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LINN LOWES  ✘ Cancer survivor -14 ✘ Certified PT & Nutr. Adv ♡ Founder @lowesactivethebrand 🎬 YouTube: linnlowes01 GET MY WORKOUT PLAN (7days FREE trial!) 👇

On rare occasion I do wear heels. 🤭 Ps: I have a TRX workout coming for you soon 💪💗😇

When your friend is a badass with a damn good ass 🍑🤭 @katiecrewe and I had this AMAZING partner workout for lower body yesterday! You gotta give it a go go 😍 .
. ▪️ PARTNER SQUATS (Have your partner push your shoulders down for resistance if this option is too challenging to start with)
▪️ KICKBACKS (seriously my favorite kickbacks ever - hams and glutes on fire)
▪️GLUTE BRIDGE (glute glute blue and requires a lot of core strength of your barbell partner)
▪️PISTOLS (quad killer oh lord!)
▪️LEG PRESSES (Use two legs if one is too challenging to start with - glute and legs)

Good Morning city of angels ☺️ So much fun stuff going down today but first me and @katiecrewe will have a partner workout! 🤭 Stay tuned for that one and we’ll see some of you later today for the fitcamp (which we’re both superduper excited about) 🤩🙌💗 kisses!!

LOVE these kinds of workouts. Working with weights and still getting a real heart beat! These exercises are from my booty x body plan 😍 so easy to follow yet challenging af 🔥💪.
⚠️ Monster walk with jump squats
▪️3SETS - 15REPS
⚠️ T-bar squats (place bar in a corner to prevent it to slip) ▪️ 3SETS - 15REPS
⚠️ Dumbbell squat inte straight deadlifts
▪️4SETS - 10REPS
⚠️Glute bridge with hip abduction
▪️3SETS - 20REPS —- end with 4 sets of barbell thrusters and 30 ski jumps 🤩.
💗You’ll find the link to my plans in my bio. They’re $9,99/month and you’ll have access to ALL plans! YAYYAYAYAY!! So proud of my lions! 🙌 and we’re welcoming YOU to the fam anytime!
💗Outfit: lululemon
💗Song: ItaloBrothers - Looking Back Someday

FULL BACK WORKOUT - Cable only! Double tap & save 💪☺️💗.
1️⃣ STANDING LAT PULLDOWN - lean a little bit forward to get a straight line between your hands and back.
⚠️ | 3 SETS | 12 REPS |
2️⃣ ONE ARM ROW - Take a wide stance and lean forward. Involve your core and pull with your back before pulling your arm in.
⚠️ | 3 SETS | 12 REPS/arm |
3️⃣ LAT PUSHDOWN - Push the handle down with the power of your lats, try to keep your shoulders still. Squeeze those lats together in the bottom position and carefully release to starting point.
⚠️ | 2 SETS | 20 REPS |
4️⃣ ECCENTRIC ROWS - Pull the weight up to your core quick but controlled. Release slooooowly (eccentric movement). You should be able to count 1-2-3 before you’re completely stretched out.
⚠️ | 3 SETS | 10 REPS |
5️⃣ SINGLE ARM CROSS - Take a wide stance and lean to the side so you won’t fall. This exercise gives you a nice stretch and great ROM.
⚠️ | 3 SETS | 15 REPS/arm |
↪️ Give this workout a go and let me know if you liked it 💗☺️💗☺️💗☺️💗☺️💗☺️💗☺️

Damn, these workouts looks so easy but they always challenging me as I’m not at all used to these kind of movements 😅 Really fun and exhausting at the same time 😩👌 Doubletap ❤️ and save for later! .

1️⃣ The standing person rests his/hers uppger body with one arm at the knee and let the other arm (triceps) do the work. The playing partner focus on the glutes, as one cheeky cheek is contracted at all time(static) and the other glute is working in a dynamic and isolated movement.
2️⃣ Use a short band between your feets and a long band as resistance. This is going to make your heart beat, abs burn and your quads work! Your partner will have a little rest here and then you switch positions.
3️⃣ Great one for quads and of course your glutes (partner on the floor) try to use one leg if you can, otherwise go with both! For the ledning/sitting partner biceps core will be main focus here as you do need keep your core contracted at all time to keep balanced.
4️⃣ This is perfect for the long head of the triceps, as you point your elbows slightly upwards. If one person is stronger, he or she can use one hand to make it tougher. Keep your core really tight during the whole exercise - otherwise your partner will full you back. 🤼‍♀️ TAG YOUR WORKOUT PARTNER !! 💗💪

Summer mornings in Sweden with the fam! Yes - Sweden do has its glory days 😇💛 LOOK AT THAT SKY REFLECTION! 🌥 What season is your favorite?? I think all 4 of them has their own beauty but summer and fall is my fave 🌸🌼☘️🍀🍁🍂 #MyToeIsTheSizeOfHerWholePaw

I’ve been off chemo for 4 years today 😳 And instead of beating my self up with “why me” I’m celebrating my health - body & hair. #Selflove #Cancerfree #lymphomaawareness

Boulder SHOULDERS no machines 🤤
⚠️ Anterior (front)
Front raises (free weight or cable) and over head presses with a weight plate, dumbbells or barbell is great for your front delts. Tuck in your elbows in a bit so the point forward. By sitting or standing without a back rest you are going to involve your core - win win! Arnold presses also does the trick!
⚠️ Lateral (side)
Lateral raises/rows with resistance band are going to hit your side delts real good! Tips: by holding one hand on your collar bone, you make sure you don’t involve you traps. If the collar bone raises= traps involved. Try to keep them still.
⚠️ Posterior (rear)
Do not neglect your rear delts as they play a key role if you want great looking shoulders (hehe my fav) 🤤 I love doing this with a resistance band because the heavier part comes at your strongest angle. You can use a cable machine and do back crosses as well.
TAG your workout bud! 🖤👯‍♀️

Am I ridiculous for missing this guy like crazy when he hasn’t even been away for more than 8hs? 😅 Can’t help it 🤷‍♀️💜

Me ☝️ when someone say lifting weights make you manly. 🤣 Cheers to dat! Now let me continue lmao. #FulSkratt

Thanks fam for helping me out during my workout even tho you had me sacrifice a bit of form to keep you from falling 😆 I💗U! 🐶 #ItalianGreyhound

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