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Lindseyann Natzic-Villatoro  Owner of: Love Song Events & Photography Inc. Founder of: The Love Song Foundation 📸FEATURED IN 📸 Yahoo News! FORBES, CNN, People Mag, & more!


So when you tell your husband, "Babe! I need you to take the motorhome out for us, set it up 2 hours away and then head back home with the kids... I want to do a girls ONLY camping trip." And he says YES!!!.... you go all out!
What a weekend this was you guys! I encourage y'all to get out and do it up with your girlfriends. You will NEVER laugh harder!!! Happy birthday to me! My 35th was one I will talk about for years to come.
Thank you Otto for being the sweetest ever and setting this whole thing up with me. I love you boo!

Meet Julie. At 6 months of age, Julie was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1. Given this terminal diagnosis, Julie's parents were told she would never live to see her 2nd birthday. Since then, she has defied all odds stacked against her and is about to go into 1st grade! Whoop, whoop!!! GO JULIE GO!!
Since being featured in our 2015 campaign video and website, her family and I have gotten very close. I absolutely adore them!! After her story was featured on our page, it has been picked up by multiple news outlets across the globe and their funding account skyrocketed! Since that event, this brave family was able to afford their dream van which would allow Julie to be much more mobile. We are changing lives you guys!!!
Julie is now 6 y'all, God is so good! Gratefully I was able to photograph her again and hope to for the next 20 years! Her session is simply stunning!! Love Song family, please continue to lift up Super Julie Fighting SMA in your prayers and leave them some love below.

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FOREVER LOVED SESSION: Update on 19 month old Jazleen.
Jazleen is 19 months old and was born with an undiagnosed birth defect - Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. After receiving many nominations over a year ago we took on her story.
For those if you that don't know her story, Jazleen lived 90 days in the hospital and has been thriving at home, although, she has most recently been diagnosed with autism. Yesterday I walked the hospital halls with this sweet baby girl over and over again, then spent hours with her mama Jess. We spoiled her with some much-needed goodies and managed to get her out of the hospital for lunch. I needed this mama to decompress and eat!! She has not had much of an appetite since baby Jaz was admitted. Last Friday Jazleen started throwing up her own fecal matter. Yes!!! POOP!!! Jess messaged me and we knew right away something was VERY wrong.
Saturday's X Rays and ultrasound exams showed Jazleen had a bowel obstruction and she continued fecal vomiting. Jazleen was taken into emergency surgery Saturday where surgeons took 3 1/2 hours to repair her bowel obstruction. Surgeons found Jazleen's intestines behind her liver and had to remove what was damaged. 4 days later Jazleen's intestines are still not working as they need to wake up from surgery. She is on IV fluids only and can not have any drinks or feedings until she has a bowel movement. Jazleen is g tube fed only which makes it harder to get her back to tolerating feedings. Since surgery Jazleen has pulled out every IV line put in. She is overly stimulated and with so many sensory issues she is unable to keep any line in. Doctors decided to put in a pic line, however, they were unable to complete the procedure due to Jazleen's severe dehydration, instead a Central IV line was inserted in a major blood vessel going into Jazleen's heart, allowing her to start TPN( temporarily nutrition) until her intestines start working and g tube feedings can begin. I've been documenting this family since Jazleen was 6 months old.
Please pray for my friends...They need your love today... We love you Jazleen. ♡

Wishes granted! Isn't Nicolette, I mean superwoman the cutest. She loves shop'n with mom.
Thank you so much for sending in your nominations... Two families were blessed with an abundant amount of groceries today! We can't do this alone TEAM LOVE SONG! Please visit the link in our bio at any given time to donate as low as $10.
Together we can make a difference!
Add our foundations new Instagram for client updates @thelovesongfoundation .
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I hope y'all are ready 'cause we are about to grant some BIG wishes worldwide! If you desire to be apart of this please DM us!!! Xoxo .
Add our Foundations new Instagram for client updates! @thelovesongfoundation

Thank you @1daywrapsdotcom for our beautiful holiday Toy drive logo!!!

YOU GUYS IT'S HAPPENING!!!! CARSON IS GETTING HIS HEART TODAY!! If you are not aware of his full story this my friends has been a long time coming!! For his full story visit our Facebook page. (LOVE SONG EVENTS AND PHOTOGRAPHY) I will update more at @thelovesongfoundation. Please add our Foundations page if you haven't!
We are praying for you buddy!!!

Wish granted!! Friends meet Jack and his beautiful wife Alina from North Carolina. The couple was nominated for a documentation months back and we were pleased to finally grant them a Wish!
Jack is one heck of a husband, father, dedicated soldier, and just an all around commendable man. On October 6th 2016, Jack was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large T-Cell Lymphoma. He began to show symptoms soon after finding a lump under his left arm. A second lump formed about a week after the first and then the symptoms hit...Night sweats, high fevers, and intense pain. Since his declared diagnoses life has been trial after trial. Remaining strong in their faith Jack and Alina try to focus on the blessings God has given them. Jack is married to the love of his life...Alina...And she does her very best to help maintain Jack's care, their home and their children. The couple has two little boys, Aiden and Jackson. Jack is an active duty soldier in the US Army, he is currently on leave given his diagnosis. On October 19th, Jack got the devastating news from his oncologist that his cancer is stage 4. Jack has continuous treatments in Fayetteville. Jack recently traveled to MD Anderson in Texas for a 2nd opinion after relapsing 3 times in less than 1 year. During that trip to follow up on his progress with doctors we were able to grant them one heck of a wish. The two are animal lovers! When we found that out, we took that information and called our friends over at Houston Zoo. They were ecstatic to pair up with The Love Song Foundation in granting this couple a dream day at their zoo. Alina and Jack had one-on-one time with the giraffes, elephants, sea lions, and rhinos! They got the royal treatment & went home with goodie bags for their boys. Jack said, "It was an incredible experience, especially with my wife by my side. We are huge animal lovers! A big thank you to Houston Zoo for treating us like family & an even bigger thank you to The Love Song Foundation for making this once in a lifetime experience possible!" Y'all please continue to pray for this family. Jack is fighting daily to beat this and presses on for his family...
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Pray for Brison.
16 year old Brison from Michigan needs urgent prayers. We meet him last year when we flew to Michigan to document him.
Tonight he's been taken to the ER and admitted to the PICU. His mother has said his heart and respiratory rates are critically low. Brison has been waging war on DIPG since January 2016. Please start a prayer chain for Brison!!! This family has been through a lot. Brison has DIPG and his little brother Preston was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Preston is currently showinh no evidence of disease now thankfully but Brison is still fighting hard!
Donate - https://www.gofundme.com/rickerstrong
Facebook page - Team Rickerstrong Add the foundations new Instagram!!!!!! Here is where we will be updating on all new and previous clients! @thelovesongfoundation .

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Meet Valerie.
This sweet mama is an extremely talented psych nurse that has devoted her entire life to helping people. She lost her husband after a fatal seizure in 2015 and her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after. This mama deserves a break so yesterday we treated her to a spa day! She got a facial, massage and floated in one of the amazing float tanks that are known to relieve stress! It was so fun spoiling her!
Please think of her today. It is so difficult being a single mama. You are doing amazing balancing it all Val! We love YOU!!! We can't do this great things alone! If you wish to give back, please feel free to click the link in our BIO to donate as little as $10.00. Also add the foundations new Instagram!!!!!! @thelovesongfoundation

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#teamlovesong #weareteamlovesong #thelovesongfoundation #familyphotographer #lovesongphotography #lovesongeventsandphotography #teamlovesong #thelovesongfoundation #lovesong #lovesongglobal #wishgranted #nominated  #lovesongworldwide #newbornphotographer

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