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Lindsey Heath  Hudson Cooper Fletcher 👼Piper

How much fun is kindergarten!!! Cooper had fairytale day(he is one of the three little pigs) then he had student led conference that evening. It was so so so fun seeing all of the great things he does each day. He was so proud to show me all of his centers. I could not be more proud of this little guy. He has grown so much this year and is a perfect little sweetheart ALL of the time. Love you #dooday

Okay ladies and gentleman of ig I am turning to you to back me up. @manshane29 is convinced these are so ugly that they can not be stylish. He howled when he saw them. Be honest( but they are cute hey?) note:he also hates hunter boots and uggs

Cutest little leprechaun from Cooper. Happy St. Paddy's Day.

He is almost three and has finally decided he is ready for a big boy bed (insert my mommy tears). Fletcher is now sharing a room with Cooper. Cooper will go snuggle Fletch and sing to him when he is upset. I just love being a Mom. I am so proud of these boys. Still can't believe we are a cribless house.

My beautiful boy was baptized today. Such a very very very special day for our family.


What stake conference looks like with our family. Shane and I foolishly thought we had past the phase of naughty bored kids and that we might be able to listen. Nope. Instead we made sure everyone within our vicinity also could not listen. #Stakeconference #lds

Back off ladies!! He is mine😍😍😂. I had to get a pic of my kind, hard working husband in his sweet shovelling attire. A little piece of me dies every time he sports that hat combined with those glasses, but he wears it with pride. #lovemyguy #uglywinterhat #bestfriend

How did this happen?? I have an EIGHT year old. This guy has been begging me for "Lawyer suit" for a couple years. Once I found one I thought Harvey Spector would approve of I made his dreams come true. Sure love this guy. Now he won't take it off because he says he feels like a lawyer haha 😂

While posting my last picture, this happened. #3boys #itneverends

Eight years ago I became a Mama when I was handed a swishy faced little ginger baby. I remember never wanting to put him down. Becoming a mom to that little baby has been the greatest blessing in my life. I sure love you Hudson. Thank you for letting me learn to be a Mom with you and for forgiving me so easily for all of my mistakes. #8

Cooper needed to stay home because he had "an issue"-his nose was running. He entertained me for a long time showing me his yoga poses. They teach them at school now and I think it is so awesome. Hahaha❤️❤️❤️

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