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Lindsay Bowerman 

Sweet Evie Cakes ❤ Little Chickadee turns 5 today, and I can't stop thinking about the amazing little girl she's growing up to be. Love her something crazy!

Waiting for take off and looking at pics from this last week with a happy heart // so many fun and memorable moments ❤ Love these four kids something crazy!

Super quick breakfast with my darling cousin, Rachel, and two of her cute kiddos, Dane and Londyn ❤ Loved our quick time together ❤

Two more hours of #CHA + playing with one of my new favorite products by @wermemorykeepers 😍#typecast

For reals, though, good byes are the worst. Claire and Bubba contemplated stowing away in luggage; Evie assured me that the sunshine in Hawaii is better than snow in Utah. Wesley's convinced we're taking a school bus to get back to the mainland. Time with the BrewCrew is never long enough ❤️

Sweet Claire was baptized this afternoon ❤️ Special day to be together as a family and celebrate Claire ❤️

Family Selfie Portrait, 2016, and using trade winds to our advantage. 😂

❤️ 12 hours in Arizona to celebrate Juliet ❤️ So happy to be with this crazy crew today ❤️ #iloveitiloveitiloveit ❤️

Last two hours of #ldsconf is starting! Love this weekend. Love the thoughts and teachings shared by leaders of the LDS Church that uplift, inspire, and encourage. #sharegoodness

Preston and Pammy -- two of my fave cousins! Long weekend trip with mamacita to visit family in Virginia. Can't stop laughing with these two around! ❤️

It's been the best summer for so many reasons. 4th of July weekend, we celebrated my grandpa's would-be 100th birthday by having a family reunion! @lisabowerman orchestrated and pulled off a pretty spectacular party! Memories from the Huber Family Reunion: homemade root beer, water balloon fight, swimming, stories about grandma and grandpa, jello and whipped cream fight, pressed flower cards, fireworks, wheelchair races, an epic scavenger hunt around the Salt Lake valley, fireworks, Stadium of Fire, late night chats on the porch with cousins, laughing til it hurts, Tahitian and Samoan dancing, too many bags of chips, cookie decorating, @spudsloaded catered lunch (cousin connection 👌🏻), musical performances, a report on 1916 and 1937 (the year grandpa was born and the year grandma and grandpa were married), tug-o-war, jumbo Jenga, family pictures, Peter Pan at the Hale Center Theater, delicious food, spending quality time with family. There are 150+ direct descendants from my grandparents -- pretty awesome to stop and think about it all. And to be a small part of this family is pretty special ❤️

Evie is convinced in her heart of hearts that she has princess status, right alongside Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Aurora, and all the others ❤️ Add in an extra dose of Bubba humor, and you're in for a good time! 😂

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