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Lindsay Stewart  I'm either sewing, eating vegan food, or blowing all my money on plane tickets. Follow my design insta @llstewartdesign

Happy Father’s day, @kevinstewart1243 ! @laustewa and I are so fortunate to have a father so loving, supportive, and with dynamite headwear fashion sense. I love you to the moon and back, and @laustewa loves you almost as much as she loved that fish, which might be even more, idk. 😘😂💕
#fathersday #bestdadever #bitchinhats

On Wednesday I biked home exhausted and with tears in my eyes.
Yesterday, I helped plan a ~real world~ fall collection, landed a part time barista job, wore a dress designed by the people I intern with, and was taken out to dinner by my fav guy @downloadsteven ✨💕
Don’t let the downs keep you there, because chances are there’s an up around the corner! ✨
ps this is me with the founder of Amour Vert; she’s enchanting and inspiring and those are sparkles on my mirror not dirt.


One of my favorite shots from the feature @sparkmagazinetx did over me and my designs!
Follow me at @llstewartdesign for more detailed pictures of my work shot by photography wizard @petermccain 😩👏🔥
ps @gabbyistan is one of the most beautiful ppl i’ve ever met; thanks for being an incredible model and even better pal 💕
pps @thefirextinguisher did the hair and makeup for this shoot and absolutely killed it 🔥 you’re one of the strongest women i know, one of my best friends, and I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish 😘
Read the article here!

The eyes of Texas and I like what we see 😍
So proud of you, @downloadsteven , and thankful we’ve been able to celebrate so many accomplishments together 💕🤘😩👏🐂 Photo credit: @carhartphotography

i graduate today and my first step in changing the world (🤘) is schooling everyone else with perfect hat tossing form
HUGE shoutout to @carhartphotography for being an awesome coworker, new friend, and amazing photographer 😍

My dad has always said that if you want to accomplish anything, “all it takes is blood, sweat, and tears.”
This has proved to be more right and more literal than I ever imagined 😂
Photo credit: @carhartphotography
I can’t wait to share more of her awesome work on my grad photos!

There’s no songs written about 23 year olds but it was still a great day to get older.
Thank you to the special ppl in my life for all the bday festivities, I love you all so much 💕

EDIT: I’m wrong, overlooked our good ol boys @blink182 thanks @baielizadavis 😂
#bday #casadeluz #fleetfoxes #bouncecastle

Behind the scenes of my @sparkmagazinetx shoot! ✨
Huge shout out to everyone who made this shoot happen today - @joannee_xu for directing/organizing, @petermccain for capturing my garments in the crazy wind, and all my lovely and positive models @gabbyistan @ronwayne_ @beaniebbby 💜 cannot wait to see how it comes out!

Last night I saw a year’s worth of literal blood, sweat, and tears from myself and fellow design students come to life on the runway. I am overwhelmingly proud of everyone 💕

I was awarded Best Sustainable Activewear and Best Overall Collection 2018 — I am SO honored and so thankful to have had this opportunity.
So here are some subpar-quality pics of me and the people who have shown me endless love and support.

I’ll be posting pics of my garments asap on my design account @llstewartdesign !!

my boyfriend’s really cute i’m just here to brag.

Returned to small town, Texas for a day. Shiner is just like Lockney, but with a lot more beer. 🍻

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