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Lindy Skin  #LindySkin Follow me on my journey to finding Hormonal Balance, Gut Health, and Brain Health. Women, I challenge you to cycle sync your life too!🚺💪🏻

Day 6
HELLO BEAUTIFUL! I think it’s about that time to check in with your skin! Remember your skin tells you almost everything you need to know about what’s going on inside your body. If something’s off your skin will show it... So looking at both my break outs, I need to concentrate on my colon and heart. Typically if you have a break out in your colon area it is because you are having issues with constipation and or a more serious health issue. Heart may indicate the need for strengthening your heart and or again a more serious disease. So this is a friendly remind to always stay close to your doctor so you can always indicate the difference between a temporary health issue verses a long term health issue.
COLON: eat high fiber food, flax seeds, chia seeds, Brussels sprouts, broccoli. Stay away from caffeine and sugar!
HEART: increase your cardio. Start slow if you have to but start the moment you see an problem. Eat blueberries, walnut, cinnamon, and dark chocolate. Avoid alcohol, and smoking.

Day 1

My Luteal Phase lasted 8 days. Which is normal for me. These past 8 days I didn’t post to much. Mostly because I kept myself busy finishing projects I created during my Follicular Phase. And I found myself having more energy to be out and social.
Now yesterday I found myself to be very lethargic and food cravings would happen closer to the end of the day. I then woke up to my menstrual cycle... so maybe for next time I can listen to my body a little more and just realize my hormone levels are decreasing.
I’ve successfully completed a full cycle! Now to make this next one even better. Who is your cycle syncing going?

Day 6

Rooted vegetables is the KEY to this cycle phase. It’s essential that you are doing something to help cleanse your liver and large intestine of estrogen. Baked, roasted, or raw which ever way you prefer your carrots, beets, and potatoes. Now of course the list goes very long for rooted vegetables. So change it up and experiment for different meals

I sautéed white carrots with goat butter, and steak seasoning. Then put it on top of my arugula salad. AMAZING!
Behind the sliced white carrots is a purple potato.... also highly recommend.

Day 2

Let’s talk about love.... Sex is always allowed during any of the phases. But of course there are different elements to what your body is wanting during certain phases.
During the beginning of this phase you will be hot and ready for whatever sexual situation is coming your way, but you might need some stimulation to help your climax. This is kind of like your “romantic” phase. Focus on mood lighting, romantic dinners, FLOWERS!
Don’t ever forget about love. Either it be with yourself or with another.. or many... what ever floats yours boat!

Day 1

This cycle phase is a long one!! It’s the last step before you start your menstrual cycle. So depending on what’s going on in your body, how long it will last. Luteal phase can last from 10-15 days. Any longer and you may want to consider peeing on a stick... In the first half oh the Luteal phase you have more energy to spend with others. Today I chose to spend my time with my best friends little sister picking out our bridesmaids dresses. While FaceTiming in our lovely bride to be.
Spend today doing only everything you truly enjoy. If it doesn’t bring you light, growth, or a smile don’t waist any time on it today.

Day 7

LAST DAY! Last day y’all of my ovulation phase. I feel great! And I’m really excited to start my Luteal Phase tomorrow.
Make sure today you eat A LOT of raw fruits and vegetables. Maintaining natural energy is the key for this upcoming week.
Ovulation phase in my mind is the time to prepare your body and mind. And even though you are doing high cardio this week you have a lot of rest time.
Conversation stimulates you more right now than ever. Build your mind to be able to accomplish ANYTHING you want.

Day 5

COMMUNICATION! That is the word for this phase. Think about how you communicate with people. The ovulation phase is the prime time to increase those communication skills. Start pitching those ideas you have. Maybe even build up the courage to ask for that raise you’ve wanted and rightfully deserve!
Ask a friend out for coffee... or in my case a Thai Iced Coffee. Enjoy the conversation, and the ideas bouncing back and forth. It’s AMAZING what a conversation can do for your mind and life.

Day 4


The rise of FSH (follicle stimulating hormones) and LH (luteinizing hormone) in your body stimulates the follicle to release an egg. Your estrogen increases thickening the wall of your uterus. And testosterone begins to increase, later releasing the egg. 👆🏼 that pretty much sums but what is going on in your body during the ovulation phase.
All of these hormones are going to benefit your brain function. Increasing your communication and social skills.
Last cycle phase we focused on planning and goals. This is a moment to go out and be social! Have conversations, go on dates, meet new people. Your next cycle phase is where we will put the work in. But for now enjoy your life and yourself. YOU DESERVE IT!

Day 3

FOOD TIME! This is an awesome bowl to try out during your ovulation phase. - Quinoa - Ground chicken - Arugula
- Avocado - Nutritional yeast - Salt/ pepper
- Balsamic - Parsley
I had this for dinner but bowls are good any time of the day. Remember raw veggies and fruits this week. Quinoa and corn are also excellent things to add this weekS meals!

Day 2
So yesterday I went to the farmers market for some raw veggie and fruit meal/snack options for me this week. My list was a little short, mostly because I grow my own food! At least trying to! I would love to one day grow everything I eat. And to be able to provide for my family table that way. Not only does it bring me peace of mind about who touched it, how it was grown, and where it came from. But it’s also therapeutic, cheaper, and at the end of the day extremely rewarding.
So I told you, you should stick to raw veggies and fruits but why? We need raw veggies for their high fiber intake, and raw fruits for their high levels of glutathione. Both help with our metabolism and help keep our estrogen level down.
When your estrogen levels are to high you experience the following - Bloating
- Swelling or tenderness in the breasts - Fibrocystic lumps in the breasts
- Irregular periods
- Low lido/ low sex drive - PMS
- Mood swings - Headaches
If any of these symptoms start to accrue during this cycle phase, snack on some fruits of veggies. Have a glass of water. Breath, evaluate, and fix the problem. It will always get better!

Day 1
Welcome to Ovulation phase! I wanted to prep myself for this 3-6 day long phase by going to the farmers market. The most beneficial foods for you this phase are raw fruits and raw vegetables. I’ll be posting some meal ideas for raw option meals but my grocery list for today was
-Brussels Sprouts -Avocado
-Coconut Yogurt

It’s a small list but it will give me about 4 meals!

Day 8
Today is my LAST day for Follicular Phase! This is really exciting because that means I will start my Ovulation Phase tomorrow...
The Follicular Phase is the week you set your body and mind up for SUCCESS! Feeding your body with lots of veggies and Lean Protein. Making list, goals, and really thinking about beneficial projects for your lifestyle and work place. And lots of cardio to keep our blood flowing and heart rate up, since we are feeding our body the energy and our body is also naturally producing it.
Today I can sit back and enjoy all the hard work I’ve put in these past 8 days. Because tomorrow will be a whole new ball game. You are about to take all your plans into ACTION!

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