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I totally wish that I were attending The Indie Shop SA but this would sure be a pretty awesome consolation! Thanks Polishaddict13! #polishaddict13tissagiveaway

My little guy is just the sweetest. He's always bringing me little flowers that he " finds". ( I'm really hoping that he didn't take this from somebody's flower garden. Lol. It's the thought that counts, right?).
Oh, on my nails is# #ElevationPolish #whenthecherrymetthespoon thespoon
Such a pretty color!

@morgandavidson it was so hard to choose a favorite piece of yours! I am absolutely blown away by the portraits that you do ( so much emotion in the eyes) but I just HAD to choose this peacock. As soon as I saw the peacock a flood of memories came rushing back to me. Growing up we had a peacock of our own ( Mr. Blue was his name . Mr. Blue basically acted just like a dog would. He followed us around, walked with us to our bus stop and would allow us to pet him and everything! He was just the absolute coolest!! #mdproductgiveaway

@chinaglazeofficial "Sin-derella" ! So pretty. I swear, it just glows. Unfortunately my photos don't do it justice. I wore this for about four days ( which is a looong time for me) and wanted to get a couple pics before removing it. Unfortunately the lighting wasn't the greatest but still, nothing could make this polish look bad!! Thanks again for the awesome Bday/Xmas present @sbuwheel!!

These Fresh Paint duochromes are gorgeous! The bottom one, Nirvana would make the perfect base for some beautiful stamping!!!#polishobsessed86fpgiveaway

Wow, Kristina!! It is so extremely generous of you to host this giveaway!! I'm a HUGE CbL fan but, sadly, I haven't been able to purchase any PoTM this year. I think both of these shades are stunning and would absolutely love to own either of them but I think Symphony/January PoTM is my favorite. Lord knows that I can never resist a blurple polish. Lol. Thanks for the chance Kristina!! @polishaddict13 #polishaddictcblpotm
Check this out @sbuwheel @laurabeaner

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