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Just wanted to remind everyone that The Bears won today.. And also, don’t skip leg day this week. 🐻 #SundayFunday

Glow And Grow Privately 2018 🖤

When he says fix your attitude or leave. ✌🏼 #ParkingLotPimpin

It’s never not going to be a deadlifting video and I’m never not going to be making that face. #EveryDayIsLegDay

After a very thorough investigation, the only things I have with red, white, and blue on them are cat toys and this filter. The filter won. Happy 4th! 🖤🇺🇸 #RedWhiteAndBooze


Casual Mondays. 💁🏻‍♀️ #Shenanigans

Not pretty. Still counting it. Because 1) This stopped being about pretty a long time ago, 2) I couldn’t even get that shit off the ground on Thursday, and 3) If you want to argue about it, I’m 98% sure I can atleast pick you up and put you outside. 🤗 #270 #TeamStanko

Just wanted to make sure that 270 is in fact heavier than 255. It is. 🙄😂 #NoPRForMe

Nothing big ever comes from playing small.. 🖤 #PinkySwear