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Kevin Richardson LionWhisperer  Creating awareness via pictures and posts to the dwindling lion population. Get the revised edition of my book at

Still handsome and full of beans albeit slightly more grumpy in his old age, Tau is the very first lion I started working with almost 2 decades ago. We've come a long long way since the late 90's however not far enough in achieving a total ban on 'canned' or captive bred lion hunting and much tighter regulations on keeping and breeding. Keeping lions is not black or white it's grey and one should never look at things in isolation. Look at the whole picture and you'll soon understand how complex these issues can be. Live it for almost 20 years and you'll be in a better position to pass judgement, however even then you shouldn't. #Tau #lionconservation #whatisasanctuary #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions

Very sad to hear about @nicky_hayden passing. What can one say. So very very tragic. RIP #nickyhayden #legend #69 #untimelydeath #onlythegooddieyoung

Be strong like a lion @nicky_hayden. #GoNicky
Our thoughts and 🙏🏼 are with you and your family. Get well soon!!

This week’s #FanArtFriday comes to us from 41-year-old UK freelance graphic designer James Moore. James has been working as a professional portrait artist for the last 5 years and if you look at his other works, you’ll see why he is a success. Working closely with the Big Cat Sanctuary based in Kent, James has worked on a full series of big cat studies, all of which are available for purchase, with proceeds going to the sanctuary. This particular piece of one of the sanctuary lions named Tiny is done in pencil and graphite powder, with coloured pencils used to accentuate the eyes. Thank you so much James for sharing with us. If you’d like to see more of James’ work – and trust us, you do! – you can find it on Instagram at @beninedesign or right here on facebook under James Moore Portraiture #savehabitat #savelions

I really loved @instagram when it first started because of the concept of a picture speaking a thousand words. It was simple and the post contained an image with a few words about the picture. Like all social media it's evolved. Some would say for the better. For me it's for the worse and although I understand why it needs to keep up with the times or get swallowed up, I just feel it's lost it's simplicity which made it attractive to me. Anyway I hope you enjoy this post of two magnificent #elephants taken in #savuti #Botswana simply just being #elephants. What's important is how this picture makes you feel. #stillimages #polaroid #instamatic #photography #simplicity #simplethingsinlife #overcomplicated

After the cold front that's just passed there's nothing better than to just lie on your back and bask in the sun like a lizard. #baskinglion #happycat

Icarus' root canal on his lower left canine is still holding up strong and looking good. You can see the filling at the bottom and if you look carefully on the top. Male lions are extremely hard on their teeth especially in captivity and readily bite down on things man made. Designing safe but predator friendly enclosures is a very difficult thing to do. I've built twice now and should I ever have to do it again there are a few things I'd probably do different. It's almost always a question of budget. When asked why are the lion areas a certain size, the answer almost invariably is that that was all that we could afford at the time. It's not a cheap exercise keeping animals in a captive situation properly and hence why when captive breeding facilities state that they keep all the animals they breed to placate people asking where the animals go after a certain age, I roll my eyes in my head 🙄#captivebreeding #noneedtobreed #captivelions #SaveHabitat #SaveLions #predatorsanctuaries #sanctuary

Wishing all the mothers out there a very happy #mothersday weekend. Although it's probably not acknowledged often enough, there's no doubt how big a role mothers play in our lives. So thank you moms!! We appreciate all you do for us. #momsofinstagram #mothersday2017 #mother #greatmothers

Today’s #FanArtFriday post comes to us from 22-year-old psychology graduate Harriet Edwards. For as long as she can remember, Harriet has had a passion for art and a constant need to draw. While she enjoys drawing many different things, she is most interested in sports art and animal portraiture, where the diverse colours and movements allow for so much creativity. Her love for lions has been a life long love, in fact, her very first drawing was of Simba from the Lion King. Thank you so much Harriet for sharing your beautiful work with us. You can see more of Harriet’s work on her instagram page @harrietedwardsart #SaveHabitat #SaveLions

Escaped Kruger lion could be anywhere. That's according to @sanparks. The last out of the 5 lions that escaped has evaded authorities. 🙏🏼for his safe return. He's most likely heading back to the park. Lions have a strong homing instinct and he no longer has his mates with him so it may just be his game plan. #safereturn #savelions #savehabitat

@jcvd was a action hero of mine growing up as a child. I was only too pleased to find out that he cares about animals and nature. Finding out he supports what I do is truly an honour. Thank you @jcvd for the support. I hope to work with you in the future to #savelions and their #habitat.

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🚨WARNING, GRAPHIC🚨The shocking reality of the #Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival in #China, which begins on June 21st & ends on June 30th 2017. We Must Work Together To End It! 👊- -
An estimated 10,000 dogs are expected to be killed at this year’s festival.- Marc Ching, activist and founder of Animal Hope and Wellness, has rescued over 1,000 dogs from slaughterhouses in Yulin, along with a few other brave souls & organizations who have stepped up to save so many animals' lives. -
It’s estimated that 25 million dogs are eaten every year, worldwide.
One of the ways that you can help is by sharing this video and educating others about the horrific Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival to put an END to it once and for all! -- Via: @helpbanyulin @dp4k.m (Video: It Matters) -
🌍@worldanimalnews @peace_4animals

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