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lindsey gort  merrily merrily merrily merrily.... #lindseygort

sad to be leaving this set, but glad to be back in january. i can’t give away any spoilers, but what do i love most about this one? it’s not one thing, it’s #AMillionLittleThings
🤘🏻 @millionlittlethingsabc

i felt like Debbie Gibson singing at the mall on Sunday. here’s the full song for those who asked! swipe to see it all 👉🏻
#ftrlive #jonimitchell #christmas

thank you @imdb for naming our movie as one of the 20 holiday crazies you can’t get enough of! check it out on @amazon and @netflix and Dec 9th on @iontelevision 👻🎄💕
#christmasghost #howsarahgotherwings

watch me be a silly martini drinker attempting to seduce @thejakechoi with @therebeccacreskoff tonight on Single Parents 🍸🥰🤦🏼‍♀️ #singleparents

learning my dads trade is so much fun. learning it with my husband is even better. stay tuned for some fun projects...
#welding #metalbaby #steelwerks

carrie diaries reunion, or a charlie’s angels reboot? 💕grateful for these two lovely humans for coming to our new restaurant and catching up over wine and food and more food. frandship 💕
#netflixshouldmakeacarriediariesmovie #carriediaries #satc3thecarriediaries

looking at that thanksgiving dessert table 👀
#thanksgiving #desserttable #secretfattie #sos

happy birthday to my beautiful baby sister, who it appears let me sit on her lap this past weekend?! thank you for being so rad, my fellow Gryffindor. i love you and can’t wait to dance it up Spice Girls style this weekend! @kendragort 🎂

be kind to yourself. having a few cracks doesn’t mean you’re broken.
#worldkindnessday ❤️
(stolen from @sophielopez)

exercising (your rights) is thrilling but exhausting. wake me up tomorrow. #ivoted #vote #pinkhairdontcare

that sly come-hither stare 🔮 #witchcraft