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Kevin Richardson LionWhisperer  Creating awareness via pictures and posts to the dwindling lion population. Get the revised edition of my book at

Love it when I'm hanging out with the lions, catching up on emails and next thing I know a paw reaches out & gently cuddles my leg. #respect #worthfightingfor #savehabitat #savelions

Almost 2 decades ago this lion and his brother changed my life and opened my eyes to the less savory side of the lion breeding and cub petting industry. What's truly sad is that despite the awareness and information available at our finger tips, many tourists still fall into the trap and support facilities that offer it. The latest spin is that the cubs that are petted are all going to be kept and looked after for life and won't land up being hunted. Seriously? Are you meant to believe that a business is going to keep building more & more enclosures to house lions that ultimately will just become a liability, looking after their psychological, physical & welfare needs for the duration of their 20 year + life span? Soon these places (if what they say is to be believed) will run out of space & be sitting with hundreds upon hundreds of lion. And what would happen to those hundreds of lions if the business was sold? Honestly I find it increasingly difficult to look after just 30 lions properly. #pulltheotherleg #dontbeafool #doyourhomework #cannedlionhunting #cannedhunting #cubpetting #dothemath #savehabitat #savelions

New video is up on #lionwhisperertv on @youtube. ( link is clickable in bio enjoy installment 1 on my 1000th post! 😁

Purrrrrrfection! Just love lion paws. Can be so lethal but look so harmless when the owner is relaxed! Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for all the support! Keep an eye out for the latest video which will be released later on today on #lionwhisperertv on @youtube. If you're not subscribed, you're missing out! #meg #lion #lioness #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions


Today’s post comes to us from Australian artist Steve Morvell. Steve has been featured here before and in fact, Kevin owns one of his pieces personally. So when Steve was at the sanctuary and decided to do a portrait of Siam, we just had to offer him another feature on our page. Here is what Steve had to say about this picture: In a world where much wildlife is declining and in many cases vanishing forever, some extraordinary people are giving their lives to the Herculean job of trying to educate people and reverse that frightening downhill slide. Kevin Richardson ('The lion whisperer') is one of those special passionate beings. This glorious male lion that I met at Kevin's private rescue sanctuary in South Africa last year is one to whom Kevin has given protection and a happy life in comparative freedom.... a freedom to live with his fellow lions and to be safe from exploitation and hunting.
Thank you so much Steve for sharing with us. If you’d like to see more of Steve’s work, you can do so on his website at And if you’d like to see your work featured on our pages, just send them to us in a private message on facebook Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to look out for today’s video later in the day. We are sure you are going to love it!

This boy meant so much to me but unfortunately passed away tragically the same night as #NelsonMandela. The lady who handles my Facebook page designed a beautiful shirt commemorating his birthday on the 18th of July and 67 years of service. It's for sale via my Facebook page. RIP #NelsonMandela #Thor

A beautiful day to be out walking with a beautiful lioness. #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions

Just too adorable! It's not secret that I think hyena are just so cool and love the fact that the worlds views on them are changing through awareness and education. Did you know that hyena cubs are born with a full set of deciduous incisors and canines, can scurry about and can see unlike a lion that is born with no teeth, pretty immobile and blind. #hyenasofinstagram #hyenas #hyenasrock #indicatorspecies #apexpredator #matriarch #reconnectwithnature #precocious

I'm so happy Bongani is looking so well after his health scare. He carries the corona virus and it was believed to have developed in to feline infectious peritonitis or #FIP which is a death sentence to cats. Miraculously (and with intensive treatment from #oldchapelvetclinic) he's pulled through and getting stronger each day. #SaveHabitat #SaveLions #petercaldwell

Wow! I captured an #aardvark on the camera trap. An aardvark is an ant and termite eating mammal that's nocturnal. It has a long sticky tongue that can measure up to 30cm in length and has a pig like snout that gives it an incredible sense of smell. So interesting to see what's roaming around at night. A whole different world! Thanks @wpswatch for the sponsorship of these cameras. They're not only helping in monitoring animals but are incredibly useful in anti poaching. #creaturesofthenight #SaveHabitat

We have an important message to spread. Please click on YouTube link in my Bio and start spreading the awareness. #awarenessiskey #nolionbonetrade #SaveHabitat #SaveLions #reconnectwithnature #educationiskey

Livy was on a mission. From the moment the walk started she was focused. A lions instincts to hunt cannot be suppressed. These walks keep these cats 'alive.' Ever seen the excitement in your dog when he's about to go for a walk? It's the same with these lions. Why do we take dogs for walks? We all know the answer to that. For the same reasons I take the lions.

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