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lindsey  Louisiana girl in LA🌴Genetically Gifted 🙃 Eyes Up Here Podcast 🎧 #Iam1stPhorm not com* ORDER MY 2019 WET CALENDAR NOW👇🏼

Strong and Sexy are a lethal combo. ☠️
One of the best parts of being a human is the ability to be multi-faceted. The world usually likes to check people into boxes: Pretty ✔️Tough ✔️Smart✔️ Nice ✔️Savvy✔️Most of the time it’s presumed if you’re one of these things, you can’t possibly be the others. .
I love that @1stPhorm has always been a company that doesn’t put people into boxes. The athletes and staff are people of all backgrounds from all around the world. With one goal in mind: to do better and be better. .
To keep up with my strong side: I use #1stPhorm BCAA’s when I train. It supports growing and retaining muscle and increased recovery. Basically: it helps me get the most out of my workouts. 👊🏼💪🏼 Happy Sunday! ✨ #workout #gym

MAXIM Italia 👀 with @brianbhayes_photo

There’s nothing better than a little sun and exercise. ☀️
I love listening to the MFCEO podcast when I workout. Since I met @1stphorm CEO @AndyFrisella and started listening to his show, to no surprise, I’ve made more money, had more opportunity and had a focus clearer than I’ve ever had. The best part about this self made millionaire’s sound advice is- it’s absolutely free. Subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts and see what a little tough love and motivation can do for you 👊🏼 #1stphorm

I prefer naughty 𝘢𝘯𝘥 nice.... 😇😈 @honeybirdette#ad


coming sooon.... 🤫😉 @jaydenicole @sugartacola

Obsessssing over my @1stphorm hair, skin and nail vitamins. I’ve noticed consistently longer and strong hair and nails since I started taking these! 💆🏼‍♀️💞✨ the nutrients in these easy multivitamins helps my skin glow naturally from the inside out. #1stphorm

I’d rather be on the beach today... 📷 @partylikejzl

When my schedule gets hectic, my workouts need to be efficient. This Pilates class is one of the most effective workouts I ever do. No matter how many times I go, it never really gets easier, which is great because it’s effective, but intimidating because I know how challenging it will be everytime. .
I take a half scoop of @1stPhorm V2 megawatt preworkout before each class and it gives me such a great energy boost that it changes my pre-workout fear to excitement. It also helps me endure the whole class and maintain my focus. 👊🏼 have a happy workout! #1stphorm #preworkout #pilates

morning 😗

Trying to convince your fam how easy @1stphorm vitamins are like.... 😌 when you’re a one step above Flintstones and a one step below Centrum Silver 👵🏻 #1stphorm MicroFactor complete daily nutrient packs are for you. Each individually wrapped bag contains all the probiotics, antioxidants, fruit and veggie blends you need to keep you a shiny, happy healthy human from the inside out ✨ (and they are conveniently wrapped to take with you on all your holiday travels) Happy Saturday!


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