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gemma cagnacci  A mama-bear, creative and globetrotter. Capturing moments from our life in Vietnam. Saigon πŸ‡»πŸ‡³ + Sydney πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

T H R E E ! Today is my first born’s birthday. And what a beautiful boy he is growing to be. So proud to be his mumma bear πŸ’›

One last snap from our trip to Ninh Binh last weekend. Have had this place on the brain all week - so beautiful. If you find yourself in Hanoi, be sure to make the short trip down and explore this special place.

Ascending Hang Mua πŸŒ„

So I NEVER post anything political here. I like to keep it light and post pretty pictures, β€˜just for fun’ like my profile says. But at this time I feel compelled after reading and hearing about the election results - and the sentiment/complaining from most of my friends and people I follow. And I say this with utmost humility.
Australians, regardless of who you voted for and who is elected government, you live in an amazing country! Please be grateful and thankful, and focus on the good - not the bad. Australia is seriously one of the most incredible places to call home, and while it isn’t perfect, we live in prosperity and have access to world class health facilities, education, safe food and are free to vote and voice whatever we like!
After living here in Vietnam for nearly two years, and while we absolutely love it, I am thankful DAILY for my Australian passport and that my kids have one. I have been in the hospitals here, see locals work their arses off to send their kids to a good school, cannot eat/buy certain foods due to food safety, and finally you cannot voice anything against the government or country as it is illegal! I could go on and on. Please do not take the freedoms and quality of life you have for granted. Use your energy to help others, be positive - not negative and tearing people down. Think about others around you and around the world. Continue to be kind, loving humans of others and our planet regardless of who is PM. Everything will okay. Australia is incredible. Do not ever forget it.
✌🏻 + πŸ’›

Vista overload πŸ’š

Floating pagodas ✨

The 5am wake up and 500 steps up in 34 degree heat was all worth it πŸ’š

We have escaped Saigon for the weekend are exploring the stunning karst mountains and grottos of Ninh Binh. More in my stories.

Somewhere on the Mekong.

A little bit of yellow and green πŸ’›πŸ’š

Tiles for miles 😍

Somewhere in Saigon πŸ’š

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