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Nothing big ever comes from playing small.. 🖤 #PinkySwear

HBD to my Triple OG! Thank you for the boss mentality, the height intimidation factor, and for making me hard close you with puppy eyes on every decision I’ve ever made. Turned that last one into a career. 😉 Love you Old Man! 💋 #DaddysLittleMonster #GangGang

Made me smile.. ☺️ #Same

Will do cardio for Spring weather. 🤨 #YourMoveChi #January106th

Never complicated.. 😎 #HumpDayMotivation

What filter do you use for ugly deadlift faces? 🤔 #SundayFunday

“Ignore every instinct to flee. Remember - You are a monster too.” 🖤 #IWD

Thinkin bout hot cheetos. #Muggin

Holler. ✌🏼🖤

When you’re trying to stunt for IG but then you remember you have trust issues. #FitFail #Humble

“Yes, self love.. But also, self reflection. Self reflection is the humbling part of the process. It is essential to figure out why you think, say, and do things.. Only then can you truly better yourself. You will be so focused on self improvement that you no longer have time to compare or justify yourself to others. Improving yourself becomes a full time gig.. And it is far more important than any external perception..” 💭 #Vibes

Posting less, but living more. 💋 #PowerMoves #TransformationTuesday

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