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L I N N W O L D  Limited Edition Art Prints Created By Linn Wold From Norway. We Ship Worldwide.

The bearded fellow to the right is one of our sold out prints. Excited to see him still going strong 😍 This space is so gorgeous as well! Cred; @homestaginglceab #linnwold

Marina is made for this color palette! Styling by @styleit_boligstyling 😍 photo: @pbfotowork #linnwold

On my way to Copenhagen for a couple of days, orders will be sent over the weekend ☀️ Photo by the talented @mamma_malla, Headdress 2 on the wall 🖤 #linnwold

It’s crazy to think about that one year ago, my «office» occupied two bedrooms and all spare room in our house, and now I have all I need in a small corner of the master bedroom. Expanding the business from being a «work from home» kind of job to become way more serious with a rented office/showroom and with employees, has been a tuff ride, but so much fun at the same time. Though I don’t regret it for a second, I got to admit, the creativity flows way much better when I get to sit in my own little world at home, with some music on my ears (mostly 2pac that is). 🖤 #linnwold

In love with this space styled by the talented @homestaginglceab 😍 #linnwold

Did you know that «Headdress» is the print that made all this possible? Or that the «Sjana» print is a cooperation with @sjanaelise? That «Anne» is a tribute to my mom? That «Monstera» opened up the botanical market for us? Or that «Ylva» is the start of an entire new range of products? Read our blog to find out the hole story behind these prints 🖤 Link in bio. #linnwold

Loving this @cecz2 😍 Headdress only available in 61x91cm and 70x100cm now.. I wonder for how long 😱 #soontobegone #linnwold

Botanical and industrial vibes in a combination actually makes my heart skip a beat 🙈😍 #linnwold

So exciting to see Allie & Noah in new homes 🤗 this wall color is a perfect match though 😍 photo; @fru_lykke #linnwold

Anna, looking like a million dollar 😍 And you know what, she is one of the ladies with a pretty sweet discount this week! 🤸🏽‍♂️ #linnwold

Pink Paradise Week 🤸🏽‍♂️ Have a look at our website for good deals on selected prints 💕 #linnwold

The public holiday has officially started in Norway, and even though there’s no room for 4 weeks vacationing in this business, me and my work wife would like to wish everyone a lovely summer! ☀️ And thank you so much for following our journey on IG 🤗 Our webshop is open 24/7 😉 #linnwold

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