishrescues #georgeandyame #cach #excusethesinging

What a well composed picture created entirely by these giraffe caught on one of our #cameratraps in #dinokenggameresrve. They're such posers but I especially love how they've managed to capture their reflections so symmetrically perfect. The trap also only took this single picture which makes it even better. We use these cameras for monitoring animal movement and in #antipoaching. They contain SIM cards which means we can download pictures remotely and get updates every few minutes should there be activity. They are also have human detection technology and can alert us to potential poachers #covertcameras #wildlifeprotectionsystems #animalphotography #technology

Here's #naiobi chewing on my shoe and looking so well. Enjoy the last installment of her eye op on #lionwhisperertv on @YouTube. Stay tuned for more updates on her in the coming weeks. (Link to video is clickable in my bio) #eyeop #eyesurgery @adriantordiffe

Hyena cuteness overload to start the weekend. Have a great weekend and remember to #reconnectwithnature #hyenasofinstagram #hyenasarethegreatest #misunderstood #underdog #KevinRichardsonWildlifeSanctuary

Today’s #FanArtFriday post comes to us from Shannon Burns, a young, aspiring, watercolour artist from Britain. Shannon has an incredible passion for wildlife, and does her best to relay that passion into her artwork. Once you check her out on Facebook and Instagram, we are sure you will agree that she is doing an incredible job! You can find more of her work on Facebook and Instagram at @sburns.artwork. We encourage you to check her out, her work is fabulous! If you’d like to see your work featured on our pages, just send it in a private message to us on Facebook. Please note it sometimes takes a while for us to respond to art submissions, but we will get there eventually! #SaveHabitat #SaveLions #BanCannedHunting #KevinRichardsonWildlifeSanctuary

The king surveying his kingdom. Can't imagine a world without the African lion. It's a very real possibility in my lifetime should drastic behavioral changes not be made in the way we view and consume wildlife. #needtoreconnect #reconnectwithnature #reconnectwithwildlife #worthmorealive #savelions #savehabitat

You can hear Icarus heaving when the 215kg Unathi lies on top of him. With the cool rainy weather we've had at the park the lions have had a new lease on life and are full of energy. Hot weather really takes the wind out of a lion's sails causing them to want to sleep and rest. Lions are not lazy as people who view them in the heat of the day often think, but rather are being quite smart by conserving energy when it counts most. #savelions #savehabitat #africanlion #energyefficient #lion #kevinrichardsonwildlifesanctuary

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