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Caroslime (Lina)  the girl who blocked her own shot ✞ ❥ i have MyastheniaGravis aka “MG” ❥ able-bodied til 2015

A Father’s Love

Heavy bench $30 ⁂ #Pawnstars

This is Sweet summer #pup #dog #turtle

Tuesday pups

*sighs heavily*

Running for our lives

Very special agents ✞ #NCIS #flan

The oregon kid

Beaver boy

Years ago I found this pic of my father on my mom’s tablet & saved it for obvious reasons. Lol. My dad had to take very high doses of prednisone for many years to avoid rejection of his transplanted lung. He has since tapered down and lost this weight. Prednisone is a life-saving medication with every side effect imaginable - including weight gain. It is just one of handfuls worth of medications my Dad takes every day because of the single lung transplant that saved his life. #HFD to this guy who survived #IdiopathicPulmonaryFibrosis aka ‘IPF’

My birthday presents from kaitlin ⁂ @pissangelkake

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