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Sharon Ling  Toronto 🇨🇦📍 MSc Candidate, UofT 🤓 FITNESS 💪 • FOOD 🍩 • LAB 🔬... repeat 👌

Got some ab-eronio exercises for y’all today 🔥 Remember, there’s no such thing as “spot-treating” one specific part of your body. If you want to see your abs, doing hundreds of crunches isn’t going to help, you’re going to have to lose fat over your entire body ! A strong core is also important! It helps stabilize your body for all of your other workouts 👌 Also ... I am LIVING for this natural lighting in this gym ☀️😍

Woke up this morning and decided : I’m going to make today a wonderful day ☀️

Don’t expect to see different results if you’re eating/training the same 🏋🏻‍♀️ Signed up for a new training space today, excited to put some fresh videos together 😉 (and yes, I just said fresh 🥒)

Back to the grind 💪

Spent our last day climbing the Eiffel Tower (I’d highly recommend it over taking the elevator, it took a much shorter time than we thought and there’s less of a wait to go up!) 😊Just wanted to take a moment to say how special this trip was to me. Yes, it was my first time in Paris. But more importantly than that, it was with the best travelling buddy 👫 It’s amazing that wherever we go (whether it’s at the top of the Eiffel Tower or underground in the Catacombs) he can make me laugh til my stomach hurts 😆 How can you find such a travel companion ? My advice would be ... to find someone who feels about you the way @bransonywong feels about pie 💕

Already missing the cobblestone streets and beautiful buildings, currently going through all the photos we took, can’t wait to share them with y’all 😊

OH BABY! Goes to show what eating croissants everyday and some rest can do 😆 Was feeling so jet lagged and nauseous, but needless to say this set woke me up 💪 PR of 135 for 2 at 112-3 bodyweight #happygal

Last post before we board to come home ✈️ We arrived as naive travellers but we’re leaving as pastry and croissant experts 😉 Til next time!

• Day 3 • The Louvre (my inner grade 10 art student was screaming) , crepes (twice), gelato, and the Sacre Coeur 😊 There is honestly so much to see and treasures around every corner. Some of you might be wondering why we haven’t gone to what some say is the most famous monument in Paris...we’re saving that for tomorrow 😉

Today has been a blast so far 🙌 Don’t want this trip to end, Paris you have exceeded anything I could have ever imagined 😍 Stay tuned for today’s highlights!

• Day 2 • We went to the Catacombs, the Pantheon, and the Notre Dame today! We’re also planning on starting and ending our days with as many different types of pastries as possible 😆

On a mission to find the best tasting croissant 🥐

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