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Aundrea  Being my best self every day 🙏 Catmom🐱 Dogmom🐶 ⛅Libra/Virgo,🌙Cancer,↗ Leo. Hooper 1/17/17 dreads12/1/15 🕉♲Plant based bean 3/7/18 🌱🍓

My love ❤ so blessed to have you Meira

Not trying to air out my problems on here, but there's one thing I have to say. This month is really hard for my family. It's a heartbreaking month for alot of us. This is the month that my mom gave up her rights, not like she was much of a mom anyways but it still hurts us to our core. It's even harder for me, because I spent my 10th birthday at the court house hearing my mom say all these terrible things about us and then finally that she didn't love us and never did. Those words are burned into my memory along with that entire day. I'm gonna be 21 yrs old in two weeks, and instead of it being just my 21st birthday it'll be the 11 yr anniversary that my siblings and I have seen our mom. It's hard to not feel so lost sometimes, or to not want to hold her hand and have that mother daughter relationship people talk about. I feel like I missed so much, yet I don't want to miss her. I think I just miss the relationship I never had with her to begin with. Not gonna lie I feel left out, but not all parents are good parents or even parents to begin with, and I have to cope with it. I dedicated this to her yrs ago and it was on my mind today. #fatherofmine #Everclear #guitarcover

It's almost my birthday
Gonna be 21 but it doesn't feel like it. If anyone wants to get me anything, honestly I really just need money so I can move to this new complex #21 #dreadhead #iwannamove 🙏🙏

My heart is heavy today, there's alot of sorrow in my life right now, lot of uncertainty and greif. But I'm fighting and those who know are helping me through so here's to that fight! #uke #titanium #ukecover #musician #singfromtheheart #feelitinyoursoul

So uh there was an attempted drive by at my place tonight.. I'm shaken the fuck up, no ones hurt but fuck they drove right past me speeding off. I had a panic attack and have been tryin to calm myself down. I want out of this place!!!!

Pup play date with my best ❤🐶🐶

Homemade dog treats for the puppers. They are peanut butter oats and pumpkin. Kids like them too haha

All I want for my birthday is to be able to move into this apartment. #manifesting #pleaseuniverse

And pose 😅❤ #bullyadventures

One proud fur mom over here. Look how big my rescue baby Althea has gotten in the last 3 months. For a minute there, she wasn't really growing and I figured she'd always be tiny. But she proved me wrong, she's my tall noodle and I love her so much #rescuebaby #worthit #adoptdontshop #rescuesforever #Thea #blackcat #nursedbacktohealth

My biggest baby a whoppin 18 pounds of cat haha

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