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Kevin Richardson LionWhisperer  Creating awareness via pictures and posts to the dwindling lion population. Get the revised edition of my book at http://smarturl.it/PartofthePride


This is a disaster for 🦁. What could possibly be the urgency for the quota of 800 lion skeletons for export to Asia. #nonsensical Will the barn door only be shut after the horse has bolted! How much revenue can 800 skeletons generate versus how much damage that can be caused! (LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO - SA's controversial lion bones quota: Home truth of the canned lion life cycle you have to see via @Traveller24_Sa http://www.traveller24.com/Explore/Green/sas-controversial-lion-bones-quota-home-truth-of-the-canned-lion-life-cycle-you-have-to-see-20170628)

We have an obligation to protect this spectacular prehistoric animal for future generations. Couldn't agree more with this article and what @wildaid @wildaid_sa is saying about mixed messages and failure of government to take down high level corrupt individuals involved. It undermines all the hard work of those risking their lives to reduce the demand. (LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO - http://www.traveller24.com/Explore/Green/shockwildlifetruths-wildaid-issue-damning-report-on-sas-mixed-messages-and-failure-to-prosecute-20170518) #governmentfail #benefiting #corruption #apathy #rhinopoaching #rhinopoachingsyndicates #rhino #awarenessiskey #awareness

Update on #naiobi. Looking great and so friendly and loving of late. Quite clearly the eye op has made a huge difference in her life. Having the close bonds really helps with being in touch with the animals' needs. Some people will always criticize my close relationships with the lions but fortunately they are in the minority. When I read a letter from a young lad saying that I inspired him to fight against canned lion hunting makes me realize that if someone so young can understand the difference between interacting with wild animals as a flash in the pan self indulgent activity and what I've committed my life to do, then there's really no excuse why an older person can't too. #bethechange #googleit #bethechangeyouwanttosee #awarenessiskey #idealismisdangerous #reconnectwithnature #humananimalbond

Lions are very sensitive to scent, especially the males, so we spray or place different smells all around the areas they live in for their enrichment. Here's Bongani loving the smell of a mixture of mint and citronella oil mixed. Bongani was gravely ill a few months back and thanks to our wonderful vet team at #oldchapelvetclinic and #DrPeterCaldwell he's made a remarkable recovery and is picking up weight and back to his old self again. Lions can contract infectious diseases from other animals such as domestic cats which transmit viruses such as the #coronavirus which can further develop into #felineinfectiousperitonitis or #fip which is a death sentence for many. Feral cats living in close proximity to lions pose a huge risk. #awarenessiskey #bongani #kevinrichardsonwildlifesanctuary #volunteer #wildlifevet #africanlion #lion

Quick shout out to @finnboering from Barcelona who raised $170 for the animals at the sanctuary by hosting a bake sale. This is why I still believe there is hope for this world because kids like Finn will be the change it needs. From the lion, hyena, leopard and the team, a HUGE thanks! #awareness #education #youth #youngconservationists

This week’s #FanArtFriday post comes to us from Argentinean artist Jose Maria Muñoz. We have featured Jose’s work in past but in honor of World Giraffe Day this past week, we just had to share this. Here is what Jose had to say about this magnificent piece – ‘This giraffe is done in charcoal and pastels on vinyl, with an acrylic background. The whole piece measures 85cm x 190cm. This is my tribute, and I dream that someday I will see them in the wild, on the great African plains. They have the highest eyes, and still have their feet on the ground!” Jose we couldn’t agree more, and we hope you get to see your dream come true! If you’d like to see your art featured on our pages, please send it in a private message to our facebook page. Have a fabulous weekend. #SaveHabitat #SaveLions #WorldGiraffeDay

So what's not to like about #spottedhyena So intelligent and beautiful!

Delta, in the front, is clearly having a bad hair day. 😂 #badhairday

So much doom and gloom around at the moment. How about a nice picture of a beautiful animal (his name is Kahn), to uplift the spirit for the week ahead. Happy Monday and here's hoping you have a smashing week! #reconnectwithnature #staypositive #glasshalffull #blackleopard

Today’s #FanArtFriday post was created by 15-year-old Australian artist Brianna Element. Brianna was given an assignment to choose someone famous who has made an impact in the world, and she chose me! Apparently nobody in the class knew who I was, however Brianna gave them a great lesson in lion conservation. Thank you Brianna! This work was done in acrylics, but Brianna’s preferred medium is watercolour. Great job Brianna, thank you for helping to be a global voice for conservation. If you’d like to see your work featured on our pages, just send it in a private message to our facebook page. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there. #SaveHabitat #SaveLions

This guy inspired me to read @julianrademeyer book #killingforprofit again. It's a very worthwhile read if you care about our wildlife heritage and will open your eyes as to what's going on in the illegal trade of animal parts and the levels of corruption and greed we face. Often people don't want to hear or read about the reality of what's really happening so they 'put their heads in the sand' or stop following accounts or news feeds that expose them to it. Well, guess what people; toughen up, put your big boy or big girl pants on and face the music. The sooner people are angered enough to action a real difference the quicker the madness can stop. I put a video or picture on my Instagram account of a lion walking through the veld and it gets 60000 likes + Put one of a rhinos face that's been butchered and people freak out and say they just can't see these pictures cause it affects them. Well good, it must affect you cause it's happening. Can't just have the good. Need to see the horrors so that we can pull together to do something and make a difference. Just need to ask the question: Would I like the next generation to be able to enjoy seeing rhino, elephant and lion (amongst other persecuted animals) in their natural habitats. If the answer is yes, you have an obligation to make a difference in which ever way you can even if that just means sharing a message or changing your ways #illegalrhinohorntrade #illegalivorytrade #illegallionbonetrade #illegaltrade #greed #rhino #elephant #lion #corruption #wakeupbeforeitstoolate #pangolin #poaching #poacher #savehabitat

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