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Lindsey Costello  Proud wife and mommy-to-be πŸ’˜πŸ‹

Already did a mushy post on FB, but just to show you off some moreeeee... happy 2 year wedding anniversary Nickypoo ❀️ #datsmybestfriend

❀️ a beach day with my bff. #freckles

My best friend did such an amazing job capturing a beautiful moment. About 10 weeks till I get to meet my Sweet Pea. πŸ’—πŸ

It's my old high schools prom day, so my excuse to post some pics w/ my favorite! See you soon Bunner πŸ’— @hunterrisinger

Can we pretend I'm tan, sipping from an actual coconut, and vacationing in Florida...not actually stuck here wishing I was home, and pasty pale? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ€°πŸΌ

21 weeks & 4 days πŸ’—

Update on Sweet Pea... First of all I want to thank everyone for all the kind words, thoughts, and prayers! It truly means to world to my family!

At first the doctors and specialist were just sending us around in circles so I apologize for the delay. They thought I had placenta inefficiency. Upon deep examination...the placenta and umbilical cord are COMPLETELY FINE! This is great news! Baby girl is getting the nutrients and blood flow she needs, but she is still ridiculously tiny. Her small size is still a serious issue, but they believe it is nothing to worry about UNTIL her delivery. So we are still not completely in the clear, but this is still much better news than we were getting before. The docs told me to prepare for preterm labor and issues post labor, and said I will probably on bed rest towards 30 weeks and on.
This is all the updates I have for now. But from the bottom of my heart I want to sincerely thank everyone for their support during this difficult time for us! Please continue to pray that our baby girl grows and proves those doctors wrong!πŸ’˜

Update on baby Costello...
(Bare with me) (Back story)
At around 10 weeks my baby was measuring around 8 weeks. My doctor informed me that, that was a detrimental difference. Upon further testing he told me not to worry, and pushed the babies due date back to august 1.
Today I had my anatomy scan scheduled and I got some hard news to swallow.
My baby is now measuring 13 days smaller than the already pushed back date. Almost 4 weeks smaller than SHE (yes it's a girl) should be. That is devastating news. Earlier I received a call from my doctor explaining his serious concerns with my pregnancy.
My sweet baby is in the "less than 3rd percentile" range when she should be above 50%. That is how small she is. FORTUNATELY all her body organs and bones are perfectly developed, but her size is the issue. The doctor is sending me to a Maternal Field Medicine Specialist for further examination. The doctor said he and his team believe the placenta and umbilical cord "is not sufficient enough to support life." "Not sufficient enough to support life."
I can't imagine much harsher words.
The doctor said our options will be very limited... possible "early extraction" and try to keep baby alive, is the best bet. He told me not to get my hopes up. I should be getting further information tomorrow and I will try to keep everyone updated.
This is very hard news for me and my husband and I do not wish to talk on the matter much more. I sincerely apologize, I just don't think I have it in me to do so. All I ask is that you keep sweet pea in your thoughts and prayers please. Please keep Nick and I, in them as well, for these next few weeks/months are going to be very hard on us.

My little family πŸ’˜

Look at my best friend, just look at em!πŸ˜πŸ’• #obsessed

Just occurred to me I've been a little selfish with my belly lol. I wasn't wanting to post any pics until it was really noticeable and I didn't just look like I ate too much πŸ˜‚ but I didn't even realize the friends and family back home that have been wanting to see. So here it is yall. Almost 17 weeks and sweet baby is growing big πŸ’›

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