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Linn Bekkevik  Living my Light, Cleaning lady for God, help lost humans connect with their soul and truth.

How do you love yourself?

Something I truly have experienced IS that everything serve us.. If we meet it with a open heart and mind.

What is your visions?

Time to manifest for our highest GOoD

Giving gratitude to spend time with my daughter Alexandra, she inspire me by her integrity and her goals for her future..

Shadow regime has fallen.

Happy new day where all actions, words and intentions is set and shared from heart.

Evolution is taking us to a new reality of experiencing life on Earth.

It is easy to judge ourselves and never be content with what we do.. Many are easy to judge, and most will always judge others actions.. So this is me sharing how I stopped judging myself (others) and not care about what others thinks of me.. I set myself free..

So so important and also always my choice.

To mirror myself, my self thoughts and actions.

Now spending time with my children I meet my wishes to serve them (to much sometimes) and also my wish to have more money so I could give them more.. This was still a wound from facing difficulties to support them in the last year's before I was asked to travel and meet those that IS waiting for me.

I now forgive myself for not see and appreciate all I do, and have done .. Sometimes we ask more than needed of ourselves, I let it go and embrace myself with love from my heart ..

Everything IS possible, don't let your disbelief or limitation allow less in your life.. Believe you are worthy a great life, beacuse You are. No matter what other tells you.

Indeed I Am.. I honor my courage and determination no matter what I have to meet, heal and sometimes leave behind.. It was far from easy, but I got the higher price of all, finding myself and connect with everything I Am.

What is Unconditional Love?

Happy day in paradise, spent the night by the parking here.. On my way to pick up my children🙌

Happy and grateful..

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