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Lindsey Gillis  Daughter of God | Wife of Drewbooboo | Speech therapist to the children | Lover of pepperoni pizza | Painter of things @lindsgillisgallery

LG~n~DBB 4EVR <3
You are a gift from God and a reminder of his protection and faithfulness over my life. You are a picture of his unconditional, selfless love. You empower and enhance the best parts of me, but you love me with tissues up my nose and with all the habits I bring home from my preschoolers. You make me laugh, you let me cry (with every golden buzzer or mildly sad commercial), and you listen to my long-winded stories. I love you more than Zuzu loved her flower. #HVDDBB

When your bestie has a bday, you eat pizza and cake and dance like it’s prom 2009 💃🏼 Kelsey Sutton you are EASY to celebrate!!! Happy birthday weekend!! 🥳 #firstonesthere #onlyonesthere

Filter or motherly glow? Okay, it’s both. Hannah, you and your baby girl are so loved already!! You were born to be a mommy. I can’t wait to meet her 💕

In a cylindrical room made almost entirely of carpet, Drew swore (before a Supreme Court justice) to be a just, honest, and hard-working attorney. Words cannot express how proud I am of this man. PRAISE JESUS for His provision and perfect timing during this season of waiting. We are so grateful and can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Now open up the floodgates and let the jobs rain down on my sweet lawyer. #esquire

The most magical, perfect, joyful day of my life was one year ago today. I married my best friend in the presence of our friends and family. This day is a tangible marker of God’s grace and mercy to me. Though I am completely undeserving, He gave me Drew Gillis. He gave me a thoughtful, kind, patient husband who He knew would laugh with me, pursue me, adore me and lead me closer to Jesus every day for the rest of my life. There is no feeling greater than to be fully known and fully loved - I’ll forever be thankful for this beautiful gift of marriage. As incredible as year 1 has been, I am confident that year 2 will somehow be even better. ILYDBB #theirnameisgillis #ONEYEAR

Cold hands, cool lights, warm hearts, Hot Springs ❄️ #anniweekend #theirnameisgillis #firstanniversary #garvangardens #imstilllaughingatthiscaption

Nashville has always been good to us, but it’s even better when two of your best friends are locals. #ilysm #imysm #thankunext #BESTWEEKENDEVER

Dacus girls 🥰

Two thanksgivings in one day means double the family, double the stuffing, and double the laughter. The Gillises are so grateful.

The pigs pulled it out 🏈✨ #wps #arkansasrazorbacks


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. Lover of the Word, people, pizza, all things Razorback, endless trivia, and MEEEE (thank goodness)! You keep me laughing, you listen to my silly, absent-minded, long-winded, repetitive stories, you adore me, make me feel valued and known, and you still look at me the same after all these years. You are driven, compassionate, loyal, intelligent, strong and you don’t take life too seriously. I love you today and forever and I’m so glad you were born 😘#HBDDBB

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