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Lindsey Gillis  Daughter of God | Wife of Drewbooboo | Speech therapist to the children | Lover of pepperoni pizza | Painter of things @lindsgillisgallery

This week marks 100 classes at Pure Barre Little Rock! That’s 100 times that I listened to my goals instead of my exhaustion. It’s 100 times that I pushed myself to go a liiiittle lower, tighter, and longer than last class. 100 times that I chose between my “seat” and my couch. 100 times that I chose to hold myself accountable and take responsibility for my own health and wellness. That’s probably 10,000 tucks, pulses, tiny curls, and squeezes. It may not seem like a huge accomplishment, but this is the most consistently I have EVER (E 👏🏻 VER 👏🏻) worked out and it’s all because I found a class that I LOVE. Pure Barre challenges me and encourages me more than I ever thought possible - and as a bonus, the staff is absolutely incredible. I am stronger than I have ever been and I can’t wait to get even stronger. So so grateful. BRING ON THE NEXT 100!!! 💯❤️ #lifttoneburn #purebarre #tucktuckhold

After Drew took the Bar Exam and I worked the entire long, hot summer, three perfect days at the beach were all we needed. Rested and refreshed and back to the real world tomorrow ☀️

A quick (and very impromptu) beach trip is exactly what the doctor ordered for the Gillis’s 🏖

The love of my life takes the test of his life today and tomorrow!! People of social media, join me in praying for peace, confidence, and an incredible working memory today. I love you @drew.gillis!! #barexam #futureattorney

Birthdays are already great, but sharing a birthday is even better, and having co-workers like ours is the best. 26 is already off to a great start 🎉 #hbd2us

Nashville, I know you’ll treat my best girls right. SEE YOU BOTH VERY SOON. #kikiiloveyou #adiosmuchachos 🌮☀️🌵❤️

Tears of joy because he’s halfway through Bar prep!!! DBB, I’m so proud of you. You’re working incredibly hard and I’m believing that it will pay off. You’ve not only dedicated hours and hours to studying and practice-testing, but you’ve somehow found time to continue to make me feel valued and adored - just like you always do. I love you, ya future attorney. #theirnameisgillis #prayersforpassing #barexamprep

I will cherish these photos and this moment forever. Dad, you have consistently been a patient, grounded, virtuous, generous, kindhearted, and loving father to me and Caroline. You’ve loved mom relentlessly throughout the years. I am so thankful for the earthly example you’ve been of our Heavenly Father. May I never take for granted how lucky I am to be your daughter. I could never thank you enough for all that you’ve given, sacrificed, and taught me. You may have given me away, but I’ll always be your little girl (you can’t get rid of me 😜💕). Happy Father’s Day!!

Shania, you were so radiant that I actually needed my sunglasses. Thank you for making all of my childhood dreams come true.

These 6 months have been the best of my life. We have laughed, learned and grown so much together already. What a story we have. I am thankful daily that God, in His grace, allowed us to GROW UP for 6 years and know Him in a deeper way before bringing us back together in such a perfect way. Such a picture of His redemption, faithfulness and grace. Thank you for fully knowing me and fully loving me. You are patient, gracious, and loving. You are strong and thoughtful, and you always point me to Jesus. It was always you, Drewbooboo. 💕 Here’s to 100 more 6 month milestones. #theirnameisgillis

Jenny Eatherton, you are a stunning bride with a stunning heart. You are so loved and today was so beautiful. 💕

*CAN* you feel the love tonight?? ❤️🍻 #happilyevereatherton #tylerandjenny

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