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Sharon Ling  Toronto 🇨🇦📍 MSc Candidate, UofT 🔬 Lab ▪️Fitness ▪️Food ... repeat 👌 ~ Working out while I western (blot) 🤓

Don’t know if my recovery would have gone as smoothly without the help of @dr.martinyuen ! The lower back is always a tricky spot when it comes to injury 😔 but Martin helped me figure out how to get moving again 👍 We’ve worked on range of motion, loosening the muscles (including acupuncture, swipe left) , and also preventative measures for the future ! If you’re in the GTA area (Richmond Hill, Markham , North York, Vaughn) and in need of some chiropractic services , be sure to shoot him a message (his emails on his profile) ! 😊 .... and yes I am wearing two different socks 🧦

What you see here is a half-eaten frozen yogurt because someone (the overly happy person in the back) couldn’t wait for the photo ... 🙋🏻‍♀️

☀️ HAPPY SUNDAY☀️ Waking up with some Greek yogurt 😊 I’m usually not a huge fan of coconut flavoured things but really liked this one ! It’s the Oikos Mix with coconut yogurt, salted almonds, and dark chocolate 😍🥥🌴

Turns out a 2-week hiatus from weights was what I needed 😔 Lifting wasn’t allowing my back to heal properly but was super happy to do some weighted exercises again today ! It’s hard to remember or even accept sometimes but rests/breaks aren’t setbacks , they’re a necessary part of the process 👌

Today will never exist again, use that fact as motivation for what you’ll do tomorrow ~

* Refer to last post * This is what I actually look like trying to get through grad school 😊 I thought I’d give you guys a look into another huge part of my life aside from the gym —the lab. I’m working towards a Masters of Science in immunology and the lab really does become like your family-away-from-home. You spend more time here than you do anywhere else and you get so close with your Lab-mates there’s almost nothing you won’t talk about (boundaries pretty much don’t exist anymore) 😅 That’ll be it for now, just wanted give you guys a peek, but I’m sure there will be more to come , now excusé moi , I gotta go mix something, combine it with something else, and see if it changes colour 🔬🤓

I call this photo the “Me trying to get through grad school” 😂 #throwback to @tough_mudder 2017

* Be consistent in your work * * Be realistic in your goals * * Be optimistic in your mistakes * * Be humble in your triumphs * * Be proud in your accomplishments *

As I was editing this video I noticed two things :
1️⃣ I am killing the double-chin game
2️⃣ The individual wearing the neon yellow shirt in the back
#waitforit #youllbegladyoudid 😆

Why did the scarecrow win an award ? ... because he was outstanding in his field 😂

Poké-bowl , gotta catch ‘em all !! 😉 .
Photo creds: 📷 @simonwmeng @eyesofsimon

🍦 AAAAAAAHHHHHHH 🍦 I have been waiting for forever for @halotopcreamery to come to Canada 🇨🇦 Walked into metro yesterday to get groceries and there on the top shelf of the ice cream section were these beauties 😍There were more flavours than these but I picked up two to see if they really lived up to the hype and you guys ... YES .. THEY... DO 👌 the texture is pretty darn close to the real thing and you can bet I’ll be giving all the flavours a try 😊

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