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Linn Bekkevik  Living my Light as a Spiritual Healer, mentor and channeler. Spiritual Leader of FREEdom.Activated 18th Jan.2011, by a messenger in white sent by God.


I share how it is to live with my gifts and how it can work..

I give Gratitude for being a wanderer, exploring different pathways... True blessings ..

The only boundaries and limitations we have in our life, is created by our fear to be different, to act on what we wish to do.. Fear is the cage where, we always will allow and give excuses for not following our inner desires and dreams.. Liberation comes through Selflove..

You deserve a great life, time to manifest all for our highest good.

I had to peel of many layers created by the life I had lived, many hardships and wounds learned me to build walls around myself and my heart.. When I was activated to live my souls purpose, I had to face all my walls so they could be seen, forgiven and healed.. Since on the path to Selflove they held me from my soul and heart, since they always would activate my mind.. Now I am in myself, and can resonate with this words of wisdom..

Let All we do be shared by Love.. So simple, yet so many that have no Awareness about what love is and means..

Sharing a picture of my dear Pearl, today I made sure no water can come in, and also painted and sprayed .. Blue and light pink, this IS so fun, more colors to come... Love creating in All realities..

Today I celebrate how I can manage so much, also practical things around pearl.. I Am enough, I can do everything..

Allowing ourselves to be our authentic self's, will always challenge those that is afraid of being who they are.. Let it go, since the most important human in your life is You.. I had to re meet myself after adjusting to much for everyone else, so I lost myself.. I needed to find who I truly IS, a grand meeting I have now with me and all that I Am..

Let go of all lower frequency relationship so you can stay within your own Light.. When we create space for something new, it will be meet on a higher frequency.. Let all be Light and shared by Love..

So so true... I give 100% trust in what Milo feel when he meet someone.. Dogs see and feel energy so much better than most humans..

The more we love Ourselves the more we respect and take responsibility for ourselves ..

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