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❤Lindsey💙  🎀21🎀 🐾Animal lover🐾 💞Crushing💞 ❤Brandon❤ 🎶Music > life🎶 👍 I follow and unfollow back👍

Definitely missing this
#oakisland #imissit #thebeach #takemeback

What did I did to deserve you 😍😍❤😘 💏
#mcm #mycrush #hesmine #hesacutie #lovehim❤️ #bestfriend

It's hard for me to say,
I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me
#jealous #labrinth

I love you 😘😍❤
#nationlsiblingsday #iloveyou

Its only right for Brandon to be my #mcm, because not only is he special to me, he's my first crush and my best friend. I'll never forget the first time I met him. The first time our eyes locked on to each other. It was an amazing 2 seconds 😂❤. I'll never forget the way his beautiful blue eyes looked at me for the first time. And every time after that. Even our first kiss was amazing. Me being nervous, and him laughing at me for being so nervous 😂. I loved the way our hugs were, just because he was so much taller than me, it made me feel safe. The way our hands always felt when they were together. The way his smile could brighten my day. The way his laugh gave me butterflies. The way it was always easy for us to talk to each other. Even though we lost touch when you moved. I never lost my feelings for you. And I'm really happy that after all these years you're back in my life❤❤. I knew something was missing from my life and it was you. It feels so amazing to have you back and to know that you still feel the same after 7 years. Hopefully I'll be able to call you mine one day❤😍😘. And hopefully one I'll be able to be in your arms again❤❤😘😍.
#mycrush #bestfriend #hesacutie #ilovehim #hesmine

Posting another #mcm post lol. I really hate that we can't see each other, because we're miles apart, but I'll wait forever if it means I can see you again❤❤. I miss you dearly my love 💋😘😍❤.
#mycrush #bestfriend #hesacutie #hesmine #ilovehim #imissyou

I use this filter way too much 😂
#🐶 #dogfilter #snapchat

This has to be my favorite picture of him. I don't know why, but it is lol. Anyway, this person right here is definitely my #mcm. Not only is he my crush of 7 years he's my best friend. I have to say the last few weeks he's been back in my life have been pretty amazing. Even me finally telling I like him. Even though he already knew 😂. But knowing he feels the same makes me more than happy. These feelings he gives me are pretty amazing. I can't help but get butterflies😍😘❤😊. #bestfriend #mycrush #ilovehim

Do you know what's worth fighting for when it's not worth dying for?
#greenday #21guns

Can anybody hear me?
Can anybody see me?
'Cause I think I lost my way
#andyblack #snapchat

When your crush of 7 years feels the same ❤❤.
#myfirstcrush #hesacutie #bestfriend

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