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When you’re trying to stunt for IG but then you remember you have trust issues. #FitFail #Humble

“Yes, self love.. But also, self reflection. Self reflection is the humbling part of the process. It is essential to figure out why you think, say, and do things.. Only then can you truly better yourself. You will be so focused on self improvement that you no longer have time to compare or justify yourself to others. Improving yourself becomes a full time gig.. And it is far more important than any external perception..” 💭 #Vibes

Posting less, but living more. 💋 #PowerMoves #TransformationTuesday

No variables. 😏 #2018 #LeyGo

“She was not fragile like a flower, she was fragile like a bomb.” 💣 #TheFilterIsCalledDramatic #IfTheShoeFits

Once you need less, you will always have more. 🖤 #KeepLifeSimple

Hood up, world out. ✌🏽 #LumbarLordosis #AndSarcasm #ItsWhatsForDinner

“Finding what you originally thought you lost is a beautiful thing.. Especially when the thing you thought you lost.. was you.” #SleepLikeAStarFish #DoWayLessLaundry #GDI #Campaigning 💃🏽

Plotting world domination, BRB. #HowMuchMoreMakeUpDoINeedToBuy

Dashing through the.. Turf. 🎶 #PushingThings #RealGood

The goal is to win - Not to look like you are winning. 🖤 #SundayVibes

Overdue 🎚 #FreshInk

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