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Linda (BLM!)  @elcithreads | 🇷🇼 | also bare w/ me as I try to get my life together, I'll get there by 2024'

"I ain't got time for these niggas..."

"grl take pride in what you wanna do..."

I'm running out of ish to post but do you c how clear the sky is

since day 1 Sonia and I looked mean, more importantly peep at an angel on the far right who was blessed with real good hair 💫

@lacoste x coolest Kenyan uncle in Kigali 🐊🐉

excuse the typos, but I forgot to share what I learnt from @youthconnektafrica if anyone cares: Africa is unique. While the rest of the world is facing a crisis of an ageing population. •
We (Africa) are faced with an opportunity; as nearly half of our population is youth, and this percentage is rapidly increasing. •
We are also faced with one massive hurdle, our youth unemployment is so high and still growing at a very fast pace. •
It's time to wake up, because once again the motherland has blessed us with rare gems, our youth. So let's act fast before THEY do and ruin it all as we watch history repeat itself. •
So let's take a stand. Bring ideas to the table. Create businesses. Educate. Train our minds. INVEST IN AFRICA. Think hard with me. Create. Re-invest. •
For all my sisters and brothers living abroad, like myself, let's take back our so- called skills and NOT take away jobs from our fellow brothers and sisters in our home countries, but create jobs for them instead.

Look: 'Amish girl breaking the rules' (in other news Australia needs to legalise same-sex marriage y u taking so long ?? Like y?)

@elcithreads x African Student Union (ASU) x WOC singers x WOC poets x WOC photographers x WOC Videographers x WOC DJs x WOC everything x African contemporary art ‼️‼️‼️ •
Filmed: @sakidasumi x @uncluster
Edited: @sakidasumi

I wish I was in kgl celebrating today!


the thing is that I've now posted 250+ photos on here which is ridiculous, what's even more ridiculous is that my camera roll has 19k+ photos, so I'm always conflicted on whether or not I should post irrelevant ish 24/7

i made a playlist for @elcithreads full of luv songs! <tha link is in my bio xx)

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