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Många av oss sitter fastklistrade vid våra smartphones på de vakna timmarna om dygnet, och jag är definitivt en av dem!  Tillsammans med @huaweisverige vill jag påminna om hur viktigt de är att faktiskt lägga ifrån sig sin smartphone och istället lägga uppmärksamheten på dem som finns omkring dig. Ta vara på dina nära och kära och tillbringa tiden tillsammans med just din närvaro 🖤

These 3 exercises is a big reason to my glutes growth through this year! Almost do them every time I do my glutes workout cause I get so good contact! It's so motivated to see that I lift so much heavier today compared to the beginning of the year! Set goals and improve yourself 🖤
#gymsharkwomen #gymshark

Less than two weeks until Christmas, where did the time goes? 🙉 If you like me have some Christmas gifts left to buy I have a perfect idea for you! 👇🏽 Together with @danielwellington I can offer you 15% off with code LINNJ15 on their full website! And it's free delivery worldwide 🙌🏽 🖤

Trying out outfits for today's video shoot 🎥 This combo is pretty good, right? 🙌🏽
#gymsharkwomen #gymshark

Woke up with a lot of energy today, maybe cause it's Friday? 🙌🏽 Hope you feeling the same ✨ Otherwise I hope I can spread some energy back over to you 💜

Night snack from @womensbest after my cardio session 🙌🏼 Going for a later dinner tonight so needed a quick and recovery smoothie directly after workout!

Didn't make it to the gym this morgning so did this circuit with 5 exercises - 20reps each x 5 rounds. And I have my personal spectator by my side 🐶

A trip to the sun is definitely on my wishlist this year (too😅) sip'n on a ice cold shake from @womensbest 🙏🏼 Anyone who feel the same? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Today's cardio session:
> 5min lunges - incline 15 and speed 2km/h.
> 10min walk - incline 1.5 and speed 6.8 - 7km/h.
> 4min intervals (20sec sprint/10sec rest) x8 - incline 0.5 and speed 15km/h.

Repeat until you reach 1h 💦

Just one more in purple 💜 Thanks for all your comments on the last picture 🙌🏽 I promise to update you when these new seamless high waisted set going to be released! Keep your eyes open babes!! 👀
📷: @fotobakken
#gymsharkwomen #gymshark

Perfect 4 take'n with #myhonor 🙌🏽 Which one is your favorite? 💜 #forthebrave honor.se

GLUTES and Yes they are Squat Proof 🙌🏽💜🙋🏼

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